GBD 48.0 Wrap Up: Battle of Alberta gone wrong, Oilers lose 5-2 to Calgary

There were some ugly moments, and some beautiful moments. Overall the ugly moments won. Final score: 5-2 Flames.

You have to love Battle of Alberta games. All day long, I along with the rest of Twitter had some excitement building up, as games against the Flames seem to get more fun as the season continues. The crowd was buzzing early in Rogers Place with multiple Flames Suck chants, and I loved every moment of it. The game started pretty evenly if you ask me. The Flames hammered their forecheck and I think the Oilers handled it fairly well until about the ten-minute mark when the Flames took over offensively. Thankfully Koskinen played unreal to keep the score 0-0 at the end of the period, including a save-of-the-year worthy candidate.

The second period picked up where it left off at the end of the first, except this time the Flames were actually scoring. Gaudreau opened the scoring in the first shift, and then Giordano potted one about ten minutes later. About seven minutes after that, Kylington scored the Flames third goal of the game and things got ugly. The Oilers had some chances of their own, but couldn’t get anything by Rittich on the other end of the ice, until Ryan Nugent-Hopkins sniped one home in the last minute of the period. Other than that goal, there weren’t a ton of positive things to say about the second period. I was expecting a lot less from the Flames tonight as they played their third game in four days, but they were flying and made us look really lazy out there.

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The third period was wild I tell ya. The Oilers came out strong and exchanged good scoring chances with the Flames early. Koskinen made some huge saves of course and Milan Lucic eventually tipped Puljujarvi’s shot past Ritich on the powerplay, making it a 3-2 game. The play was fast-paced and back-and-forth the entire time and it was hard to keep up with the scoring chances. In classic Battle of Alberta fashion, there were scrums after almost every whistle. Unfortunately, the Flames did what they did best in third periods and continued to score non-stop. They put a quick end to our excitement by scoring two more goals throughout the period, giving Oilers fans an excuse to beat the traffic early.

Besides a few exciting aspects of this game, the Flames dominated us at home, leaving a sour taste in all of our mouths. Let’s wrap.


  • Mikko Koskinen started this game exactly how we needed him to. The Flames peppered him in the first period and he stopped them all. Mikko had a nice breakaway save against Sean Monahan and an even nicer save against Gaudreau where he trapped the puck on the post with his arm behind his back. It was absolutely unreal! Koskinen has been playing well again lately, winning the last two games before tonight so it’s nice to see him piecing together some big performances.

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  • Kyle Brodziak snowed Rittich to start off the second period and I couldn’t have loved it more. Obviously, Tkachuk and every other Flame on the ice went after him, yet Brodziak didn’t back down. I love the gamesmanship of the Battle of Alberta.
  • Leave it to Nuge to bring some energy to this team! After a beautiful rush from Puljujarvi and Nuge, RNH fires one home upstairs past Rittich to cut the lead to two after the second period for his 16th of the season.
  • LOOOCH! Towering in front of Rittich on the powerplay, Milan Lucic deflects home a shot from Jesse Puljujarvi to make it a one-goal game. I should add that tonight’s game in the Milan Lucic Goal Draft is owned by The Nation Dan. 🙁 Also, I should add that this was Puljujarvi’s second points of the night!
  • Besides his bad boarding penalty in the first period, Zack Kassian was being his usual self after the whistles and mixing it up with someone every chance he took. My favorite was in the third period when he mocked Matthew Tkachuk for turtling on him the last time they played.


  • Connor McDavid was a clear target for the Flames in the first period and was just continuously getting beat up on. He eventually took a cross-check up high which cut him by the eye with no penalty called. As you can expect the Oilers didn’t really do anything to retaliate. I mean, at what point should the guys start going after Gaudreau? Anyways, this point isn’t about the Oilers standing up for McDavid, it was more about the reffing. Shortly after this non-call, we got a too many men penalty which was a real shot to the stomach.
  • The Oilers had six shots in the first period and the Flames had seven shots on the POWERPLAY in the first period. Not the way we’d like to start the game against our rivals.
  • Johnny Gaudreau did his thing in the first shift of the second period and put the Flames on the board. That goal wasn’t really anyone’s fault, but I’m sure Koskinen would have liked to have it back, as the shot went through his five-hole.
  • Connor McDavid got cut TWICE in tonight’s game. That’s a lot of bleeding for the young man. His poor face sure took a beating tonight. Classic BOA.
  • After a VERY ODD broken play midway through the second period, Koskinen couldn’t quite get the handle on a rebound and Mark Giordano buried it home to put the Flames up by two. The Oilers challenged the goal for goalie interference, but no dice.
  • After another failed powerplay by the Oilers, Oliver Kylington (A Flames rookie defenceman), one-timed one past Koskinen to put the Flames up by three. The building was absolutely dead at this point and the Oilers were losing life as the seconds ticked away. Talk about depressing.
  • After an ugly giveaway at our own blue line by Caleb Jones, Backlund made no mistake and sniped one passed Koskinen off the post and in to make it a 4-2 game. *fart sounds*
  • Mikko Koskinen made a beautiful save off of a Sean Monahan one-timer in the third period. Unfortunately, Monahan got his own rebound and put it past the monster, making it a 5-2 game. After a promising-looking comeback, this was the dagger that ended the game.
  • The penalties in this game were out of control. The refs set a standard in the first period with an arguable soft call on Johnny Gaudreau and kept with it throughout the whole game. As much as you want to hate on the refs tonight, it’s not cool that the Oilers took eight penalties to begin with. They went 6/8 on the penalty kill and 1/8 on the powerplay. Not a great special team performance tonight.



