GDB Wrap Up 50.0: Rock bottom, Oilers lose 3-2 to Detroit

That. Was. Ugly. Final Score: 3-2 Red Wings

With this being the last game before the All-Star Break, the Oilers needed to do everything in their power to put together three solid periods and end the night with a win. They needed to hit the ice like their literal balls were on the line and use that horrible fear as motivation to propel them forward with endless tenacity. Seeing as the Detroit Red Wingers are ranked dead last in the NHL right now, I didn’t think that expecting a win is an unreasonable ask, though we have been fooled before. The first step in my masterplan was to make sure not to allow a goal on the first shot of the game again, and when that hurdle was cleared I felt like we were already off to a better start. When they made it all the way through a full period without allowing a goal against, I actively chose to ignore the fact that Detroit is in last place in the league and instead and embraced the idea of a possible win. It only took a scoreless period but the Oilers once again found a way to lift my spirits and shine a little bit of light back into the strange and dark relationship that we have going on.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite so easy to forget that Detroit is in last place when they opened the scoring with a questionable goal in the first few minutes of the second period. And it was certainly at the front of my mind when they extended their lead to two goals only a few minutes later. Uninspired and generally disappointing in every way, the Oilers played this game like they were already off on vacation and only showed up because they were being paid to be there. Even when they managed to get a goal and drag themselves back in the fight, they allowed themselves to fall apart almost instantly and it sabotaged their own comeback attempt. Outside of actually outshooting their opponent for once, I’m having a hard time finding positives in what we just watched. I don’t know how the Oilers managed to look so horrible against a team that they should be every single night, but they are the sultans of surprise and will always come up with new and interesting ways to lose.

The wrap.

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  • Leon Draisaitl gave the Oilers some hope after Darnell Nurse’s point shot rebounded right to him at the side of the net and he pumped it into the open cage. How anyone can honestly believe that Draisaitl is part of the problem with this team is beyond me, but I’m certainly thankful to have him.
  • Matt Benning pulled the Oilers to within one after he clapped home a late goal from the high slot that made its way through traffic and over a fallen Jimmy Howard. Benning scored with just enough time to give us hope that the comeback was possible and I bit hard on the hope.
  • The penalty kill was arguably one of the best parts of the hockey game, and it’s almost a shame that the Oilers couldn’t play the entire game down by a man. They finished the night killing off all three penalties they took.
  • Could this be the game that gets Peter Chiarelli fired? Dare to dream, friends. Dare to dream. Sleep tightly tonight and say your prayers.
  • The Oilers won 55% of the faceoffs they took and they did a great job using all of that extra possession time they got as a result… okay so maybe none of that happened but they did win more draws than they lost! Yay?! Anyone?
  • I bet Todd McLellan is having fun being paid to NOT have to coach this mess.
  • Sensing that I was feeling down, Miss Milk walked into the room with a bowl of fresh guac and its silky goodness was literally the highlight of my entire evening.
  • WIN, BUDDY! As always, you can join in on the #BoozeNotBeets win cast conversation over on my Twitter account.
Edmonton Oilers head coach Dave Tippett places seventh in Jack Adams voting


  • What is it going to take to get this management team out of here? Holy f***.
  • It is absolutely disgraceful how flat the Oilers came out tonight given the overall importance of this hockey game. Where was the passion? Where was the care factor?
  • Dylan Larkin opened the scoring for the Wings early in the second period after he beat Koskinen with an outside shot that the goaltender is definitely going to want back. Larkin managed to sneak that one in from way outside and he had all kinds of space to work with.
  • Luke Glendening extended the Wings’ lead to two goals only a few minutes later as took advantage of an Oilers team that seemed to have been lulled into some kind of trance. Glending added a second goal in the third period when he walked right past Brandon Manning like he was a pylon and sneaking a stinker between Koskinen and the post. To put it lighty, it was a horrible sequence. Clearly, there was a spell cast somewhere that allowed them to look so inept against a team so bad.
  • The NHL site had the giveaways listed at 12-7 against the Oilers but I don’t buy that for one minute. The Oilers were giving up the puck like bagels at breakfast and there is no way that number is accurate.
  • That first power play of the night was absolutely shocking to watch. The Oilers couldn’t connect on any of their passes, they gave up the puck at every turn, and they ended up cancelling the thing out by getting caught for too many men. I was hoping that things would improve as the night went on but getting better is the last thing that happened.
  • A day after signing a contract worth $13.5 million, Mikko Koskinen was back between the pipes and looking to rebound after a tough weekend. Whether he was starting the game or coming in to relieve Talbot, Koskinen really didn’t get much help from the team in front of him and I was hoping that he wouldn’t have to be a one-man army tonight against Detroit. But like the team ahead of him, this wasn’t Koskinen’s best night as he’ll probably want two of Detroit’s goals back. That said, I’m certainly not hanging this loss entirely on his shoulders either because the team in front of him was absolutely gross. Koskinen finished the night 24 saves and a .897 save%.
Edmonton Oilers loan Ryan McLeod to EV Zug of the Swiss National League



