GDB Wrap-up 53.0: Things got ugly real fast and the Oilers lose 6-2 to the Blackhawks

Friendly reminder that we began the third period with a 2-1 lead. Final score: 6-2 Blackhawks.

Remember the last two games on the weekend where we gave up an early goal on the penalty kill? Well, it happened again tonight. Nuge took an early slashing penalty in his shift, and it took exactly four seconds into the power play for Erik Gustaffson to score after his point shot deflected off an Oilers player. Luckily for us, the Blackhawks pretty much took consecutive penalties for the remainder of the period allowing us to take ALL of the momentum back. Draisaitl scored his first goal on the power play after a scramble in front of the net. Then just minutes later, he scored his SECOND powerplay goal of the period on a one-timer from a nice cross-ice pass from McDavid to put the Oilers up 2-1. Believe it or not, Chicago took MORE penalties after that and we entered the intermission on the upswing. Remember how happy we were all feeling after this? Let’s continue.

Draisaitl and the rest of the team came out flying in the second period as we finished up a 5 on 3 powerplay, but after that, it pretty much turned into the Chicago Blackhawks show. They dominated the play up and down the ice and we really struggled in every way possible to clear the zone. We had a couple scoring chances near the end of the period and went into the dressing room leading in shots 23-21. Frankly, if it wasn’t for Cam Talbot’s big saves, we would have for sure been down after the second period.

I’d like to tell you how well the Oilers played in the third period, and also talk about how many goals the Oilers scored…. but that didn’t happen. Instead, the exact opposite happened. After a few minutes of back and forth during the beginning of the third period, the Chicago Blackhawks turned it up to 11 and scored four goals in under four minutes. Yes, you read that right. I honestly don’t even know what happened and I have a hard time comprehending it. Things got flipped completely upside down and the Hawks just kept scoring and scoring and scoring. Talbot got pulled after the first three, and then it was Drake Caggiula (of course) who scored the Blackhawk’s fifth goal of the game. In the middle of this horrific collapse, a fan in the lower bowl walked up to the glass to throw his jersey on the ice. See below for pics and a video. That brings back some old memories, doesn’t it? Things didn’t get any better as the Blackhawks potted one more goal and the Oilers got booed out of the rink.

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The losing streak has now been extended to six games, and the season looks gloomier and gloomier as the days pass.

*Remembers when we were leading 2-1 and everyone was happy*


  • Just like last game, Leon Draisaitl scored again on the power play with an empty-net tap-in during the first period. After a tight scramble at the net, Connor McDavid slid the puck over to Draisaitl who made no mistake. This is Drai’s 30th goal of the season and a career high for him. The guy is living up to his giant contract pretty well so far don’t you think? Darnell Nurse got an assist on the goal as well, who also has a career-high 27 points this season.
  • Thankfully for us, the Chicago Blackhawks continued to take penalties in the first period giving us a 5-on-3 immediately after Draisaitl’s first goal. It took a handful of seconds into the two-man advantage for McDavid to dish it over to Draisaitl to pot his second powerplay goal of the period. It was a classic McDrai connection and gave the Oilers the lead for the first time in the game. Nuge got the second assist as well!
  • Two forwards who I thought stood out quite a bit for me tonight were Alex Chiasson and Ty Rattie. Rattie’s been playing really well since being on McDavid’s line but still can’t seem to score any goals. He had a couple really good chances tonight but continued to get robbed by Cam Ward. I’d call him a little snake-bitten at the moment, but hopefully, that changes soon. I’m still expecting to see preseason Ty Rattie sometime this year!
  • Please ignore the entire third period when reading this next point, but I thought Oscar Klefbom looked pretty solid in his first game back. No one really knew what to expect from him, but he looked fairly patient with the puck and didn’t show any issues keeping up with the play. He played just over 20 minutes tonight which was a lot more than I expected to see out of him.
The Nation Roundup


