GDB 49.0 Wrap Up: That blew alright, Oilers lose 7-4 to Hurricanes

That game wasn’t so bad if we pretend like most of it never happened. Final Score: 7-4 Hurricanes

After last night’s turd feast, I was looking for the Oilers to rebound with some kind of bounce-back effort. Something to show that they learned a lesson from getting shit-pumped on home ice by their provincial rival. Even though the Oilers won the two games leading up to last night’s loss, I still felt like they needed a drought buster to give them some confidence, and I hoped that the Hurricanes would be up for the task. I mean, the Hurricanes were nine points back from a wildcard spot coming into tonight’s game so the fight is over, and the least they could do was suck a fart as a means to help out a team in need. At least, that’s what I was hoping for.

As it turns out, the Oilers wanted no part of my plan. For my scheme to work, the team had to at least look and pretend like they were interested in participating in the hockey game and, based on the way things went for the first 40 minutes or so, it would be hard to argue that this was the case. For most of the night, the Hurricanes looked like they were playing with a Game Genie as they were basically able to do whatever they wanted with the puck, quickly turning that advantage into a lead that was never in doubt. Even when the Oilers did manage to scrape together a few goals to chip away at the lead, it didn’t do much of anything in terms of turning things around. The dam had cracked and there weren’t enough cans of Flex Seal in the world to stop it from collapsing.

I don’t know what to say about this weekend other than it was a complete and utter disaster. I don’t know how things can get much worse than getting killed on home ice on back-to-back nights, but I’m sure the Chiarelli led Oilers will find a way. Gord help us.

The wrap.


  • The game is over now and that’s the best thing I can say about most of it.
  • How many of you had Brandon Manning as your guess for the first Oiler goal? Anybody? Not only was it weird to see Brandon Manning score a goal, it was a beautiful shot too I should add, but to have that goal be assisted by Connor McDavid is mind bending. It’s going to take many nights thinking under a tall oak tree before I’ll be able to figure out what it all means. If you don’t hear from me any time soon, that’s where I am.
  • Leon Draisaitl scored late in the second period to put some Polysporin on the gaping wound that was this hockey game. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very nice passing play by Khaira and Draisaitl that led to the goal but I was still salty at the point when #29 got his first of the night. Draisaitl added a second goal on the power play that pulled the Oilers to within two goals. Given the way the first half of the game went, having the Oilers within two goals in the third period was enough to make things intriguing again.
  • Zack Kassian got the Oilers third goal after he battled his way to the front of the net and got his stick on a Matt Benning’s point shot. The Oilers don’t score many deflection goals like that so I always get excited when I see someone get one.
  • Add two more McPoints to the pile. I’m going to appreciate every single point Connor McDavid gets because you just never know how long we’ll be able to say that.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins extended his point streak to five games (2G, 5A) after he picked up an assist on Brandon Manning’s first period goal. Unfortunately, this horrible season is going to negate was has been a quietly awesome year for RNH.
  • Despite the back-to-back games, it was another monster minute night for Darnell Nurse as he finished the game with a team-high 24:42, three shots, seven hits, and one block.


  • Nino Niederreiter got the Hurricanes on the board with a hard snapshot from the slot that beat Talbot on the blocker side. Would you be surprised to find out that the goal came on the first shot of the game? You wouldn’t be, would you? Niederreiter added an equally disappointing goal a few minutes later after he out-muscled a couple Oilers in the slot and buried a softy past Talbot that got him the hook.
  • Andrei Svechnikov extended Carolina’s lead to two goals after he tipped home a Jaccob Slavin point shot that had to make its way through traffic before the youngster got a piece of it, beating Talbot on the glove side. At this point, the Hurricanes were in complete control of the hockey game and it wasn’t overly surprising to see them add another goal on the board.
  • Brock McGinn restored the Hurricanes’ three-goal lead early in the second period, completely undoing any goodwill gained by Manning’s late marker at the end of the first. The sadness was real, by this point.
  • Lucas Wallmark scored the Hurricanes’ fifth goal of the night after he finished off a nice little passing play with Andrei Svechnikov and perfectly placed his shot up over Koskinen’s glove hand. Nice play by the Hurricanes, shoddy defending by the Oilers. Wallmark added an empty-netter at the end of the third period to convert the touchdown and give Carolina seven goals on the night.
  • By the time Jordan Martinook scored, all I could do was laugh and stare in awe at the train wreck that was unfolding before me. But hey, it wouldn’t be an ass kicking unless a local kid scored a goal, right?
  • This was not a good night for Adam Larsson as he was too often in the mix for goals against. He was getting worked all over the ice and I don’t know that I’ve seen him struggle quite this badly before.
  • Cam Talbot got the start tonight and the Oilers needed him to be sharp, especially in the first few minutes of the game as they worked to get their legs going. That didn’t happen. Nothing close to that happened. Light years from the start he wanted, Talbot got the hook midway through the first period after he allowed three goals on 15 shots. Talbot finished the night with 12 saves and a .800 save%.
  • To be fair to Talbot, Koskinen didn’t fare much better after coming in in relief. Like Talbot, Koskinen was forced to deal with all kinds of high quality shots and chances and he just wasn’t able to lock things down to stop the bleeding. Koskinen finished the night with 15 saves and a .833 save%.
  • Chiarelli still the GM? How about now? He is, huh? Damn.
  • Who got killed on the shot clock? The Edmonton Oilers, as per tradition. (34-21)
  • Oilers won only 46% of the draws tonight and that’s not good enough, especially for a team that’s struggling with their possession numbers like the Oilers are right now.
  • I’m really starting to believe that Tobias Rieder may never score again.
  • There is nothing worse than getting a Bronx cheer from the crowd, but I have to say that the Oilers deserved it after not getting a single shot on net until the first period was 10 minutes old.
  • I can’t possibly think of anything worse than beets on back-to-back nights, but yet, here we are. Thanks, Oilers. As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast conversation over on my Twitter account.



