GDB Wrap Up 50.0: Rock bottom, Oilers lose 3-2 to Detroit

That. Was. Ugly. Final Score: 3-2 Red Wings

With this being the last game before the All-Star Break, the Oilers needed to do everything in their power to put together three solid periods and end the night with a win. They needed to hit the ice like their literal balls were on the line and use that horrible fear as motivation to propel them forward with endless tenacity. Seeing as the Detroit Red Wingers are ranked dead last in the NHL right now, I didn’t think that expecting a win is an unreasonable ask, though we have been fooled before. The first step in my masterplan was to make sure not to allow a goal on the first shot of the game again, and when that hurdle was cleared I felt like we were already off to a better start. When they made it all the way through a full period without allowing a goal against, I actively chose to ignore the fact that Detroit is in last place in the league and instead and embraced the idea of a possible win. It only took a scoreless period but the Oilers once again found a way to lift my spirits and shine a little bit of light back into the strange and dark relationship that we have going on.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite so easy to forget that Detroit is in last place when they opened the scoring with a questionable goal in the first few minutes of the second period. And it was certainly at the front of my mind when they extended their lead to two goals only a few minutes later. Uninspired and generally disappointing in every way, the Oilers played this game like they were already off on vacation and only showed up because they were being paid to be there. Even when they managed to get a goal and drag themselves back in the fight, they allowed themselves to fall apart almost instantly and it sabotaged their own comeback attempt. Outside of actually outshooting their opponent for once, I’m having a hard time finding positives in what we just watched. I don’t know how the Oilers managed to look so horrible against a team that they should be every single night, but they are the sultans of surprise and will always come up with new and interesting ways to lose.

The wrap.

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  • Leon Draisaitl gave the Oilers some hope after Darnell Nurse’s point shot rebounded right to him at the side of the net and he pumped it into the open cage. How anyone can honestly believe that Draisaitl is part of the problem with this team is beyond me, but I’m certainly thankful to have him.
  • Matt Benning pulled the Oilers to within one after he clapped home a late goal from the high slot that made its way through traffic and over a fallen Jimmy Howard. Benning scored with just enough time to give us hope that the comeback was possible and I bit hard on the hope.
  • The penalty kill was arguably one of the best parts of the hockey game, and it’s almost a shame that the Oilers couldn’t play the entire game down by a man. They finished the night killing off all three penalties they took.
  • Could this be the game that gets Peter Chiarelli fired? Dare to dream, friends. Dare to dream. Sleep tightly tonight and say your prayers.
  • The Oilers won 55% of the faceoffs they took and they did a great job using all of that extra possession time they got as a result… okay so maybe none of that happened but they did win more draws than they lost! Yay?! Anyone?
  • I bet Todd McLellan is having fun being paid to NOT have to coach this mess.
  • Sensing that I was feeling down, Miss Milk walked into the room with a bowl of fresh guac and its silky goodness was literally the highlight of my entire evening.
  • WIN, BUDDY! As always, you can join in on the #BoozeNotBeets win cast conversation over on my Twitter account.
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  • What is it going to take to get this management team out of here? Holy f***.
  • It is absolutely disgraceful how flat the Oilers came out tonight given the overall importance of this hockey game. Where was the passion? Where was the care factor?
  • Dylan Larkin opened the scoring for the Wings early in the second period after he beat Koskinen with an outside shot that the goaltender is definitely going to want back. Larkin managed to sneak that one in from way outside and he had all kinds of space to work with.
  • Luke Glendening extended the Wings’ lead to two goals only a few minutes later as took advantage of an Oilers team that seemed to have been lulled into some kind of trance. Glending added a second goal in the third period when he walked right past Brandon Manning like he was a pylon and sneaking a stinker between Koskinen and the post. To put it lighty, it was a horrible sequence. Clearly, there was a spell cast somewhere that allowed them to look so inept against a team so bad.
  • The NHL site had the giveaways listed at 12-7 against the Oilers but I don’t buy that for one minute. The Oilers were giving up the puck like bagels at breakfast and there is no way that number is accurate.
  • That first power play of the night was absolutely shocking to watch. The Oilers couldn’t connect on any of their passes, they gave up the puck at every turn, and they ended up cancelling the thing out by getting caught for too many men. I was hoping that things would improve as the night went on but getting better is the last thing that happened.
  • A day after signing a contract worth $13.5 million, Mikko Koskinen was back between the pipes and looking to rebound after a tough weekend. Whether he was starting the game or coming in to relieve Talbot, Koskinen really didn’t get much help from the team in front of him and I was hoping that he wouldn’t have to be a one-man army tonight against Detroit. But like the team ahead of him, this wasn’t Koskinen’s best night as he’ll probably want two of Detroit’s goals back. That said, I’m certainly not hanging this loss entirely on his shoulders either because the team in front of him was absolutely gross. Koskinen finished the night 24 saves and a .897 save%.
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No Scoring