No Scoring


00:44 Calgary Johnny Gaudreau (29) ASST: Elias Lindholm (36), Mark Giordano (40) 1-0
07:29 Calgary PPG – Mark Giordano (11) ASST: Sean Monahan (34), Noah Hanifin (21) 2-0
15:30 Calgary Oliver Kylington (2) ASST: Mikael Backlund (16), Michael Frolik (7) 3-0
19:42 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (16) ASST: Jesse Puljujarvi (4) 3-1


04:16 Edmonton PPG – Milan Lucic (5) ASST: Jesse Puljujarvi (5), Caleb Jones (5) 3-2
14:15 Calgary Mikael Backlund (11) 4-2
16:03 Calgary PPG – Sean Monahan (27) ASST: Matthew Tkachuk (33), Johnny Gaudreau (45) 5-2


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  • Flint

    I think there’s a lot of bad assessment going on here. First, the Oilers got depth scoring which they almost never get. Pizza had two points and was skating well. Lucic, don’t look now had a goal (3 in 3 for him!). McDavid was McDavid. I think the depth players played quite well. RNH got a goal, so props and hard to criticize him, although he was hardly dominant or anything. Kassian played a good, heavy, fast game… Brodziak as well.

    Where the Oilers were bad, and what really cost them, were penalties. Play hard, but can’t take penalties. And Koskinen wasn’t good. Hear me out. He made ‘flashy’ saves (behind the back, breakaway, etc.) but for every big save he let in a bad goal 5 hole. Goaltending is 95/5% not 50/50, not even 80/20. He let in 3 of 18 at EV and finished with .853.

    Penalties, bad goaltending and a few key ‘A’ guys who didn’t show up to the needed level (Draisaitl, Larson) and to a lesser extent Nurse and Chaisson.

  • Hard to admit but Calgary has way more depth on forward and defense. I thought The Oilers made it a good game the effort was there but Calgary showed why they are second place overall. It is encouraging to see 98 and 27 playing well. Hope they stay with this line up, Should win tonight Talbot stops all but 2

  • camdog

    I watched the game with a couple Flames buddies, they said it’s too bad the Oilers didn’t show up it made for boring game. Consensus was that the Oilers only played spirited hockey for about 20 minutes at most. The goalies were a saw off. Flames brought speed and chaos to the front of the Oiler net. Oilers made their goalie look good last night.

  • Stickhandler

    That was fun eh folks? How does drippydri get 8.5 when Gio the great is only 2 points behind him and plays with heart and passion while displaying leadership all night long and drippydri coasts around slipping and pouting? Got a lot of probs there in oilerville, will another couple #1s help? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Stickhandler

    I guess a loss to the canes and another year of lottonation futility comes to a close eh folks? Keep on filling katz bank account. JP needs to leave to realize a career in the NHL before it’s too late, that oil stink won’t come off after a while.

  • Stickhandler

    It must be tough seeing Flames last d pairing be miles ahead of your 1st pair, Jones is a keeper if he doesn’t get ruined and koski with a couple year end highlite saves, but overall the Flames were playing against an AHL level team. Do i see a chia JP for radko gudas trade on the horizon?

  • Kr55

    Pulju was one of the few highlights of the night. Kid plays a completely different game with a little confidence, and Hitch has done an awesome job of not going overboard punishing him for hiccups in his effort/play.

    Finally after 2 years of never being allowed near that left wall on the PP (the specks of time McLellan gave him during PP line blendering, he was only allowed to go in front of the net or the right wall), he gets an opportunity and looks perfectly fine doing it. Hitch said he had catching up to do in practice iwth the PP, which is no surprise, he was probably banished from it when McLellan was here, definitely banished from going near that left wall, no reporter ever said he was put there in practice over the last 2 years.

      • Himynameistaylor

        That’s why he was 0-4 with the islanders before he got sent down to the AHL where he sucked and then went to the KHL where they let players sing at the all star game.

        Yes he’s very good. Very good if u want another 1st overall pick.