No Scoring


04:03 Detroit Dylan Larkin (21) ASST: Gustav Nyquist (32), Tyler Bertuzzi (15) 1-0
10:01 Detroit Luke Glendening (7) ASST: Darren Helm (7), Andreas Athanasiou (12) 2-0


04:31 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (27) ASST: Alex Chiasson (7), Darnell Nurse (18) 2-1
06:28 Detroit Luke Glendening (8) ASST: Andreas Athanasiou (13), Filip Hronek (7) 3-1
17:34 Edmonton Matt Benning (2) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (34), Connor McDavid (44) 3-2


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 1/22/2019 – 10:00 pm MST

    • Anton CP

      Yeah, so Nuge will finally cracked that 60 points mark but noooo….Nuge was doing it by himself….Nuge is definately not riding on McDavid’s coattail even he started the season by playing on McDavid’s wing….oh, then the team stopped scoring….GET DRAISAITL BACK WITH MCDAVID! Now you can claim Draisaitl is riding on McDavid’s coattail EVEN when Draisaitl was also scoring by driving his own line….but nooo….NUGE IS THE GREATEST! DRAISAITL SUCKS!

          • Big Nuggets

            I’ve got plenty of time for Draisaitl. He is a stud. How many players in the league really ‘drive a line’? We have 3 forwards playing 20 minutes a night. These players are going to make mistakes when they are being leaned on so heavily. Draisaitl is going to be a great player for many years. If your analysis is anything other than this team massively lacks depth you should reevaluate.

  • Prairiechicken

    As thrilled as I would be if Pete is let go tomorrow … if this happened:
    – “They” (upper management) clearly knew Pete was on incredibly thin ice yesterday.
    – On thin ice they either let him make a decision to lock up his goalie of the future for 3 more years … or they did it for him (ie. working around the GM).
    Either scenario demonstrates the incompetence and disfunction even above Pete. So unless there’s more than Pete fired, nothing will change.

  • Derzie

    You guys do know that when Chia is turfed, an ex-Oiler or a Gretzky will take the helm, right? I’m out. Good luck. You are witnessing something that future generations will analyze to attempt to understand how incompetence in an organization can run so deep, for so long and STILL make money.

  • Rufio Barcoli

    Chiarelli didn’t lose this game, the players did.
    The also lost all the other games us well.
    Why is there no discussion or focus on the poor play of Nurse and/or Draisailt?

    Nurse plays with the intensity of a wet fart and couldn’t hit the net if his mother’s life depended on it.
    Draisailt is a turnover machine.

    Where is the articles focusing on the poor players of most of the players?
    What’s with the cowardly ignorant coverage of this team?
    If all the players were performing like they’re suppose to we would be winning?
    We are losing because of whom? The players. The players who are playing recreational shinny hockey.
    Will any of thee so called insider experts comment or write about that? Nope. They are not permitted.

    • Clayton

      I agree…players keep getting let off the hook. Yes Chia hasn’t provided a great roster but the guys that are here are looking dismal. Can Nuge look any more disinterested? Can Drai cough up the puck any more times? Even McDavid looks poor lately…on the ice again for the first two goals tonite.

      • Florescent Oil Orange

        This group of players hasn’t sucked since 2006. This group of players did not trade nhl talent for more term and more dollars in an ahl player.

        I could go on and on. Players have a small amount of responsibility

    • Big Nuggets

      This is the time of year when the players realize the season will likely be lost. They might have checked out for this vacation a bit early too. Not to mention they probably dread a possible Chia trade more than us fans do. I’m not saying they don’t deserve some blame for this loss but generally the good players on this team have played well this season. You can say Nurse is not a true number 1 but he is not supposed to be at 23 or 24 years old. The team is missing the other 2 supposed number 1 defensemen and Nurse is doing what he can, which is a decent job. You can also complain that Nuge or Drai can’t score without McDavid, but at least they do score with McDavid, and occasionally without him. The rest of the team does neither.

    • Harry2

      Draisaitl is 13th in league scoring on a team with terrible defence. Like someone else posted ahead of me, stop ragging on the few good players Edm has.
      McD, LD, RNH, Chaison, Nurse, Klef, Larsson.

    • Guest

      So don’t fire the GM? That’s your stance? Please. You work for the Oilers and troll these sites to save PCs job.