04:03 Detroit Dylan Larkin (21) ASST: Gustav Nyquist (32), Tyler Bertuzzi (15) 1-0
10:01 Detroit Luke Glendening (7) ASST: Darren Helm (7), Andreas Athanasiou (12) 2-0


04:31 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (27) ASST: Alex Chiasson (7), Darnell Nurse (18) 2-1
06:28 Detroit Luke Glendening (8) ASST: Andreas Athanasiou (13), Filip Hronek (7) 3-1
17:34 Edmonton Matt Benning (2) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (34), Connor McDavid (44) 3-2


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 1/22/2019 – 10:00 pm MST

  • jbogus

    Holy cow spit out my drink laughing at the good content thanks dude needed that.

    So that said, bring back Belanger, who was that Russian who couldn’t skate backwards (ya him), Peka, the dude that did the spinner-Rama shoot out goal, MacT as GM or Tambers…

    Hits keep coming. Thanks Oil for Oilering. My gosh !

  • slats-west

    That was some bizarre post game interviews.

    Hitch – avoiding the roster is enough question
    Nurse – smiling saying he’s looking forward to a break (Mexico) and getting away
    Chia-son – saying players need to look in the mirror and ask if they are di8g enough. Also finished with “maybe it’s good if guys get away from each other”
    And then McDavid looking like he just got ran over by a Truck (heh NHL Referrees this is the face of the NHL and your pay cheque Wake UP!) and says yeah it’s good for a break BUT perhaps guys should all stay together and try bond and work this out…..interesting. He’s a Beauty!

    • Anton CP

      It is not the first time and it won’t be the last time. Don’t forget that Canucks were kind of like that during the early part of DoD. It is just now the Flames turn. The Oilers have been earning sympathies since 2010!

      • NeverWas

        After being competitive for 20 years the Canucks were going to going to game 7 of the Stanley cup final during the early days of the DoD and then bottomed out 2 years ago and now our going to make the playoffs with an exciting young core that has long term upside. Dont ever compare them to the oilers. Ever.

        • Anton CP

          I wasn’t comparing the Oilers to Canucks. I was talking about how Canucks used to feel sorry for the Oilers and now it is the Flames turn. Meanwhile everyone in the hockey world is feeling sorry for McDavid.

  • Goaltender Interference

    The thing that bothers me is that the players apparently just had a big team meeting… then they come out tonight and play as uninspired and disinterested as ever…

    What the hell did they talk about at their big jam session – which golf clubs to buy for the Spring?

    That was ugly tonight, for sure…

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      I wonder how many of us prayed real had…or at least wished for this to happen…I know the wife will be happy to not have to hear me complain about that Chia Pet guy after every hockey game

  • Florescent Oil Orange

    Ron hextall took over as flyers g.m. dumped contracts built prospect pool and got the team back into the playoffs. Worth an interview at least

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    If only Katz and Co had the gnads to Fire Chia and TM after last season, maybe just maybe this season wouldnt be so in the sewer right now and with no sign of getting out of it at all this year. Oh to dream about what could have been….Now they better not be putting anyone in the GM or Presidents slot named Howson, MacTavish orLowe…what frightens me is someone is going to say what an excellent idea those names would be!

  • Lazarus

    The multitude rejoiced as hung on the cross before them, the crowd that had not so long ago welcomed him into the city to celebration and fanfare..


    I will always remain grateful for the last minute, one last bad contract as he left. Thankyou Peter for taking a fringe playoff team and dismantling it further and further and further and wasting years of the blue chip you lucked into.
    I will miss you

  • Director772

    The Oilers are truly screwed, it will take years and a massive change in management and probably ownership before they will be able to rebuild and contend. With this owner I just don’t see that happening, be prepared for another decade of darkness. The ONLY thing that might help change ownership and management is a loss of revenue and that would take the fan base to band together…..not going to happen, the fans here love their team no matter what! Like I said, truly screwed……

    • Anton CP

      The actual Oilers fans don’t love the team, how can you love a consistent incompetence? I would love to see the Oilers be a contender but if the people are still willing to support this trash and not actually demand the real change with actions (like, for the team not sold out for awhile? It has happened before in 90s) then there’s no hope. So Chiarelli is fired, well, it is not just a little too late…it is way too late! To be honest, if Chiarelli deserved to be fired then he needed to be fired right after he traded for Reinhart (which was his second trade ever with the Oilers?). However that Chiarelli still lasted for 3+ seasons and the hiring also costed the Oilers 2nd round pick (and 3rd round for hiring TMac as the coach).

