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The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – The grand return of Klefbom

There are big things coming for the Oilers next week, and it couldn’t have come at a better time in the season.

The Oilers will be on their bye week following the All-Star break this weekend. This is huge news for our current IR as I count it as a free week of recovery. Not only do all the players get a well-needed break to heal up the bruises and rest their legs, but Oscar Klefbom gets an additional week of rehab on his once-broken finger.

We saw a return of Alex Petrovic this past week from his injury which added some needed defensive depth, and we’ve got a huge return coming next week.

Oscar Klefbom

You heard me right, the time has finally come for the return of Oscar Klefbom! Klef broke his finger by blocking a shot in a game on December 13th. He resumed skating not too long ago and since the beginning of the month, he’s been projected to return to the lineup immediately after the bye week. With that said, I’m happy to share the news that the timing seems to be coming together, and Oscar Klefbom is expected to return to the lineup on February 2nd against the Flyers! We won’t have the official news until likely the day before, or on game day, but everything is working out nicely.

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We’ve never been so desperate for a defenceman to return to our lineup then we are now. The Oilers are hanging on to a playoff race by a thread, and hopefully, with the return of Klefbom they can pick up some momentum and start winning some games in the second half of this season. No pressure, Oscar!

Andrej Sekera

Reggie’s been a bit of an anomaly the past few weeks as we haven’t really heard an update on him from the team. It was reported in December that he’s nearing a return and they will send him down to Bakersfield to get some conditioning in. However, since then we’ve heard crickets. We know that the Oilers would have to move some contracts around to activate Sekera from the LTIR, and I’m not quite sure they’re in a position to do that right now. Frankly, I think there might be a small chance that we never see Sekera back in the Oilers lineup this season. He’ll go down to the AHL for a bit and depending on how he’s feeling, I’m not sure if it would be beneficial to have him only play a handful of games if we’re running out of season.

There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding Andrej right now and only time will tell what the outcome is.

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  • Natejax97

    I understand that teams are not obligated to share info on injured players but a Sekera update would be nice. I hope he is doing well, can’t imagine this is easy for him. We sure could use him healthy as well…get well soon.

  • OriginalPouzar

    In order to go down to Bakersfield, Sekera would need to be activated from LTIR meaning they would need to get cap compliant (shouldn’t be that difficult actually) and make room on the 23 man roster.

    While he’s in the AHL on the conditoning sting (3G or 10 days max), he takes up a spot on the 23 man roster.

    I post this because he isn’t going to be activated and sent to Bakersfield unless he will be in the NHL when the conditioning stint is over (which is a short-term thing).

  • KootenayDan

    Welcome back guys wishing you both good health. The fans have been so toxic on the forums lately it’s been hard to read sometimes. Nice to have something positive going on. Keeping the faith the boys on the team find it in themselves to play a better game in the final 32.

  • Big Nuggets

    maybe we should activate and waive Sekera. It might hurt his pride a bit, but an extended conditioning stint might be good and could buy time for K Gretz to sort out the roster.

  • OriginalPouzar

    NMC does indeed mean no waivers (unless he consents, of course).

    Sekera himself has stated that we wants to go to Bakersfield for a conditioning stint so – unfortunately its only a 3 game or 10 day max (although an application can be made to the league for an extension) and, of course, he’ll be activated from LTIR for the assignment meaning we lose the LTIR cushion and need to be cap compliant (and, while in the Bake, he still counts on the 23 man roster).

    I don’t think that becoming cap compliant will be an issue as long as we don’t have a bunch of additional injuries with players on IR meaning we have 24, 25, 26 players counting against the cap (23 roster plus those on IR).

  • Todd the electron rod

    Ever hear the phrase don’t bullsh*t a bullsh*tter?
    For a week or two it was nothing but Sekera Sekera Sekera.
    That narrative has failed.
    I wonder why…

    • Flint

      I don’t think it’s quite so extreme but 7-3-0 each 10 and 1-1 in the last two it really does need to be. That would get them 93pts.

      If the Oil could go 22-10-0 (.688) that would be some hell of a turn-around since they’re not currently at .500