Inside the Nation: Mayhem in Oilersnation, line juggling, and Caleb Jones development

We’re back with another fresh episode of Inside The Nation! The Oilers are coming off back-to-back EXTREMELY disappointing losses so Dusty had a lot to talk about in today’s episode. 

First off, Dusty breaks down the two games from the weekend and what he saw from his point of view. There aren’t a lot of positives to pull from these games, but at least one of the games (against Calgary) was an extremely tough competitor. Also, something very strange happened this morning regarding the Oilers schedule. Their 11:30 am practice was canceled, and instead they had a 10:30am team meeting, with a media availability immediately following. This was a bit odd, and the entire Nation office was hoping there would be some breaking news out of the front office, but there was nothing. Instead, Connor McDavid and the rest of the Oilers had to answer the exact same questions they always face from the Oilers, and it was business as usual.

Jesse Puljujarvi had an interesting weekend and Dusty breaks down his opinion on what it must be like for the guy bouncing back and forth from the fourth to first line all the time. What is Hitchcock hoping to accomplish by juggling these lines so much? Dusty gives his thoughts on how it’s impossible for these players to develop chemistry, and it’s to the point of embarrassment for this team and fanbase.

In other breaking news today in Oilersnation, Ryan Spooner and Ty Rattie got placed on waivers, and Caleb Jones also got sent down to the Bakersfield Condors. Nielson is just utterly disappointed by how the Jordan Eberle/Ryan Strome/Ryan Spooner situation turned out and goes on a heated rant about the Oilers for a few minutes. It’s pretty unlikely for Spooner to get picked up off waivers with his current cap situation, but there’s small chance someone might jump on Ty Rattie.

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Dusty also gives his take on how Ty Rattie’s season has turned into a disappointment after he got injured early. Rattie came out of preseason like hot fire and was lighting it up with McDavid. Unfortunately, he was unable to find himself a comfortable spot in the top six once he returned from his injury, and how he finds himself on waivers. As always, Dusty gave away a sample pack of Get Sauced hot and BBQ sauce to one of the live viewers in a hockey trivia question. Then he wrapped up the live video with his most important question of the day – What are his thoughts on Caleb Jones getting sent down?

Check out the full episode below to hear more:

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