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  • Tell me if you’ve heard this story before: The Oilers take a penalty in the first two minutes of the game and give up an early shorthanded goal. Sound familiar? Well, it also happened tonight. We NEED to start games better.
  • Connor McDavid took Brad Malone’s stick to the face in the second period and I’M REALLY GETTING SICK OF SEEING CONNOR GET HIT IN THE FACE. Fortunately, he was okay and didn’t miss any ice time, but the boys have to be careful!
  • Drake Caggiula was flying all over the ice tonight while playing alongside Toews and Kane. I’m super happy for him but at the same time, I will never forgive Chiarelli for trading him for Manning. Also, it doesn’t sound like the Oilers gave him a video tribute? I know he didn’t do a TON here but we were his first NHL team and I was definitely expecting a little something.
  • After a failure to clear the zone and mishandling in the high slot, the Blackhawks took advantage and Hayden scored to tie the game up at two. After playing fairly solid throughout the second period, it didn’t take a big mistake for the tables to turn.
  • Just a couple minutes after the Hayden goal, the Blackhawks come up the ice and Dylan Strome snipes one upstairs past Talbot from the top of the circle. Strome has been red-hot since he got traded from Arizona and he definitely showed it tonight with that shot.
  • Literally a minute after the Strome goal after the Hayden goal, Patrick Kane scored the Hawks THIRD unanswered goal off of a weak rebound from Talbot. Things got out of hand real quick and all of a sudden the Oilers lead turned into a two-goal deficit. Not cool, boys. To kick us while we’re down, Andrew Shaw was standing directly on Cam Talbot in the blue point prohibiting him from making the rebound save. See below for a picture. The Oilers challenged it for goalie interference but it didn’t fly with the refs which I don’t completely understand. To shake things up, Hitchcock pulled Cam Talbot and replaced him with Mikko Koskinen.
  • After giving up another early goal, Cam Talbot was absolute fire throughout the first and second period. He was the reason we maintained a lead throughout most of the game. Unfortunately, after a few bad bounces and poor plays, Talbot let three goals past him in a row which gave Hitchcock no choice but to give him the hook. I feel for the guy, he was playing so good and in a matter of minutes, it went down the drain.
  • Please don’t make me write this… but shortly after the Blackhawk’s third goal of the period, Drake Caggiula finally scored a well-deserved goal passed Mikko Koskinen. Caggiula planted himself in the high slot and one-timed a pass through the goalie. Caggiula was buzzing all night long and honestly, I wasn’t surprised to see him get one against this former team.
  • We had our very first jersey throwing incident of 2019 tonight, and it happened right after the third-period collapse. There’s a video of it below. Listen jersey throwers, I know you’re pissed at this team, but throwing your jersey on the ice is a huge slap in the face to the players, who are working their asses off to try and win games. If you want to protest management for putting us in this horrible situation then find another way than insulting the players.
  • With eight minutes left in the third period, Kahun scored the fifth unanswered goal for Chicago to put them up by four goals. Did I mention the Oilers entered the period with a 2-1 lead?
  • I think the Face Palmers section has gotten long enough… but the Oilers only took four shots on net in the third period, where the Blackhawks scored five goals.
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01:55 Chicago PPG – Erik Gustafsson (11) ASST: Jonathan Toews (29) 1-0
16:41 Edmonton PPG – Leon Draisaitl (30) ASST: Connor McDavid (46), Darnell Nurse (21) 1-1
18:45 Edmonton PPG – Leon Draisaitl (31) ASST: Connor McDavid (47), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (33) 1-2


No Scoring


03:50 Chicago John Hayden (3) ASST: Marcus Kruger (5), Chris Kunitz (3) 2-2
05:23 Chicago Dylan Strome (13) ASST: Dominik Kahun (15), Alex DeBrincat (22) 3-2
05:51 Chicago Patrick Kane (32) ASST: Brandon Saad (13), Artem Anisimov (15) 4-2
06:38 Chicago Drake Caggiula (9) ASST: Jonathan Toews (30), Patrick Kane (46) 5-2
12:12 Chicago PPG – Dominik Kahun (9) ASST: Brent Seabrook (16), Brandon Saad (14) 6-2



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  • NeverWas

    Oilers are the worst. Fans need to stop being fans… this is getting pathetic. Conor needs to request a trade asap before he wastes anymore time in this sad gong show

  • Abagofpucks

    First of all it’s the owner’s fault this team is what it is, 2nd it’s not the player’s fault they lack talent. And 3rd i can’t defend this team anymore, i will never cheer for another NHL hockey team but the Oilers. I wish the team great success in the summer finding everything they need to compete, but unless the owner smartens up and gets rid of all the pretenders on this management team it will be the same next year.