00:28 Carolina Nino Niederreiter (10) ASST: Sebastian Aho (31), Jaccob Slavin (14) 1-0
06:35 Carolina Andrei Svechnikov (12) ASST: Jaccob Slavin (15), Lucas Wallmark (11) 2-0
11:02 Carolina Nino Niederreiter (11) ASST: Brett Pesce (8), Sebastian Aho (32) 3-0
19:09 Edmonton Brandon Manning (2) ASST: Connor McDavid (42), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (30) 3-1


01:50 Carolina Brock McGinn (4) ASST: Andrei Svechnikov (9) 4-1
04:07 Carolina PPG – Lucas Wallmark (5) ASST: Andrei Svechnikov (10), Jaccob Slavin (16) 5-1
18:29 Carolina Jordan Martinook (10) ASST: Warren Foegele (4), Teuvo Teravainen (29) 6-1
19:41 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (25) ASST: Jujhar Khaira (12) 6-2


00:14 Edmonton Zack Kassian (5) ASST: Matt Benning (8), Leon Draisaitl (33) 6-3
07:07 Edmonton PPG – Leon Draisaitl (26) ASST: Connor McDavid (43), Alex Chiasson (6) 6-4
17:38 Carolina EN – Lucas Wallmark (6) ASST: Sebastian Aho (33) 7-4


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 1/16/2019 – 11:00 pm MST

      • Todd the electron rod

        James, let’s read the article together.
        Literary gems such as, “last night’s turd feast”, “getting sh*t-pumped”, and “least they could do was suck a fart” were presented by a professional sports writer.
        Not to mention the beets and the toilet bowl and all the associated humour which is at this point implied. Yes, it’s true, the toilet bowl cannot be salvaged.
        I am not a professional sports writer. My recent reliance on the *** farts loudly *** verbiage was actually stolen from the Florida game wrap up article as I thought it was appropriate for the last week’s effort most nights.
        Given your highly critical cynicism towards the nature of my posts I will ask your advise as to what you would prefer my tagline be for the upcoming string of losses?
        Until you offer your suggestion I will faithfully continue to *** FART LOUDLY *** in your general direction.
        Todd… (not really my name) the electron rod

  • Clayton

    Oilers need more from Connor and Drai. I know this will get me Trashed big time…but it is true. Connor is getting $12.5M and is 4th in the league in scoring. Kucherov is making $4.7M ($9.5M next year and beyond), Johnny is making $6.75M. Yes Connor is the best player on the team most nights, but he isn’t showing he is worth $3-6M more than players like Kucherov and Johnny! Pretty similar analysis for Drai as well. Time for these two to step up and play to the value of their contracts.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      Are you ****ing high right now? The ONLY reason we’re not dead last in the league is because of Connor. He plays an ABSURD amount of ice time, he does things in the community off the ice, and he the only guy who can singlehandedly win us games. If Connor records a point, we win more than we lose. If he doesn’t record a point, we lose 100%. He is the best part of this team and the only reason I keep watching. Connor is working with what he’s got, but he’s not superhuman. How DARE you call HIM out. Anyone else is fair game, but the last person you should be complaining about is McDavid.

    • slats-west

      What’s the supporting cast of The flames and Bolts look like? It’s a team game so go look at our roster. They are doing just fine with what has been assembled.

      • cberg

        Well if Mcdavid was making $6.75mm the Oilers could probably upgrade their whole Top6 forwards or top4 D with the savings. Same with Draisaitl but less dollars.

