Top 5 Oilers Fights of 2018

This list was meant to be released on New Year’s day, but the internet is hard and I didn’t hit send so we figured that the bye week would be the perfect time for launch.

Before we look back at last season, here is last year’s list:

Top 5 Oilers Fights of 2017

The Oilers have yet to throw down the gloves in 2019 so let us take a minute to look back at the five best fights of the 2018 season for the Oilers out the 22 total fights for the year.

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Number Five:

C. Folin (LAK) vs. J. Khaira (EDM)

Nobody touches Jesse like that. Jujhar Khaira swings a heavy hammer and in this fight it was no different. Making the big man Folin bend a knee and beg for it to stop.

Number Four:

T. Brouwer (FLA) vs. Z. Kassian (EDM)

Brouwer ran away to Florida to escape the beat downs like this. Well, that didn’t work out well for him as the Zack attack never forgets.

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Number Three:

D. Shore (DAL) vs. D. Nurse (EDM)

Chiasson greased Spezza into the corner and there was no call coming. Hintz went after the Answer but Nurse would have none of that and stepped in to stop that. Shore would probably go back in time and not try to stop Darnell because the wild man came out of Nurse and he was howling after this one.

Number Two:

J. Khaira (EDM) vs. C. Clutterbuck (NYI)

Clutterbuck had a dirty hit on Pakarinen. Jujhar would have none of that and as a result he went looking for Cal. He found him.

Number One:

T. Glass (CAL) vs. M. Lucic (EDM)

The Nation was there for this one. Lucic was pushing around the hot head Smith on his previous shift. Glass came out and asked him to answer the bell for it. Answer he did.

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