Nation Donair Tour – Blowers & Grafton

Welcome back! After a few week Christmas hiatus, the boys are back to review another donair. 

This week we flew out to Halifax to put the “Halifax Donair” to the test. That’s right, no veggies were in these bad boys and we’re finally giving in to all of the hype. Honestly, I was pretty pleased with the concept of it however ONE of us from the group was not. It’s safe to say that our final scores were a pretty wide range. Maybe a couple of us were a little biased because it’s been over a month since our last donair and we were REALLY hungry.

Let me tell you, Halifax was a beautiful place to visit and I’d definitely do it again. The people were very nice and we made sure to include as many tourist activities as possible. I’m curious to see if you guys have ever had the Halifax Donair from Blowers & Grafton, and if you agree with our scores. Rembmer to comment below with what you thought, and tell us where we should go next on our tour!

Watch the video below!

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  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    Hey, WTF is B&G Donair? Never heard of it. If you are going to buy a donair in HFX, then try anything else than some poser place. KOD is one of the originals. Tony’s. Robert’s donair used to be the heavyweight champion; literally chunks of meat the size of small hamburgers.

    What’s with you guys and lettuce? Never understood that. The texture is all wrong for a donair. Also, big secret to donair perfection. Ask for sauce on the side, not on the donair. You can then go heavy or light or use it like dipping sauce. Second piece of advice. Donair subs rock. Bun, meat and cheese toasted in the pizza over them veggies added.

    That’s my Metro Halifax roots talking. Yet to find something both as tasty and big enough to qualify as a meal.