GDB 55.0 Wrap Up: We’re gonna need a bigger boat, Oilers lose 5-2 to San Jose

Most of that game looked like what I imagine a fart to taste like. Final Score: 5-2 Sharks

I’d be lying to everyone reading this if I said that I wasn’t nervous about how this hockey game was going to play out. The Sharks are rolling right now and they tagged the Oilers for a touchdown in each of their last two meetings and I was really not wanting to sit through a three-peat. That’s just not the best way to kick off a Saturday evening, ya know? Even with Klefbom back, the Oilers have a tendency for porous defending and that’s a recipe for disaster against a team with as many offensive weapons as San Jose can throw over the boards. If they were going to find a way to win then the Oilers were going to need everyone on the bench to elevate themselves and for the goaltending to be as good as it was against the Wild on Thursday. If they couldn’t get that done, the table was set for a fresh look at just how far away this team is from being a threat in the West, and I really wasn’t ready to sit through that movie again.

After working through a temporary stalemate in the opening minutes of the first period, the Sharks were able to open the scoring which took the crowd out early and put the Oilers in chase mode. Unfortunately, Edmonton’s pursuit mode must take a while to engage because rather than pushing back to try and tie things up, they ended up dropping a second goal only moments later. Frankly, had it not been for some luck and a few big saves then this game would have been over before the first period was over, though, if we’re being honest, it’s not like things got much better from there. From start to finish, it was depressing to watch the Oilers struggle to counterpunch against a team that is noticeably fighting at a higher weight class than them. Even when the Oilers managed to get themselves on the board, they were never truly in the fight. At best, this was a lopsided victory. At worst, this was a game where we all knew in our heart of hearts what the outcome would be before the game even started.

To put it another way, the Oilers looked like they had about as much of a chance to win this hockey game as I do to live out the rest of my life as a fire truck, and I don’t think many of us are surprised by that. Thanks, Pete.

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The wrap.

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  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins got the Oilers on the board with a power play goal after he picked up a rebound in the slot a roofed over the falling tender. With the Sharks up by three goals, the Oilers needed any signs of life they could muster and Nuge’s goal certainly qualified. I mean, the goal didn’t matter much in the end but I did appreciate knowing that the team had an actual pulse.
  • Zack Kassian showed some very nice hand-eye coordination as he knocked a puck out of the air to beat the goalie and put up a second Oilers goal on the board. Unfortunately, Kass’ goal was too little too late but it was definitely a nice display of skill and touch from the big man.
  • I want to give Adam Larsson some love for the huge hit he threw on Tomas Hertl. Yes, I’m reaching for bright sides.
  • Brad Malone led the team in shots with five. No other Oiler had more than two. Bright side? Maybe? Bah, I don’t know anymore.
  • Best defenceman for the Oilers was easily Darnell Nurse tonight. As he’s done a lot lately, Darryl led the team in ice time with 26:58 after playing a lot of minutes all situations, finishing his night with one shot on net, four hits, and a block.
  • I just want to take a quick minute to say how much I appreciate Oscar Klefbom. After having him out of the lineup for nearly two months, it’s been nice to watch him do his thing over these past few games. No, he’s not yet up to speed and we shouldn’t expect him to be after missing so much time but it’s clear that he’s sorely needed on this blue line. Klefbom finished the night with 22:17 minutes, two shots and five blocks.
  • At least the Oilers didn’t lose 7-2 this time? *ducks from flying fruit*