    • serlio

      I agree, throwing jerseys punishes the players for something thats clearly managements fault. Not only that but its counterproductive, players wont want to come to edmonton with fans doing this and the ones here will be demoralized. Punish management while supporting the players. Post videos of you shredding your oilers tickets, sign a pettition that you wont go to another game until management is held accountable. Lets be honest here, oilers fans are loyal to a fault. Management will continue to abuse us and the players until we make it clear to them that we wont stand for it any longer. Support McDavid and our boys the only way that will make a difference; with our wallets. Katz has made it perfectly clear he wont make meaningful changes to management unless the fans force him to. This situation is just as unfair to the players as it is to us, stop being complicit and do something that will make a difference. Rant over, im kinda chapped

        • serlio

          Imagine you work for an employer who continually sends away good employees and replaces them with inferior ones. An employer who promotes incompetent workers above competent ones. An employer who squanders your companies resources to hire managers who were fired from their previous jobs for incompetence. That kind of thing wears down a workers mentality, its draining and frustrating. I dont care how much theyre payed, the players are human too. Seeing that kind of demolarzing behavour from management on a constant basis is enough to wear anyone down. If you can honestly say that you could produce your best work under those conditions over a long period of time then youre either delusional or a truly amazing human being. I dont mean this as an insult but the former is a lot more statistically probable than the latter, were all a little delusional.

  • Darcy yaceyko

    Hey c’mon fans we have heart and soul players.. what other team can say that? Lol. It seems this team pays certain players a crap load of money to suck but are heart and soul players and pay very little to the hard workers. Kass chaisson and a couple others come to mind and yet their probably are gonna be sent out of town and were gonna keep paying these underachievers or heart and soul players. The brain trust have no hockey iq’s at all..

  • Towers-of-dub

    Sorry, Oilers. You lost me after that one. Maybe you didn’t realize the efforts people go to to watch the game when it’s -30 out? I’ll just watch Calgary from here on. They’re top of the conference.

  • This team doesnt care about the fans. This team doesnt care if yiu toss your jersey on the ice. Its juat gonna get re-sold. Katz and the obc is a joke. They only care that they get our hard earned cash. Went to a NBA game in new orleans and thier conseasions had nothing in it over 7 bucks. Canr even buy a bottle of water at the new rexall place for 7 bucks. This team can go to quebec now.

  • DoubleDIon

    I remember when the new rink was built and many here thought it was awesome to have tax payers funding it. How do you feel now? Keep lining Katz pockets, he’s only worth 3 Billion dollars and needs your coffee money each day.. City of Chumps.

  • That's My Point

    Bob Nicholson is starring in a new TV series “OIL TANK”

    If they don’t clean the Old Boys Club OUT COMPLETELY they will NEVER improve.

    They are looking for another 1st round draft pick so they can EFF it up again like they did with Yamamoto.

    Smallest player in the HISTORY of the NHL to go 1st round. I’ll tell you now that he’ll NEVER make a regular NHL player.

    I’d trade Talbot (if they could get anything for him), Kassian, Chaisson, Lucic, Reider, Puljujarvi, half their Dmen.

    Next year bring up Bear, Jones and Bouchard, McLeod and some young guns to get their speed up. (Bakersfield Condors are in the playoffs currently so they are getting a better farm team)

    Rattie had a good chance but was robbed, he can skate and has hands.

    Draisaitl is the highest scoring German EVER after ANOTHER TWO GOAL GAME last night. (8th in points this year)

    McDavid got 2 more points, now only 3 behind Kucherov.

    Oilers tied for 26th place, should get a another good player to NOT develop properly.
    Need more jerseys tossed, seems like that’s the ONLY time Oilers mgmt has a PULSE.

  • vetinari

    Interim coach. Interim GM. Firmly embedded in cap hell. Third period collapse after third period collapse. Same owner. Same senior advisors. I thought we hit rock bottom during the Dallas Eakins/MacT era but congratulations Oilers, you picked up some shovels and dug yourselves into a deeper hole which I did not think was possible. Anyone who physically attends these games is insane. Stay home. Accept you lost money on the tickets but save the waste of frustration, time and additional money in going to these games. With only an acting GM in place and no clear vision of the future, the Oilers will tinker and sell a few parts here and there at the deadline and then limp into the offseason where they will be hamstrung by cap hell and need at least two years to get contracts off the books before they can even think of respectability let alone playoffs.

  • Hemmercules

    Stumbled on to that game just in time to see 4 goals against in two minutes. Ugly stuff. Talbot seemed to be playing a decent game up to that point and then the whole team fell off a cliff for 5 minutes and the game was out of reach.

    Who the hell is going to fix this mess? Coaches don’t seem to get through to this team. Bobby and the OBC are just running blind and don’t have a clue how to run things. Katz obviously has no idea what he’s doing if he keeps letting this circus continue.

    I think next season is probably already a write-off. New coach, new Gm, multiple guys out and a few guy in. It’s going to be a mini rebuild over the next two seasons and hopefully the core they have can be built around correctly.

    Looking forward to that new GM and seeing what he can do. Its tough to cheer for this pile of garbage but here we are. My interest is dying with every loss but I will always be a fan to some degree.