  • Darcy yaceyko

    You know what pisses me off about this team? Is how after a loss it’s the same old excuses. Just watched Leon’s post game and he mentioned their play as being to casual. To casual? I’m sorry but that’s complete BS!!!! You need to be fired up for these games but I’m sure the 8.5 million dollars make it all the better. In every industry when you dont perform your fired!!!! Good God and the fans have to put up with this?!?!? Maybe after every loss like that how about the fans get their money back and the players dont get paid. Maybe the owners have to look at something like a performance based scenario in the next cba. When it’s time to renew these players sure work hard. Then they float and we pay for it!!!!!

    • HOCKEY83

      I don’t think you can blame McD, Drai or Nuge…The organization has set them up for failure. Just because they get paid Millions doesn’t mean they should be able to carry the entire team on their backs and win games. McDavid is great and will be even better but he must be so incredibly dissapointed that this fate…the first 10 years of his career…has to be this.
      Anyone who thinks there’s a Battle of Alberta going on either is too young to remember what that looks like or just don’t have a clue.

  • Supa Fly

    Issue I noticed this game was our zone entry on our power play. Connor was being read hard and the flames were cheating to the boardside and cutting him off on a lot of our entries today. Looks like the flames had a good film session as I have not seen other teams make this read to this extent before.

  • The boys almost rallied back at the start of the 3rd but effort can only bring you soo far. Most of these guys are either player more minutes then they’re supposed to or are supposed to be in the AHL. Maybe we’ll get a different result when the front office actually takes this seriously and gives a crap. The scene towards the end of the game with Flames fans dancing and taunting us as all the Oilers fans were heading for the exit basically sums up the last 13 years, humiliated and hearttbroken in our own arena. Seeing as how Peter Chiarelli wasn’t fired this morning tells me they really don’t care.

    • kelvjn

      They rally back the start of 3rd because that’s when they finally showed up to play. Through through the first two periods they were second to loose pucks, and seemed content to clear the zone and get the hell off the ice.

      Jones needs a good talking session with the coaches. 2nd goal he was Jultzing instead of taking the man or jumping on the Puck. On the forth goal, he took a no look pass back so he could get the hell off the ice.

  • TKO

    the worst part is that Oilers, out of desperation (caused by extremely poor management) rush the young guys to the NHL without proper development, and ruin them.
    this loss isn’t a lack of effort (except Drai) it is a lack of skill. Flames are faster, deeper, and have an NHL defense. Drai though IS (sometimes) a problem – as big as he is, you see a midget like Gaudreau going to the tough areas and taking punishment but Drai floats and avoids physical battles. McDavid is amazing, and fought for every inch all night, giving punishment as good as he took it, total respect for him. you guys really need to do something to get rid of Chia before he makes anymore moves

  • BabyBoomer

    I thought all the changes at the coaching level was going to address specialty team play … over $30 million tied up on first powerplay unit, something is rotten.

  • Oda Phi

    Glad I don’t stay up to watch this garbage dump very often, I live in Quebec so staying up to 12 or 1 is not worth it but I did last night.
    Koskinen kept it closer then it should have been, (with that ‘best example of how good a video replay can be’ save and a couple of others. This is a young team, patience is needed, years are needed, develop and build its depth, don’t do anything rash! Pulijujarvi was flying last night! There is a very good player there, don’t trade him, develop your players. The Oilers are so bad at that, start now. Don’t trade him, for a (dumb dumb) quick fix.
    Have some prospective Oilers Management the time is not now.

    Ps Milan this is your last year right? You need to retire the game has passed you by. This is going to get really ugly before long. I can already hear the “Luuuu” boos coming. Empty the gun, don’t shot yourself and my Oilers.

  • Dark Knight Returns

    The only only only thing that will fix this disaster of an organization is McDavid requesting a trade. And getting traded.

    Be honest: how many of you will still go to the arena or even follow this team if McDavid leaves? How many articles from this site will you read?
    I know some of us cheered for the Oilers way before McDavid but this would be “the last straw”, it would demonstrate that no matter how “lucky we get” the team is rotten.

    I will cheer for whoever gets McDavid. Except Calgary.

    • Beer_League_Ringer

      Peter Puck sold Gretz and I am still a fan. We have sucked forever except for a few bright spots. Unfortunately, for many fans their is no “last straw”. Fans still go to Browns’ games. People still went to Leafs’ games in the 1980s.

  • Bring Back Brathwaite

    Flames fan here, on the bright side for the oil I thought that Puljujarvi looked fantastic last night. Moved really well with the puck, picked his spots, and made some high skill plays. If this kid can grow to play thats going to be a huge difference maker.

  • Oiler Al

    When you have an owner born on the good side of the town, and had averything and anything at want, instant gratitude becomes the “plan”. I want it all and I want it now.Thats how you spend to the”cap” and swim with bottom feeders.In todays NHL you cannot buy the CUP.

    I would start house cleaning , starting with Burger Bob.