Inside the Nation: Brad Malone recall, a Talbot trade, and Klefbom’s return

It’s Thursday, and we’re back with another Facebook live video featuring Dustin Nielson! 

Unfortunately, Dusty is coming off of a sickness that took him out of commission for the beginning of the week, so that is why there was no Inside the Nation episode on Monday. He’s back in good health today, and with the Oilers bye week coming to an end he’s got more than enough to talk about!

Brad Malone got called up from Bakersfield earlier today and Dusty’s actually stoked about this move. That’s correct, the first move in the post-Chiarelli era is a positive one! The Oilers have been preaching development lately so it only makes sense to keep the young guys in the AHL and have Malone come up and be a 13th forward who barely plays any games.

The Oilers return to practice tonight, and Dusty’s expecting some significant changes in how they play their game. Time will only tell if these changes actually happen, but it’s crunch time now and we don’t have a choice based on the way the team has been playing. Oscar Klefbom is also set to return this weekend post bye week and it couldn’t be more of an exciting time for Oilers fans. Klefbom’s return will be GREAT for the team because not only does he have great puck-moving ability and skill, but his return will also decrease the ice time from some of our other defencemen.

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Speaking of injuries, Dusty feels like Sekera is closer to returning in a surprisingly good way. He’s got some theories that he may not actually need to head down to Bakersfield for a conditioning stint. Of course, we’ll know more after tonight’s practice, but this could be promising news. Nielson also touched on goaltending and whether or not we’ll see a Talbot deal get done soon, and he discusses who we might see slide in as a backup goaltender behind Koskinen after that.

As always, Dusty answered a ton of questions from our live commenters, including the most important question of the day: What did he think of the Joel Persson signing? Watch the full video to hear all these answers and more!

Watch the video below:

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  • Abagofpucks

    Bobby Nic should have said there’s something in the wine not the water.
    I can’t see Sekra ever being a player in the NHL ever again, i think everybody including Sekra are just holding onto a wing and a prayer.

  • ellebee

    Fingers crossed Sekera comes back in a big way, but the odds have got to be against a 32 year old guy that hasn’t played for 2 years being the cure for our…ahem…”something in the water” issues

    • Redbird62

      Sekera return last season can be broken into 2 parts: the first 20 games he had 1 point and was -13; the final 16 games he had 7 points and was -2. He then went on to be one of Slovakia’s better (if not best) defenseman at the World’s. That suggests to me he was finally regaining some form from the knee surgery. His view, which remains to be seen in game action, is that the recovery from the achilles seems to have less impact on his skating than the knee did, so hopefully he regains his form. I am not at all expecting 2016-17 Sekera, but I hold hope that he quickly is a better option than Manning, Petrovic, Gravel and Benning.