  • Oilswellthatendswell

    Watch the Hitch post-game interview. He says he “didn’t see the third period coming”. I’m pretty sure his whole entire coaching career there has been a third period. Is he saying he didn’t have his guys prepared for the third period? Did he think just play defense with a 2-1 lead after blowing leads in the last 2 games? How is it they fail after 40 minutes? My faith in Hitch is starting to diminish after watching that post game interview today. I had to wait until this morning to watch the post game interviews because last night I just didn’t have the heart anymore.

    • Hemmercules

      Hitch saw the team playing pretty good for 40 minutes and then fall on their face. I half expected the crumble but not that hard. Hitch is just working with what he has. Terrible goaltending, suspect defence and a lack of good forwards.

      • Beer_League_Ringer

        Agree. This landslide vs. Hawks began with 2 (more like 3) goals on stoppable shots. Once the momentum was lost so was the game. sub .900 goaltending = draft lottery. A wrist shot from the top of the circle without a screen? Sorry Talbot, but I would’ve has that one. Terrible terrible terrible.

    • El Connor mcdaddy

      If you think this mess is Hitch’s fault you need to give your head a shake. Chiarelli built a bad team. This team is not good. No coach in the league could make this team good. It is just not a contending NHL team right now. He is saying that he didn’t see that piss poor third period performance coming. He thought that we would have played better due to our generally okay performance in the first 40 Minutes.

    • Gorf27

      I’m paraphrasing, but Hitch also said the game turned in the 2nd period, Chicago started to take control and the Oilers started to head in the wrong direction and struggled with ‘puck management’.
      Last night, the Oilers failed after 20 minutes. I think the 2nd period was very one-sided, Chicago would have scored 3 or 4 except Talbot made some saves, mostly due to decent positioning, and the Hawks had some good looks but shot right into him on several occasions. It was only a matter of time…

    • Beer_League_Ringer

      Yes. Why is the bottom 2/3 of the West so crappy this year? 4 wins in a row and any team could be back in it. It’s like all the non-playoff teams are competing to stay out of the playoffs.

  • Spydyr

    I know you’re pissed at this team, but throwing your jersey on the ice is a huge slap in the face to the players, who are working their asses off to try and win games. If you want to protest management for putting us in this horrible situation then find another way than insulting the players.

    Then two bullet points later

    I think the Face Palmers section has gotten long enough… but the Oilers only took four shots on net in the third period, where the Blackhawks scored five goals.

    So what you are saying is the players are trying but most of them suck?

    • Hemmercules

      I don’t agree with there jersey toss either. They already got your money from the jersey and the tickets anyway. Now you dont have a jersey and are likely to buy another one when the team starts to win again. Then they get your money twice.

      The team just isn’t that good outside of about 5 or 6 players.

      Stop going to games, it’s the only way. If tickets sales took a nose dive Katz would really wake up. Unfortunately, that will never happen because the building will sell out until the end of time or at least until McJesus makes his way to another team.

  • overdue

    The losing is hard to watch and let’s face it, analyzing why they lost and the crappy plays and play of the team and what should be done to fix something that will take more years after what is it now , at least 12 of rebuilds and promises, gets old after awhile. Best to take a break for mental health reasons and let the band wagon roll on without you. Thanks Peter Chiarelli, ( or OBC or whoever is behind this ) you have done a supremely crappy job deserving of being relieved of you’re dutys at the least.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Said it 5 years ago + I’ll say it again: There is nothing that screams “Sports Fan Taking Things Way Too Seriously” than throwing away a $200 jersey because their team is losing. There are a lot of hurtin’ Albertans who could use that money for something more useful than melodrama right now.

    If the jersey-tosser really wants to send a message, stop going to games. Stop buying hats and jerseys and beer at the concession stands. If he’s a season ticketholder, cancel his package for next year. The money spent on the jersey is already in the coffers of the league and the team. Enough with the childish rending of garments and target the money that hasn’t been spent on the team yet.

    • Hemmercules

      Always another sucker in line to buy those seasons tickets when you ditch em. I would guess Katz is making just as much money right now off the team than he was at the beginning of the year. Wont change next year either. Hope will be sold again and Edmontonians will lap it up.

  • FYI, I’ve notified the Oilers that if they don’t clean most of their house out I will not renew my seasons tickets. We’ve have had them for many years and the only constant has been inept management and ticket price increases.

  • Alberta Ice

    Will that game be like the Flames 9-1 loss to the Penguins and completely motivate this team to turn around? Or did that just push a fractured club into the abyss? The Wild game tomorrow night may just show which direction this team of players choose to go.