  • Did you guys know that the Oilers have the most regulation losses at home in the NHL? You do now.
  • Kevin Labanc opened the scoring for the Sharks after his shot from the high slot deflected in off Kevin Gravel’s leg, a shot that Talbot didn’t have much chance on. It was a tough-luck goal for Talbot, but that’s kinda the way things have been going around here lately, isn’t it? Labanc sniped a second goal on the power play in the second period when he was gifted with all kinds of time and space in the slot, beating Talbot high on the glove side. Unsurprisingly, he was able to complete his first career hat trick early in the third period after his line was, once again, able to do as they wished in the offensive zone.
  • Only a few minutes later, Evander Kane put the Sharks up by a pair after he got set up with a tap in by Donskoi and Hertl. If I was a Sharks fan, I would have appreciated the precision of the passing put on by this line, but I love the Oilers so all I got was another dose of sadness.
  • By the time Hertl scored the fifth Sharks goal of the night, I was more focused on how many beers I had left in my fridge. I’m trying to work out the math and figure out how what’s the number of brews I’ll need to get to put back to forget that this game ever happened.
  • After playing very well against the Minnesota Wild, I wasn’t really surprised to see Hitchcock go back to Cam Talbot again. Hitch has said over the past couple of days that he’s going to play the guy that he thinks gives him the best chance to win and doesn’t really care about the contract Koskinen signed three weeks ago. That was not the case tonight. I wouldn’t go so far as to blame Talbot for the lose, the team in front of him wasn’t much better than he was, but I would certainly say that he needs to be much better than what we got from him tonight. Talbot finished the night with 26 saves and a .839 save%.
  • Oh man, did I ever feel bad for Ty Rattie after he took a clapper to the ankle at the end of the first period. Immediately before the play that sent Rattie out of the game, I thought Connor actually beat out the icing call that sent the puck back into the Oilers zone but the linesmen disagreed, and it was very unfortunate to see Rattie get hurt immediately after the resulting draw.
  • The Oilers got roasted in the faceoff circle tonight, winning only 40% of the draws they took. Again, I know some stats folks aren’t big on faceoffs but I’m always of the opinion that it’s better off to start a sequence with the puck than chasing it.
  • Of course I have to eat beets again. Why not? This bet is going to haunt me forever. As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast win cast conversation over on my Twitter account.



10:39 San Jose Kevin Labanc (7) ASST: Joe Thornton (18), Marcus Sorensen (8) 1-0
12:18 San Jose Evander Kane (24) ASST: Joonas Donskoi (15), Tomas Hertl (26) 2-0


06:10 San Jose PPG – Kevin Labanc (8) ASST: Timo Meier (29), Evander Kane (23) 3-0
12:00 Edmonton PPG – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (17) ASST: Alex Chiasson (10) 3-1


01:36 San Jose Kevin Labanc (9) ASST: Joe Thornton (19), Brenden Dillon (16) 4-1
04:24 San Jose Tomas Hertl (25) 5-1
14:03 Edmonton Zack Kassian (8) ASST: Adam Larsson (13) 5-2


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 2/9/2019 – 8:00 pm MT

  • Ted

    Two thumbs on the Hitchcock rant on the players …. Enough one way play Draisaitl. It’s a both ends of the ice game!! BE A LEADER YOUR GETTING PAID LIKE ONE! Is Draisaitl German for Lazy? …. I’m convinced Talbot is French for High glove Short side. …. When your best player on the evening is Brad Malone what does that say! It says management has no clue what ripe is and has no judgement on talent. It’s time sell and get some of our younger talent playing! ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP ON WATCHING THIS GO NOWHERE! Remember the kid line! …. Could you imagine the Canucks having groomed Peterson in the minors till he was ripe! They wouldn’t be in the playoffs like they are! … How can a franchise be so bad …. I’ll tell you how! THERE IS NO PLAN! …. well you have been exposed to this mediocrity for to long! So do something! What your sitting on is obviously not working! … A plea from your fanbase! Something in the water, what a joke! Make a different! … Management your like Draisaitl on the back check, NON EXISTENT!

    • Leichs

      Also wtf is with Jesse P?? Why in the hell is he in this league right now losing confidence night in and night out instead of playing 15 minues on a team that is currently lighting the AHL on fire? Guarantee those guys are having a hell of a time playing hockey games right now. Probably cant say the same about Jesse.

  • Serious Gord

    89 points now to make the wildcard.

    27 games left.

    The oil can lose a maximum of 9 games in regulation to hit that total. (18-9-0)

    It just seems impossible that they can transform into a team capable of doing that.

    2. Hitch and others (mcdavid) have said repeatedly that this team’s offensive abilities are to weak for it to win games by scoring lots of goals – that defensive play and low scores are the only path to victory.

    The problem is that the team is worse defensively than it is offensively.

