GDB 54.O: Defence First (6pm MT, SNW)

It is difficult to outscore your mistakes at the best of times, and it becomes almost impossible when you don’t have enough offensive players. In 2019 the Edmonton Oilers defensive zone coverage has become their most glaring weakness. Since January 1st the Oilers have allowed 52 goals in 14 games. You won’t win many games…


Worst. Race. Ever.

I’ve seen teams suck before but the teams involved in the wild card race this year are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked…and that’s great news for the Edmonton Oilers!! How crazy is it that while many people in Edmonton are suggesting the Oilers make their second coaching change of the season, the…


GDB Game Notes Oilers @ Wild: The Unamazing Race

I’ve always believed sports is the true “Reality TV.” It isn’t scripted. You never know what will happen, and often we witness things that defy logic. Just look at the Unamazing Race for the two Wildcard spots in the West. It is truly remarkable.