GDB 54.0 Wrap Up: Oilers win 4-1 in Minnesota and the losing streak ends

The Edmonton Oilers badly needed a win. Not just for a shot at the playoffs, but to build on something after they’ve given up the lead in the third period repeatedly.

Minnesota is a team they’re chasing in that ridiculously bad Wild Card race in the Western Conference. A loss in regulation would have put them eight points behind Minnesota, and that’s with St. Louis winning their game in overtime against Tampa. If they want to have any chance at the playoffs, this is a game they had to win.

This game was painful. Talbot performed much better after a catastrophic third period against Chicago, but how are two teams in the playoff hunt so boring to watch?


  • The first shot on goal went in. Good news: it wasn’t on the Oilers’ net. Darnell Nurse’s offensive game continues to develop as he scores his seventh goal the season.
  • An early goal and a power play? Who are these guys?
  • The Oilers weathered a storm when Adam Larsson lost his stick in the defensive zone. Alex Chiasson gave Larsson his stick, but luckily the puck stayed out of the net.
  • The second period starting with some life. These Minnesota games can be dull, but the first few minutes had Minnesota and Edmonton trading a bunch of chances.
  • Talbot had a good start. He needed to better in the third period of that Chicago game, even with the Oilers’ poor defensive play, but no goals in the first was a solid recovery period.
  • Ty Rattie gets his fourth goal off a sweet pass from Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. He’s taken some punishment the past few games.
  • The Oilers have some bad contracts, no doubt about that, but the Wild have Ryan Suter and Zach Parise signed for six years after this season. They’re still really good players. Suter plays an insane amount of minutes and Parise is on pace for 72 points, but they’re both 34 years old and have a bunch of miles on them already.
  • The power play is running hot. Draisaitl scores after an iffy play on Kris Russell and the Oilers have some breathing room in the third period.
  • The Anaheim Ducks lost 4-0 to the Ottawa Senators tonight. Randy Carlyle is still their head coach. Life is wild.
  • Zack Kassian had two points. Keep building that trade value, Zack.
It looks like Gaetan Haas will miss the start of the season due to COVID-19 infection


  • Ken Hitchcock was hit with a puck and left the bench during the Oilers power play in the first period when Erich Fehr cleared the puck. Ouch.
  • Through 40 minutes the Oilers had 11 shots. That’s not enough, especially when you have the lead. You can’t sit on the lead. The Oilers should know this very well by now.
  • You knew something was getting called after they let the Zack Kassian shove on Parise go. You’re up 3-1, you have to be more disciplined than that.
  • The Oilers were outshot 35-22. They managed to pull out the win, but you’d like to see them control play more.









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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 2/7/2019 – 9:00 pm MST

    • Glencontrolurstik

      So often writers write after just looking at highlights and stats. Which is why the “Eastern Scribes” miss out or often mis-represent what’s going on out west. (prime example: “Muzzin-Love” in T.O.) Muzzin’s defensive prowess seems to be just discovered in T.O… I digress, but I wish analysts would rate a game on the pure entertainment value & not just the number of shots on goal, there is much more to the game than just scoring chances. In fact, the more scoring chances just shows the lack of D on the part of the other team, that to me is boring. You might as well watch an All-Star Game & call that great hockey…

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Finally a win. One thing I will say, it was like watching a different team, they kept up the pressure , had the puck in the wilds end a lot and they didnt look half bad on defensive end of things for once… It would be nice to see a consitant effort like this more often. The Oilers will face a tough test with the Sharks, but if they can play like they did tonight, they have a good chance at a W

    • PrairieDog19

      It’s funny and real simple with the Oilers right now – when they skate in their own end, they win. Just watch, for many times this season, and especially the last 3 games before this one in the 3rd period, all of sudden they stop skating in their defensive end. They’re standing still and then what a surprise, they get pumped for goals. Last night, they didn’t stop moving their feet. My guess though, if Draisatl didn’t put in that 3-1 goal on the PP to give the team a boost, Minnesota ties it up for the same reason. I say bag skate ’em every practice!

  • Heschultzhescores

    I give the guys credit. The showed some character tonite. It’s not easy to hold on to a lead in today’s NHL, especially after blowing 3 in a row.

  • McHitch

    I predict this post game article to have a third of the comments when we lose.