    • KootenayFlamesFan

      Maybe Drai, but connor is earning his paycheque dragging the rest of these plugs around. To be 4th on scoring while playing for that tire fire is nothing short of a miracle.

      Oh, and he gives as good as he gets most most times I’ve watched. He needs no protection from dumb and dumber. He’s a warrior, the best player in the game, and has the respect of pretty much everyone, even if they won’t admit it. The rest of the team needs to learn how to play without him instead of trying to protect him so he can win it for them on his own. Then maybe they’ll start winning.

    • Memyself&i

      CLAYTON – Since joining the league doesn’t McDavid have the most overal points in the league? He’s earning his paycheque and doing so on a poor team.

      • Quoteright

        12.5 is really tough to earn
        Crosby makes 8.7
        Kane and Toews don’t really earn their 10
        Ove is a goal freak who is the best goal scorer ever and earns 10
        Reality is, 12.5 means highest expectations
        Johny hockey is making 8.5 and is ahead in scoring
        McDavid is this teams captain and his team is a losing one soooo stop being so disgustingly protective of your little godly icon. He is human and part of a team

      • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

        From Game 1 of his NHL career to today, Connor has 121 Goals, 216 Assists, 337 Points (this includes his regular season and playoff points). He also leads the league in multipoint games since 2015 Connor isn’t the problem. He’s not even on the list of Oilers problems. Clayton is just a troll who tried to stir the pot. McDavid has more than earned his fair share of the money he’s getting. Heck, he should be getting more as compensation for putting up with this crappy organization.

    • Anton CP

      McDavid and Draisaitl can’t score more because the rest of the team can’t score at all. They are constantly challenged with the best defense from the oppositing team and they have run high among of minutes that they will get burn out.

      Both McDavid and Draisaitl are running with 22+ mins but Kucherov is under 20 and Gaudreau is around 20. Here’s some number: Tampa Bay have 10 players with 20 points or more (9 with 25 points or more). Calgary has 8 players with 20 points or more (7 with 25+). And Edmonton? Only 5 (just 3 at 25+). Hockey by the end of the day is still a team game, if the rest of the team failed then it is hard for stars to keep them around.

  • slats-west

    Dear Mr Katz and Mr Nicholson:

    As a suite and ticket holder I’m filing my Rejection Form that I won’t be renewing my tickets this year. $175 tickets and $20 burgers with $13 beer in this economy are part of it but your leadership, and lack thereof, to be clear is the main reason.

    I urge you both to seek help in some leadership training – perhaps Mr Kraft from the New England Patriots for starters may be a good start. For you Mr Katz I offer you the very basics – Mr Kraft you will notice attends EVERY Patriots game – both home AND away. He not only has a connection to almost every player he certainly has dialogue with his key pillars on his team.

    Bob if you keep Peter and not sure you can – But perhaps you could get an intern position and secondment under Patriots GM/Caoch Bill Bellichek. Katz can pay for this I’m sure.

    For All current Mangement I urge the entire team to read this article.

    In particular in this article you should note the following:

    – The paradox of Belichick is that he is able to reduce his exhaustive knowledge to a few bedrock principles and teach them with unparalleled effectiveness.
    – most foundational, unchanging principle is, and he replies that it’s the insistence on stamping out “unforced errors,” simple execution without committing halting penalties or game-killing mistakes (HOW TRUE!)
    – Then there has been a scramble to refurbish the roster with enough playmakers. Belichick has long preferred what he calls “dependables” to the surging and ebbing of star players. This particularly important for Oilers as you have a Brady in McDavid but you have Very little to NO Dependables that do not make routine mistakes. Some may offer that Chiarelli has put together a team of undependables!
    – the GM and Coach need to reiterate what Patriot players say is an extraordinary amount of monotonous repetition, until a concept is ingrained deep into their bones.
    – fixing our roster and who to select for getting quality “leaders”on your team – simple. It is noted Bellichek has a particular affinity for players who captained their teams in college: 11 of 22 starters and eight reserves on the Patriots’ roster last season were collegiate captains. And another key trait he looks for …signing players based on a show of effort when no one else is watching!!! Character players is what this translates to.
    – now the cruelty of the business which we know the Patriots are famous for they “buy low and sell high” the key dependables and components to the team. One of the key tenets Patriots live to is they are going to make a mistake of getting rid of player a year too early rather than a year too late!

    So thanks again for the last 3 years. I wish you good luck on your new paths and I hope you do these things as you do have a Tom Brady on your hands with McDavid and most teams don’t.

    “Tier 1 Fan” & Suite Owner but who welcomes 100s of “Tier 2” Fans every year to a game.

