Connor McDavid wins fastest skater for third straight year

The NHL’s All-Star Skills Competition is underway and Edmonton Oilers’ captain, Connor McDavid, just wrapped up his third consecutive fastest skater win with a time of 13.378. He is now the only player to win the event three separate times, and I feel like this is a record he is going to smash into oblivion by the time his career is over.

Look, we all know that Connor McDavid has rocket legs, anyone that watches him play for 13 seconds can figure that out, but I’m always interested in watching him compete in a head-to-head competition against the quickest skaters the NHL has to offer. I know I saw some fools from other fanbases thinking that their guy was in the mix to win, but Oilers fans and anyone with working eyes knew better so I knew it was going to be fun to watch him win again. Or, should I say, IF he won. Lawlz.

Never in Doubt

As expected, McDavid went out and cleaned house in this competition, leaving the field in his wake and setting my loins ablaze. I will never get tired of watching Connor McDavid skate and seeing him dominate a competition that he was built for was beautiful art for my eyeballs. I don’t know what kind of software the guy is running on but he’s working with a turbo button that no one else has access to, and he used it to close out a decisive and obvious win. I mean, why else would organizers have him go last?

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The Results

Looking at the rest of the field, I’m starting off by saying how I was super impressed with Coyne Schofield’s run. I didn’t know anything about her aside from hearing that she was going to replace Nathan MacKinnon, but I was very impressed by how quick she was and actually thought she was going to beat more than just one guy. Another honourable mention goes to Miro Heiskanen for bailing into the corner, crashing into the boards, and spicing up the competition a little bit. You don’t see guys crash like that very often and since he got up without injury, I feel like we all have permission to enjoy the mistake. Lastly, a quick sorry card in the mail to Jack Eichel for coming in second to Connor once again.