Oilersnation Radio Episode 23 – Don’t throw your gorddamn jersey

We’re back! ALL of us are back! I’m (Cooom) back from New York, Rick is back from Mexico, and Chris is back from not wanting to be on a podcast with Georges Laraque meaning we have the whole squad in the mix for the first time in a month.

The Oilers had a big, gritty win over the Minnesota Wild, giving them life in the Western Conference Zombie Walk. We talked about what’s gone well, like Cam Talbot and the power play, and what hasn’t for the Oilers as of late. One thing we spoke passionately about is how dumb it is for fans to throw their jerseys on the ice when the team isn’t playing well. You paid for the gorddamn thing, you aren’t punishing anyone by doing that you attention-seeking nut!

We also talked about Auston Matthews’ new deal in Toronto and how bad it is compared to what Connor McDavid signed for here. We then dove into navigating the salary cap in a modern league, coaches managing millennials, what Edmonton’s staff will look like next season, and whether or not players should throw goalies under the bus.

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  • Ol_OneNut

    People throw their jerseys because they are disgusted with the weakass effort displayed game in game out.
    It’s one thing too lose whilst giving their best, unfortunately, most games, most players mail it in. Sad

  • Abagofpucks

    You pay your money it’s nobody’s business to tell you what you can do with your own property. If it isn’t breaking any laws do what you want, but i get why ppl would do this, as a fan you have no real say. It’s not like you can phone the owner up and complain about the product. By throwing a jersey it does get everybody’s attention. It’s not how i would do things but it’s their right to do what they think works.