      Oilers Nation – you are smart hockey consumers and the team is literally trying to distract you with false identities.

      Beat it Rufio. Collect your season ticket money somewhere else.

    • JumboJim

      THIS. We’re in tough. The only way to stop is to stop watching. Or at least take a step down another tier. If you go to the games, switch to TV. If you watch on TV, find a stream. If you need to watch highlights, get them anywhere but the Oilers website.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Katz as and always has been about the development of the lands around the rink and that is still and will be ongoing for a long time yet and the casino, thats the money makers, the team is just a bonus and was the way into it all and a way to keep conected with the old boys club he knew and hung out with back in MacT and Lowe, Gretz’s early days. His PR team spun the local boy makes good buys hockey team he grew up watching angle to the media….doubt Katz has been to a game since the playoffs

  • CityofWhat

    Other NHL GM’s can’t sleep tonight knowing Chia will be fired tomorrow.
    Other GM’s
    “ damn it I was about to close a deal with Chia to acquire McDavid, WTF…. I just got fleeced by Chia by being fired”.

  • DraiCup

    now that it’s obvious that this team is not making the playoffs Pete can trade away the 1st round pick. I can just shake my head…
    Why do you sign Kosk to such a massive deal? And even more baffling…why now and not at seasons end when other potential signings could be made…I don’t get it…the oil had a couple decent stretches this year but this is truly disappointing. Just wait with the rock bottom cause we’ll reach that point when the first pick is traded and the oil finish near last

    • Harry2

      The only reason I can think of is so they can freely trade Talbot to clear cap space and activate Sekera.

      I never said it was a good answer but thats my best guess

  • Anton CP

    Remember when the Oilers won first overall pick in 2015 that how many people in hockey world immidiately feel sorry for McDavid? The entire culture surrounding the Oilers is such a negative and poisonous environment that the team will never going to reach any kind of successes until anyone that is still physically related to the “good old days” are perished. The Oilers will remain irrelevant for the possible 20 years to come. Maybe your grand children can finally enjoy a good team on ice 20 years from now.

  • KPUZ

    Do you really think it is just PC acted alone? The real stories will leak out eventually as no Oiler management above PC has the balls to stand up for devastating this team long term.

    There are so many levels of incompetence from a greedy absentee owner, upper management, OBC and scouting, both professional and amateur.

    Do you really think it is PC who wanted Griffin Reinhart from Edmonton Oil Kings? Who signs off on PC’s disastrous Eberle, Hall trades for jack squat? Who oversees the Koskinen, Lucic, Rieder, Manning, Petrovic etc. signings?

    Sickening to say the least. Done.

  • DrillExpat

    Since Kevin Lowe re-joined the Oilers as head coach in 1999-2000 season, followed by increasing levels of responsibility, the Oiler have 603 wins, 629 regulation losses, 47 ties and 147 Overtime / Shoot Out losses. I believe he is the main problem with the losing culture of the Oilers. Mr. Katz, please fire Kevin Lowe! He is not getting the job done!

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Think about this how did Keegan Lowe end up as Captain of the Condors, what for his awesome play and yet if that were the case why havent we head squat about his play in bakersfield? Or could be Dad made the call to have his son named captain…..KLowe and MacTstill make a lot of decision behind the scenes, I dont think Chia can cut a fart without those two’s say so

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    the one good take away from this game, Chia one step closer to being out the door and Schwartz should be out the door too along with KLowe and MacT

  • Butters

    Chiarelli is on thin ice. He might not survive the next day. Yet he is “allowed” to make the Koskinen signing? Even when the Oilers get rid of him, the rot will still be there.
    We will continue to be the worst run franchise in pro sports, ever.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Koskinen isnt playing well right now, they should have waited till closer to the end of the season and they could have signed him at 4 mil, he isnt having a lights out season I wouldnt have only signed him for 2 years we still dont know what we have with him 5 mil at 3 years if he doesnt work out is going to be a tough trade, and right now teams were not going to beat the Oilers door down for Koskinen

      2 Signing Koskinen now just made the trade market for Talbot weaker, now teams know your going to want to dump him because your not paying him 4 mil to be a back up , so your going to trade him and teams know this so know your trading from a position of weakness and its even worse because Talbot hasn’t been playing well so any trade value Talbot had you just reduced because you have told teams he isnt going to be re-signed and Koskinen is our 1 one guy, like talk about dumb , why weaken an already weak trading position further by doing the Koskinen signing now!

      Chia is making more moves that are hurting the team and this just is another example, over pays Koskinen and signs him to a 3 yr deal not knowing if he can handle the load when he more than likely could have got Koskinen at less and on a shorter term in case he doesnt pan out and they have to move him’

  • RJ

    I went to the Carolina game. First game of the season for me. Outside of McDavid and Nurse, I thought they were the same unloveable losers I remember from seasons past.

