Real Life Podcast Episode 108: One Frank worth of beets

Welcome, friends, to another episode of the Real Life Podcast! It’s the weekly podcast that starts with an agenda and the hosts get to absolutely none of it. This week, the guys touch on Oilers’ Twitter/Instagram, the Super Bowl, the deep freeze in Edmonton, Connor McDavid, and a whole lot more. 


The Oilers should sell at the trade deadline

The Edmonton Oilers sit 23-24-5 through 52 games for 51 points. This season has been a huge failure for the team. The Oilers have fired a head coach and a general manager, yet they’re only three points out of a playoff spot due to a historically poor Wild Card race.


We needed a save…

With a roster as flawed as the one coach Ken Hitchcock is trying to coax into the playoffs, there’s plenty of blame to go around when it comes to the shortcomings that have the Edmonton Oilers spinning their wheels as they try to stay in post-season contention. That has been obvious for months.


The McBlender

The struggle to find two consistent linemates for Connor McDavid has been going on all season, and you could make an argument that it’s been an issue ever since he became an Oiler.


Monday Mailbag – What to do at the trade deadline?

Welcome, Nation, to another edition of the award-winning Monday Mailbag! The Oilers are back from their bye week, they need a new GM, the trade deadline is approaching, and that means we’ve all got questions. Once again, the mailbag is here to help you kill off a few minutes of company time and try to answer all…