Nation Talk – Peter Chiarelli Out

The big day is almost half over and there is a lot to get through but the boys from both the NationRealLife Podcast (The Squire), and ON Radio Podcast (Cooom, Chris, and Dan) wanted to chat with the masses for a few minutes in a Nation Talk.

In case you missed anything from ON today:

We had a lot of things to discuss and like any good NationRealLife podcast, the conversation drifted a little bit but it’s definitely worth the watch.

What we discussed:

Among the things discussed, were the Bobby Nicks press conference and the general feeling in the office. As well as what this must be like for the players and how we as fans must rally around them, and finally, where do we all see it going from here? There is plenty of love from everyone for guys like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins who has seen now his 3rd or 4th GM in his Oilers career.

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Also a little talk of the fun time we had making a brand new shirt design for the “water problem” brought up in today’s presser.

If you want to check those out, head here.

But why listen to me talk about what we talked about when you can click the video below!