    Barely sat down and it was 1-0. 3-0 in the first. Then they pulled Talbot. I don’t know why the Oilers would keep Talbot given he doesn’t show up until he’s given up a few soft goals. So he can’t come back.

    But I don’t see how Koskenin gets a $4.5m/3 year deal based on half a season. And if Chia is gone as early as tomorrow, who lets the worst contract negotiator sign Koskenin to an inflated deal?

    If the outcome of tonight’s game is that Chia is fired tomorrow, this was the best game of the season.

  • DoubleDIon

    Chiarelli made his own bed. Some baffling decisions for sure. But firing him wont fix anything. Painful as it is, you guys need another rebuild to fix this mess. Team is capped out with tons of bad contracts. The only moveable players are young or guys you dont want to move like Klefbom, Draisitl, RNH and McDavid. You can’t fix this without tearing it down again.

    • JumboJim

      Jesus, this is getting dark. DoubleDion getting upvotes. And Drew Remenda’s rant in the second intermission being the most entertaining part of tonight’s game.

  • Heschultzhescores

    It’s not the goalie, we’ve had goalies come and go through here even making the all-star team after they leave here. It’s not the coaching, we have had Stanley cup winning coaches here now. It’s not the players, we’ve had players leave here and become League MVP’s. So what is it? That seems like the million dollar question. Something sucks the life out of players playing here. We can say it’s all Chia, and the OBC too, but in every game where our guys actually give an effort they look pretty damn good. So why can’t we get them to give an effort? Now that’s the real million dollar question.

    • Anton CP

      Not really that hard to answer if anyone who can look from outside in about the entire franchise that known as the Edmonton Oilers.

      To begin with, how are the feeling toward playing for the Oilers from those who left? Generally negative and very few that ever want to play for the Oilers ever again. The Oilers have different players, coaches, managers, owners, and even arenas but the team remain largely irrelevant for the past 20+ years. Why is that?

      Well, the Oilers fans are one of the most hostile toward THEIR OWN TEAM because by paying for the league second highest ticket prices that the among of entitlements are quite suffocating for anyone that only wants to play the game that they love and compete to win.

  • Heschultzhescores

    In a game this big, that first period should have been how they played the 3rd period, and the 2nd period should have been how they played the 3rd period, and the 3rd period like the 3rd period and guess what, we’re not pissed off here or in the dressing room.

  • Heschultzhescores

    You can only say the team is not good enough when they give 100% and lose. How many times have we seen that? Today was 1 period of hard play. The other nite was zero. The Calgary game was maybe 2 periods. Do they have a conditioning problem or a mental problem? Why are we not engaged in the game from the get-go? And why can’t we stay engaged in the game?

  • Quentino

    I’ve been an oiler fan forever, and tonight is the first night I can ever remember that I just didn’t care. I watched and saved to go to games through the whole DOD, and chirped all the complainers for being fair weather fans. Something about this season is just so demoralizing.

    • Anton CP

      Do you still remember that the Oilers were almost gone to Texas during the late 90s? How many still remember about spotting people in WEM trying to collect signatures and funding to keep the team? 2006 was the worst year in Oilers history because by making it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals that every fan afterward believed the team is a contender without realizing that was just a mirage. The team was never focused on rebuild and wasted endless talents by rushing them to the game. Almost everyone has a better career once they left the team (Justin Schultz, two time Stanley Cup champion). This team will take about three years of serious rebuild for it to be relative again, but do you think the fans have the patience for that after 13 years of failure?

  • tkfisher

    I have wanted to see chiarelli fires Sonfe the Hall, Lucic, Reinheart phase of this meltdown. However I will be at a loss if he is fired today. If that is the case, the Oilers are so much more screwed up internally than I could have imagined. How is a guy who is so close to being fired and hanging on literally by a thread, able to sign a big risky contract literally the day before? Wouldn’t someone internally say, “hold off on that signing Peter, give it a few weeks”, if he literally 24hrs from being fired?

  • Harry2

    Come on guys. Mario Lemieux didnt play a playoff game until his 5th season in a league where 16 of 21 teams made the playoffs. All is not doom and gloom. Right? Guys?

    Ah hell wheres the vodka

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Jim Matheson @NHLbyMatty
    ” If Chiarelli is fired, there are lots of former GM’s working for Oilers–Kevin Lowe, Craig MacTavish and Scott Howson. ”

    Man if this tweet by Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal is an indication of the Katz and Oilers Management plans if they fire Chia…We are so screwed and NOTHING will change!!!