Inside the Nation: Trade speculation, Buying or Selling and Jesse Puljujarvi

Monday is upon us, and it’s another day of Dusty’s Inside the Nation. The takes are hotter than it is outside.

Speaking of the cold, Dustin discussed me (the Nation Dan) and his runs outside in this frigid cold. He taps into his World’s Longest Game knowledge for a hot tip.

The trade deadline and moves going into it are looked at. Talbot, Kassian, Lucic, and Chiasson.

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Tons of trade talk. Will the Oilers be sellers, or buyers. Will Evan the Intern ever figure out how many games remain before the NHL trade deadline.

Should the Oilers sign Alex Chiasson?

The trials and tribulations of Tobias Reider.

Pulujarvi vs Kotkaniemi’s development.

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This week’s Get Sauced trivia is a gooder.

Want to hear and see it all, you just have to click the video below!

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  • Koof

    I see the blame 50/50. JP was probably drafted higher than he should have been due to wjc hype. But the team also should have developed him way better byeaving him in Europe. There is a reason a Finnish gm smiled on him that cannot be if it ignored. I think JP was the benefactor of Aho and Laine and Jarmo recognized that and would rather have drafted a driver of a line .
    Hate to say it but I don’t see jp being much more than a streaky 3rd liner that might have a great season or 2 but is never that blue chip scorer.

    The most Oilers thing that could have happened. Oilers should stay clear of Europeans, especially ones who don’t know English because they struggle enough with ones that do.

    Oilers could have drafted anyone in top 14 other than up and would probably be better off.

  • Jimmer

    Speaking of Carolina…With Aho and Teravainen there and with both being young Fins can a deal not be struck? JP for Martin Necas. We get 2 years of his entry level deal in the trade which helps our cap situation since JP needs a deal this summer. Yes JP went 4th and Necas went 12th but honestly that means nothing now. Necas is very quick and has had a very good year in the AHL.

  • Rossonero4ever

    JP can only be judged when, and if, he is given 20 minutes a night on the first or second line plus power play time. It’s obvious that he has been isolated in favour of players that are of inferior pedigree. I can see him in Carolina or Winnipeg turning the corner. He has the best numbers /60 min with McDavid. Management had better pray that he follows the path of Yakupov, and not that of Schultz, Dubynk etc…

  • Jerri Kurli

    You can’t blame JP’s failures all on the Oilers. He was a top 3 pick that went 4th. It is him that has fallen behind the pack. Not completely defending the organization, however (like Yakupov) he had a relatively strong start and then regressed. He should have been sent back and left there. However when you have no depth on the wings you have to utilize what you have. JP is never going to be a star, he still has value and if I was the Oilers I would cut my losses and package him for a someone proven. Our young stars deserve the help.