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Oilers could waive Manning, Petrovic

The Oilers are in a salary cap bind with Andrej Sekera set to return to the lineup in a week-and-a-half after his conditioning stint in Bakersfield is over. The team will need to clear up a decent chunk of room in order to fit Sekera, who has spent the entirety of the season on the Long-Term Injured Reserve, under the salary cap ceiling.

Now, this isn’t a rumour, but Frank Seravalli is a well-connected insider who likely has an idea of how the front office plans to navigate this situation, so there’s merit to what he’s suggesting here.

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Waiving Manning and Petrovic, as Seravalli suggests, would mean all three of Peter Chiarelli’s final trades will have been buried. The Oilers have already stashed Ryan Spooner in the AHL, freeing up $1,025,000 of his cap hit. Waiving Manning and Petrovic would free up another combined $2,050,000 if each player goes unclaimed. That would mean Chiarelli managed to deal Ryan Strome, Drake Caggiula and a third-round pick for completely wasted cap room.

I agree with Seravalli here that this is the easiest play for the Oilers. Another way to free up cap room would be to deal Cam Talbot, but are there any teams out there willing to take on a struggling soon-to-be free agent backup goalie with a fairly large salary? Waiving these players is a PR nightmare, but it’s also the path of least resistance at this point.

  • BasementDweller

    Just waive them or give them away for a (insert any pick/thing here). Are the optics bad? Yes, obviously, but that’s looking like the least of this team’s problems today. Sure it’s undoing the last two Chia trades for nothing but often times taking over involves managing the decisions of your predecessor, which is exactly what needs to be done to start cleaning this mess up.

  • Leo Tard

    The farm team is doing well just the way they are….these players would only hurt the current team chemistry and force them to sit players such as jones, bear, and laggeseen. Waive them and send them to the moon or sun….

  • Leo Tard

    Game day prediction for tomorrow’s game against Minnesota…Oilers again start Talbot and are down 1-0 after either the first or second shot on net. After the game the players who are interviewed say that they have to be better, we gotta dig ourselves out of this, and/or they say we simply weren’t good enough….

  • bcoil

    It sure tells you all you need ot know about the pro scouting department that was advising Peter C .Isn’t that Paul Messier, MacTavish and Sutter..Time to start with a house cleaning right there when you think of the dozen or so mistakes this threesome has made in the last year.

  • Prairiechicken

    You could argue optics are actually reasonably good given the situation we are in.
    It clearly pins the complete mess we’re in on someone else no longer here.
    Sadly though, we all know what’s in the water …

  • Rufio Barcoli

    Oh my Lord.
    “Frank is a well connected insider…”
    Oh my God! Give me a break.
    Well connected to who?
    The guy is a reporter.
    The fact that you had to sell who he is-is the fact that is nobody of importance of value.
    If he is gone tomorrow he will be replaced with the same worth of a mouth piece that sells what he is told.

  • TrentonL

    They should make a trade with Carolina:
    Scott Darling (12.87% retained salary) for Talbot (50% retained salary), Spooner, Kassian and a 5th rounder

    The retained salary makes the deal cash neutral for both teams. Change of scenery for both goalies who used to play better. (Darling in AHL now). Canes get 2 forwards for this year and next (they need forwards). Oil Cap drops $5.6mm this year, and $5mm next. Sweetner 5th to get Canes to do it (they dont care about cap space).