      I don’t know how to feel about this really, it is just another smoke screen to cover up the bigger issue with the Oilers ownership.

  • NeverWas

    Canucks fan here… so I have been thru some sh*t, but I dont even know how you guys are still doing it. How are you still fans of this team? I actually feel bad.

  • Anton CP

    Well, what’s next? How not to ruin the Oilers any further?

    This season is a goner, even the team can somehow get on a winning streak (another Hitchcock like jolt) but the team is far off to be relevant. Anyone is movable other than McDavid. Keep Puljujarvi and Yamamoto in minors for at least a season more, if not two. Do not call up Bouchard, Jones, and Bear at least for another season or two. Buy out Lucic since he cannot be moved. Trade Larsson if anyone wants him. Trade Chiasson if he can get a return. Rotating some juniors and AHLers to the main roster and see who can play. Just abandon the rest of the season and focus on development for next season. MAYBE THEN, there will be some hope couple of seasons from now.

    • Harry2

      Theyre 3 points out of a playoff spot with 30 games left and you’re going to send the message to your core players that thats it your mailing it in!? Gimme a break. Youve been brainwashed and used to a loser mentality for too long.

      Winning is the only option. Maybe send that message instead of “ok boys pack it in seasons over”.

      How do you do that you ask? Listen to your captain and get rid of anyone who isnt on board. I dont care what your contact says if your not part of the solution you’re a problem and need to be tossed aside.

      • Anton CP

        And you wonder why the team has been so bad for so many years…you have just pointed out the reason. The delutional fans are always demanding the team to get it done when the long term planning suggested the opposite. Remembering HOPE? How soon did that one lasted? The team not for a moment have a realistic approach of how to build the team since 2006. This again is the exact point with the Oilers fanbase: a mediocre team is acceptable. So they make it to the playoffs, then? Is that it?

    • Big Nuggets

      I’m not in a hurry to trade away players. This tendency to call for the trading off of all assets is not helpful. We need to add good players not remove them. If we are planning the strategy for next season the first step is an analysis of what we have. So what do we have? 4 top 6 forwards and a couple bottom 6ers, plus 6 million wasted on Luc. If we swap out one of those forwards for someone else can you really expect the whole team to be suddenly better.

      The defense is another question. Sekera will be a mystery for a while yet. Klefboms injury history means if we trade him he will undoubtedly be largely undervalued by other GMs. He plays well enough when healthy that I would rather roll the dice on him having a healthy stretch of great hockey. Nurse has many detractors but I don’t get it personally. If you’re picking apart every detail of his game I think you are missing the bigger picture with him. Players don’t reach their prime at 23, he will get better. Players look worse when they are surrounded by bad players. Nurse has Manning and Gravel as the other LD. It’s safe to say Nurse is carrying too big a load right now but the fact he is playing well over 20 minutes a night at a young age is commendable. Out of the LD I would hang onto Klef, Nurse and Jones. The RD I guess I would keep are Larsson, Bouchard and Bear. Russell has proven his worth but, with young defensemen climbing up the depth chart the salary might be better allocated elsewhere. Chia has tied this team up in so many knots regarding the salary cap that I don’t think there are many moves to be made. The guy managed to turn Eberle into, effectively, 3 million dollars of wasted cap space. Legendary stuff really.

      The moves I would look to make are for an upgrade somewhere on defense and a quality 3rd line center. If they can somehow free up cap space and do that, it would be great, otherwise I think the only way this team gets better is when there are enough young guys stepping into the NHL and contributing. It is the only way to get players cheap enough and skilled enough to make a difference. Big 1 for 1 trades don’t fix a lack of depth.

      • Anton CP

        I pretty much agree with almost everything that you have pointed out and nice to see a logical analyse. The truth is that the Oilers are still, too young and nowhere near the contending strength yet. The biggest mistake that Chiarelli made was that he rushed the process and it delievered the first playoffs appearance in a decade but at the same time the tactic backfired badly last season. However that will any of the Oilers fans tolerate if Chiarelli came out and told fans to wait for 3 more seasons at the beginning? Every trade that Chiarelli made are all pointed toward a “quick fix” without a long term plan, and now the Oilers are lacking in prospect pool that no one can be sure which of them can deliver.