  • DoubleDIon

    Much as it sounds like an excuse Klefbom is an absolutely critical player for you guys. I know you all love Nurse, but to my eye he’s barely a top 4 defenseman. Klefbom is your Giordano. He’s a legit top pairing guy and can play every situation. Not only that, but he’s the only guy like that on the roster. Everyone else had major holes in their game.

  • Todd the electron rod

    for alex the goalie who was just in the last thread…
    alex did you see Kostco’s sv% was better than your beloved DADBOT’s sv%?
    you claimed your beloved DADBOT was the better goalie.
    i hope you can explain this to me.

  • Oilers_1978

    MIN can beat CJB without dumba..AZ can beat TOR without ranta…

    Can we beat either team even with klef back..hell no..

    All those teams in the hunt for 8th wc spot are winning against good teams, and oilers going south..

    If anyone thinks oilers have any chance left are daydreaming..

    It’s time to move on..get the management in order to plan for next season…PC should start packing tonight…

    Katz is only thinking about next season’s reserved seat sale..not for winning a cup..

  • Randomfan

    If everyone on ON is done with the playoffs hope can we focus our attention to the draft section? A high 1st round pick should be enough to get us back into the mix right? NOT.

  • Clayton

    Just one more game before the Oilers big schedule break. Even with an Oiler win we are guaranteed to enter the break out of the Wild Card spot. If there was a time for a high level change it would be now. New GM (Interim) could come in and have a good solid couple weeks to start the fixing process. This team is such a joke. Making it worse is the fact the Flames are sitting 5 points up for first in the west, 6 points up in the Pacific, and are closing the gap with Tampa. How can the Oil be so terrible and the flames be battling for the presidents trophy?

  • Edmonton Eulers

    Only bright side of losing is that even the Oilers delusional management might reconsider being buyers at the trade deadline. Then again, this is Oiler management, so expect something ridiculously stupid.

  • DoubleDIon

    Flames fan here. McDavid is the best player in the world but the last 2 games he’s been flying the zone too early trying to get a transition game going before they’ve secured the puck. His defensive game has gotten a lot worse between his third and fourth year when it got a lot better between the 2nd and 3rd.

    • Anton CP

      Thank you for you to notice that and I will expect this to get lots of “trash it” even it is the truth. As matter of fact that McDavid has been abandoning the defensive effort when his breakaway failed to score and resulting a quick counter attack by the other team. Think this may have to do with coaches are burning him with his minutes.

    • Prairiechicken

      How dare you criticize Connor!
      Kidding. But yes … I’ve noticed he cheats a lot more lately. Understandable though given the lack of scoring elsewhere and how often they’ve been trailing.

  • Svart kaffe

    I’m happy to say I’ve tuned out and don’t care that much any more. Sure, I check a few hockey sites every day as part of my routine and I even catch an Oilers game now and then. But I don’t plan on it and my schedule doesn’t take games into account anymore.

    I’d love for them to squeeze into the playoffs just like I want to see Chiarelli fired. But it’s no longer at the top of my head, every day. And I’m happy I don’t waste my time watching them lose due to plain inability or just no forks given.

    I feel like I’ve got a healthier relationship to this team now. Still love them, but I don’t allow them to ruin my day.

    • Anton CP

      Today is an enjoyful day, I watched couple of OT football games and Raonic advanced to quarter finals demolished Zverev. I did not realize there was an Oilers game at all until some random scores popping on tv screen when it was 0-3. Glad that I missed it!

  • Todd the electron rod

    famous quotes from last year:

    dadbot: “oh yeah, we’ll make the playoffs”

    nurse: ” we bought into the hype”

    can’t wait for next year’s sh*t pumped propaganda

  • Hand Banana

    Talbot consistently letting in the first goal on the first shot is so devastating. The team’s fragile confidence gets shattered before the game even has a chance to really get going. Are there stats kept on first shot/first goal allowed? Talbot has to be the all time leader. It’s ridiculous

  • Hitchcock is a disaster i think he has lost the dressing room also. The players know he isnt coming back next and for the most part they have checked out. This team depresses me. So little care they show

  • PleaseWinOilers

    There’s no reason to continue this charade. The front office must be cleaned out. Stop holding the fans and team hostage. Begin the process of rebuilding the front office for next year.

  • The future never comes

    The song – “turn me loose” came on when they were down 6-1, and all I could think about was Connor was probably screaming the song full blast in his head. We need to get fire Katz posters out around Edmonton, maybe that will get the little pharmatroll’s attention.

  • Gary

    No comment tonight, but maybe I forgot to mention how happy I am that I never renewed my season tickets this year and wont next year. Be heard folks its the only way.