    Big win tonight boys! 2 points behind the blues and 4 points behind the wild.

    Lets go!!!

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Excellent point. Plus, I’ll add that Talbot is only as good as the Oiler D… They play positionally and smart & Talbot is great.
      If the D is scrambling, chasing & running around, Talbot is an embarrassment. I guess we could replace him with a goalie that can consistently cover up defensive slip-ups when they happen throughout most of the game. Or, we can tighten up our defense to create less of an embarrassment & hold onto Talbot on a value contract? That way, he’d be worth more to us than what the return would be… Getting the Oiler Defense better, is the key to this teams success.

  • Oiler Al

    Talbot was solid tonite.It helped that the team played a better game in their own end[there is still work to be done there].Need to shoot more.3 D men ,didn’t have a shot on goal.But at least there was effort tonite,along with Talbots play, they get 2 points.

  • Muddy

    Why why why are you excited for Kass to add to his trade value? Its such a horrific situation that we need his 1.9 mill I’m cap space to fit in Sekera. Who the the hell is going to replace him? We have no depth in the press box, just such a waste to have a player start to turn it on only to use him for trade bait and replace him with nothing. Chia will have his handprint on this team for many years to come. But hey can’t wait to get rid of that horrible Kassian contract!!!!!!

    • goodtobelucky97

      Well said Muddy. I agree with you 100%. In this days NHL, 5 or 6 players will be making the majority of money….every team will need low value contracts…..especially the Oilers. KEEP KASSIAN!!

      • Glencontrolurstik

        ^^^Ditto^^^ Keep Kassian. His heart is hard to replace. If the team turns it around, he deserves to share in the glory.
        The team has put a vested interest in him to turn everything around & when they do, he strikes me as the kind of person that will give it all back to the team in spades… He can skate, gain the O-zone, and is a fan fav… You have a point about supportive contracts. I would say that Kassian is not low value though, because of the above he gives pretty good value to this team. Can you think of a replacement for under 2 at this point? How would you make that happen?

    • Leaky37

      Who actually thinks Reggie will come back strong. He has played 36 games in 2 years. Took EK65 nearly 2 years to fully recover. Why throw away some pieces we need for salary space for him. Sorry Reggie, you gave us a couple good years, time to hang them up.

  • slats-west

    Glad they played 60min and put all the skeptics on ice for a game. Was a pretty thing to watch. When they play this heavy and skate, solid goaltending they are a pleasure to watch. Time to go on a run Boys! Kick the crap out of the Sharks!

    Oh and playing with ailing D + poor goaltending and it’s hard to win isn’t fLames!

    • Oiler fan in Dallas

      Got tell ya….I was at the game and it sure felt a low energy game. Ecstatic the boys won but it felt like a pillow fight. But if we gotta’ go through another 25 like that I will take the outcome

  • GRC

    Seeing the battle level as high as it was in this game was anything but boring IMO.
    Also…the shots on goal were not a reflection of which team carried the play. I thought the Oilers did a pretty good job of keeping the Wild shots to the outside.
    Very good special teams in this game….Talbot played really well.
    Solid win IMO

  • Odanada

    That railroading of Russell into our net was ugly. I was surprised when he got up and even more surprised when he came back on the ice.
    Russell is one tough dude

    • TKB2677

      You want to trade Kassian because he is a 4th line player making 1.95 mill. That’s it. When the Oilers signed him to his contract, with his combination of size, skating and skill, they signed it thinking he could be 3rd liner. 16-17 season: 7 goals, 24 pts. 17-18 season: 7 goals, 19 pts, 18 – 19 season: So far in 51 games, he has 7 goals, 13 pts. So maybe he pots another goal or 2 and maybe gets you 20 pts. 3 seasons in row, 4th line numbers.

      No team can be playing a 4th liner almost 2 mill. The Oilers especially can not be paying a 4th liner almost 2 mill.

      • WHH

        To TKB2677. That is your perspective. Currently Kassian is 7th in scoring for Oiler forwards. So Oiler third line numbers. If you get rid of him who have you got left. Until you have somebody better to replace him you don’t get rid of him.

  • camdog

    I liked how Kassian didn’t go all Kassian after that hit. I think he’s been one of the better depth forwards the past 10 games, absolutely no need to throw shade his way after last nights game. This was Minnisoata we were playing last night, you score 3 goals you win the game.