  • ScottV

    Even back then, they were getting away with high risk play. I was surprised they got away with it for as long as they did, but never thought it was sustainable.
    I like the Hitch approach and was hopeful we could have brought him in years ago, or someone like him. The problem with the Hitch approach is that it takes time to get it rooted deep into team play, where its bullet proof. Less than ideal to bring him into the fold, where he has to roll out his deal in the short term.

  • Alfonso

    The end result in this one was never in doubt … just like the Oil’s season … four points out of that last wildcard now, 26th overall with the worst home record in the league … this team is going nowhere but the World Championships when this season is over …

  • Stickhandler

    zero leadership top to bottom, nothing to show for 13 years of lotto beggin except more lotto theme parties. oh well, the bright side, Your Calgary Flames are playing those 3rd year rebuilding Nucks now, come watch some real hockey.

  • slats-west

    “This will not be rebuild. The answer is in that room. We are only a couple of players away” B Nicholson.

    You know Bob i think you’re looking in the wrong room! And it’s you that’s the problem.

  • Odanada

    Hold on a sec here. Bobby said there was a problem with the water and I’m guessing that’s the same water they make the ice with. It’s starting to make sense…

    • A-co

      What about the ice in the drinks they serve???? This could effect the paying customers aswell…..stick to canned beer…or better yet…don’t go to the games

  • nijames

    This team and organization is a complete train wreck. Oh but by changing a coach and a GM it will be fixed. NO it won’t, there are too many idiots behind the scene that keep on trucking right McT.

  • Darcy yaceyko

    Well no mike Reilly and no playoff hockey= total depressing summer. Not looking forward to football like I’m used to. So depressing being an Edmonton fan of both teams.

      • I see more urgency at my outdoor rink. Every hockey night in Canada game they have looked awful..This group has played some decent hockey and that was embarrassing. You can blame Katz or the GM but that and many efforts are on the players. I am done, I am going pay 45 bucks and watch the Condors. See you next year

  • Gary

    What happened to the “Full Court Press’ for offence, just more noise from Nicholson?
    If I didn’t mention that I did not renew my season tickets this year and am now a tier 9 fan (So glad I did) is it possible to have the 50/50 numbers posted on the GDP post?

  • RIP

    my goodness do i feel sorry for those that paid to go see this game. Not to mention ridiculous money for beers, jerseys and food. To watch an effort and skill level that produces no excitement or good feelings at all. What a tire fire of an organization.

  • slats-west

    “When you put skill ahead of work you get that result, we never gave ourselves a chance” K. Hitchcock Feb 09, 2019

    This should be put on everyone’s locker and should hang as a 20 foot banner inside the room until things change. This has been their motto for the last 10 years, and I’m. It sure why. Tonight they were a disinterested, lethargic group. Sad.

  • Big Nuggets

    Remember when this team beat the sharks in the playoffs, the sharks looked like an old team headed for a rebuild and the Oilers team was full of young players. What happened? Epic management failure it seems. It boggles the mind how bad this team was mucked up.

    • Odanada

      What happened? People who didn’t know what they were doing were allowed to hire someone who didn’t know what he was doing and he in turn, was allowed to hire an abject failure as a GM.
      Now the guy who still doesn’t know what he is doing is working with the other guys who don’t know what they are doing and together they are beating the bushes for someone dumb enough to come here and work under them.
      If a restaurant served this up, no one would eat there and it would close.

  • camdog

    The downturn in Oilers play started last year when there best d-man Sekera was hurt, Klefbom was playing with a shoulder problem, Talbot no longer played at Vezina quality, Pat Maroon went back to being Pat Maroon (has 6 even strength points this season in St.Louis), Lucic’s game disappeared and on and on.

    All the while they lost 3 forwards that could play top 9 – Eberle/Strome, Cagguila, Maroon and 2 for bottom 6 Pitlick/Slepyshev. Of those 5 forward positions only Chaisson has been able to keep up in a top 9 role.

  • overdue

    You can’t make excuses for lack of effort. This team has to be engaged 100% because of lack of talent and speed to have a chance to win. That means hard work and I don’t see enough of that.

  • Castrum

    The sheer schadenfreude I get by following this team gives me life. What are the chances the Jets bring home the Cup before the Oilers make it to the Western Conference Final again? Close to 99.999999999999999999%.