Breaking down the bait

As Peter Chiarelli and his staff continue their full-court press I’ve decided to take a look at the top 20 pieces in play and if they would be a fit in Edmonton.

I’m going to whip through the most recent edition of the TSN Trade Bait Board. There are three Oilers assets on the board. The 1st round pick is listed at #5, Puljujarvi is 14th and Talbot is 15th. I’d be hesitant to move the pick or Puljujarvi at all but if either of those pieces is moved for a RENTAL everyone should be fired immediately.

The Oilers have already acquired three players who were previously listed on the Trade Bait Board. Wideman, Petrovic and Manning were all on the list when the Oilers brought them to town.


Matt Duchene, Ottawa:

Oilers Odds: 0/10

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He’s a rental, the price would be too high and the Oilers couldn’t sign him to a long-term deal.

Wayne Simmonds, Philadelphia:

Oilers Odds: 1/10

Once again the price for Simmonds will be too high for the Oilers. I’ve seen some people suggest Talbot for Simmonds, wishful thinking. I give it a 1 out 10 because Chiarelli just might be crazy enough.

Michael Ferland, Carolina:

Oilers Odds: 6/10

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Can you get Ferland for a 2nd and a prospect? Probably. His 1.75 million dollar price tag would make him even more attractive to the Oilers. I wonder if his asking price in the off-season would be something the Oilers could make-work. I don’t love the player but he may be someone Chiarelli can fit in.

Mats Zuccarello, Rangers:

Oilers Odds: 5/10

Zuccarello is apparently on the Oilers radar. A high pick and a prospect is the asking price and in a perfect situation the Oilers wouldn’t pay it, but this isn’t a perfect situation. Ferland or Zuccarello, who would you have higher on the want list?

Sergei Bobrovsky, Columbus:

Oilers Odds: 0/10

There’s a better chance I do a push-up tomorrow morning than the Oilers trade for Bobrovsky. The Blue Jackets are fighting for top spot in their division; they need to get things sorted out with the former Vezina winner.

Dougie Hamilton, Carolina:

Oilers Odds: 3/10

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I’ll say there is an outside shot Hamilton could become an Oiler in some sort of bigger deal that would most certainly piss most of you off. Ferland and Hamilton for ______________. Fill it in down in the comments section.

Gustav Nyquist, Detroit:

Oilers Odds: 4/10

Nyquist has 11 goals so far this season and would be a lock for top six minutes in Edmonton. The Wings would have to take some salary back to make any sort of deal work.

Jimmy Howard, Detroit:

Oilers Odds: 0/10

Nothing to see here; move on.

Brayden Schenn, St. Louis:

Oilers Odds: 3/10

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I’ll say there is a 30% chance this could happen simply because the Blues did have some interest in Puljujarvi at the draft this past summer. I’d be careful paying a hefty price for Schenn as he is a UFA at the end of next season and will likely price himself out of Edmonton’s cap structure.

Jakub Silfverberg, Anaheim:

Oilers Odds: 3/10

I’ve always liked this player and he’d be a perfect fit on Nugent-Hopkins wing. He’s a UFA making 3.75 million right now; with a little work in the off-season he may be a guy they could resign.

Charlie Coyle, Minnesota:

Oilers Odds: 1/10

I don’t see it being a fit.

Kevin Hayes, Rangers:

Oilers Odds: 2/10

He’s having a nice season with the Rangers and if they do plan on moving him I think the price ends up being too costly for the Oilers.

Jake Muzzin, Los Angeles:

Oilers Odds: 1/10

Muzzin would be a nice upgrade on the blue line but this team is looking for help up front right now.

Colton Parayko, St. Louis:

Oilers Odds: 3/10

I have the odds a little higher than Muzzin simply because the Oilers have had Parayko talks with the Blues in the past. Any Parayko acquisition would likely be an off-season deal.

Nick Bjugstad, Florida:

Oilers Odds: 4/10

If the Oilers are only willing to move their 1st or Puljujarvi for a player with term Bjugstad may fit the bill. He has two more years left on his deal after this season. He scored 19 goals and 49 points last season, plus the Panthers are in need of a shakeup.

Alex Edler, Vancouver:

Oilers Odds: 0/10

If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn’t be more surprised than I’d be if the Oilers traded for Edler.

Brett Pesce, Carolina:

Oilers Odds: 0/10

I’m going to say there is zero chance he becomes an Oiler because I still see him being part of a Nylander deal in the off-season.

Ryan Dzingel, Ottawa:

Oilers Odds: 7/10

The Sens are worried about signing Stone and Duchene, not Dzingel. I’d be shocked if he’s not moved somewhere prior to the deadline. He’s on pace for at least 30 goals this season and comes with a cap hit of just 1.8 million. Chiarelli is all over this.

Kasperi Kapanen, Toronto:

Oilers Odds: 1/10

I like this player, a lot. I just don’t see how the Oilers and Leafs come to terms on a deal.

Andreas Johnsson, Los Angeles:

Oilers Odds: 1/10

I’m not sure why the Leafs would move him. He can contribute to their line up right now and shouldn’t cost them too much on his second deal.


If the Oilers are in the market for a rental it’s likely Ferland or Dzingel. Chiarelli may end up having to pay a higher price for either of those two guys simply because they are the only guys who realistically fit into the cap without having to make another move. I wouldn’t move the 1st round pick or Puljujarvi for either of those two guys, even if they come with a contract extension. What Say You?

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