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Oilers sign Mikko Koskinen to three-year extension

More transactions! What a day this is turning out to be. According to Elliotte Freidman, the Oilers have inked Mikko Koskinen to a three-year extension worth $4.5 million annually.

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Koskinen was given a one-year, prove yourself deal in the off-season by the Oilers worth just $2.5 million. Since then, he’s taken the net from Cam Talbot, posting a .911 save percentage over 27 appearances. There have been rumours that the Oilers are willing to trade Talbot to open up cap room, and, given Koskinen’s new extension, it’s very clear which direction the organization wants to go when it comes to goalies.

At a glance, this is a very rich deal for a goalie without much of a track record. Koskinen, a second-round pick of the Islanders who has spent most of his career in the KHL, has played just 31 games at the NHL level. But this is pretty much the going rate for solid NHL goalies, which Koskinen has proved, albeit in a small sample size, that he is this year.

A $4.5 million cap hit would rank Koskinen 20th among goalies in the NHL this year, right in between Ottawa’s Craig Anderson and St. Louis’ Jake Allen. Cam Talbot is a virtually identical case to Koskinen. Talbot, who also didn’t have much of a track record, signed a three-year deal worth $4,166,667 half-way through his first season with the Oilers.

Given his down season, the Oilers could easily afford to bring Talbot back next year on a short-term deal to maintain this goaltending duo if they wanted to. Otherwise, Edmonton’s free agent options include names like Mike Smith, Cam Ward, Anders Nilsson, Antti Niemi, and Michael Hutchinson.

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As I said, this isn’t really bad money for a solid NHL goalie. The question, of course, is whether Koskinen is actually a solid NHL goalie. He has been for 27 games this year, but many times in the past have we seen goalies play very well over a small sample size. That said, Koskinen is a free agent at the end of the season, and if he does play really well down the stretch and help the Oilers into a playoff spot, he’ll only be raising his market value. This is a big risk for the Oilers to take on a player they clearly believe in.

  • bwar

    Fine with them resigning Koskinen but I have a hard time believing he’s earned this much of a raise.

    It’s been fun Talbot, I hope you get traded somewhere with better management than they have here.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Also that’s what we need on a day like today. SLAUGHTERED over the weekend, but instead of doing the sensible thing, they’re doing everything to save face. Step up and face the ****ing music like the boys you are! Stop hiding behind lateral roster moves!

  • Muddy

    Ever work with a guy that tries to get fired but the company can’t because of his horrible contract or he is the only guy that can run the Bobcat? Seriously these moves are insane, it’s like he is baiting the team to see how far he can go. This IS a man that could pull the trigger on McDavid. What a nightmare, the hockey world is laughing their faces off at this organization.

  • Himynameistaylor

    Mikko Koskinen’s save percentage in his last 10 games:



    • Elasmus

      I mean, the Oilers have been trash in front of him. Those save percentages are just as much on the team as they are on the goalie, so using save percentage to argue the skill of a goalie is completely pointless. You have to actually watch the goalie and see what types of saves they make and what types of goals they let in. I wish the NHL recorded that , lets say the number of good saves, stellar saves, no chance goals, meh goals, and bad goals by each goalie every game. That way we could see how good goalies actually are and determine their worth despite a bad team.

  • Drinking my Oilers problems away...


  • Spiel

    It makes sense when you consider the team has not a single goalie with an NHL game played under contract for 2019-20. Talbot played his way out of Edmonton. After 2017, the writers on this website had Talbot pegged as one of the best value contracts in the NHL…

  • OmarZaitoun

    I don’t mind this signing. Koskinen has shown that he can play. He didn’t quit on plays when the Oilers were down over the weekend. He was pretty much left out to dry. He can play well with proper defense in front of him. I usually question deals like these, but this one looks good to me. Maybe im delusional after watching horrible hockey over the weekend. I will reserve judgement after Klefbom and Sekera return. We need depth. It’s obvious. For now, we need to pray that nobody else gets hurt.

    • KevinHR

      Close . . . 2 years too long and 3.5 M too much/year. He is an average goalie at best. Can’t skate worth crap, can’t handle the puck, has a bad glove hand. If people think that Milan’s contract is bad, just wait for this one to bite us in the ass the rest of the year, and next year, and the year after, and the year after . . . However, this contract isn’t on PC it is on Bobby N since he hasn’t fired PC and still lets him make things worse. I’m disappointed for Talbot and with his performance. If they don’t want either of them then they should have taken the $4.5 M/year and went after 2 guys to split the duties for a year in the off season.

  • btrain

    What a cluster #%$^ this organization is! Nothing against Koskinen but he has steadily declined over the past month and has next to no track record to begin with. Chia takes his one move that he overpaid to make happen. When you think he already went all in gambling on the guy, he does this!

  • elliotsmom

    OMG!!!!! I swear to God, that General Disappointment is off his meds. The contracts that Mikko gets Chia to sign him for are absolutely amazing. Big bucks for a guy we never heard tell of, and after 30 games, even bigger bucks. I can’t believe Chia isn’t on a shorter leash after all of his decisions that continue to backfire on him. This must all be part of the plan.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    I know many of you will wait to hear what the nattering nabobs of negativity have to say, but there’s nothing out-of-line with this signing. Koskinen looks like a decent goaltender and the Oilers had no one at the NHL level under contract for next year. If they got all the way to July 1 without one under contract, they probably would have paid this much – or more – for a goaltender with similar numbers.

    The Oilers needed a goalie for next year, they now have one that they had the luxury of auditioning for the past few months.

    I think many of you need to can the hysterics. Leave them to Dustin Neilson and others trying to clickbait you.

  • Abagofpucks

    Of course you guys realize this doesn’t count against the cap this year right. So it’s not that big of a deal as long Koskinen performs and the Oilers can make cap space next year.

    • Bluetomorrow

      Its kinda of a big deal when DeSmith with better numbers just signed 3 year 1.25M AAV. Losing another 1.5M off the cap(believe Koskinen should have got standard 3x3M) plus Spooner and Manning wasting another 5M. Add up that wasted cap and you now have the space to add a top 6 winger, Pete has done nothing this season to help the Oilers now and is handcuffing the team next year