Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Movies, player parties, and Sam Gagner

It’s Wednesday and that means another round of your old pal Baggedmilk landing on the 95.7 Cruz FM airwaves to talk all things Edmonton Oilers and life in general. This week, we touched on a little bit of movie talk, players partying before games, and whether or not the Oilers should bring back Sam Gagner.

To start off this week’s appearance, Lochlin asked me about movies and which titles I will watch every single time I see it on TV. As you’d expect, I have an array of movies that I love watching any time they come on TV and I was actually rattled that I forgot to mention Titanic — I love that movie! Next up, we looked at whether or not the Oilers should consider bringing back Sam Gagner to help improve the scoring depth. Does it make sense for Samwise to have another round? Lastly, Lochlin asks about player parties and whether or not I think that guys are still going out a lot before games like they used to back in the day.

Check out the full appearance below:

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