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Monday Musings: Chiasson, Development, Sekera and More

Things can change quickly in a playoff race. The Oilers entered the weekend two points out of a playoff spot. Today they are six back because the surging St.Louis Blues swept a home-and-home against the Nashville Predators over the weekend, while the Edmonton Oilers were blitzed by the San Jose Sharks. Now, with two weeks until the NHL trade deadline, the Oilers are six points out of a playoff spot and their outlook to make the postseason is bleak.

A three-game road trip this week against the Penguins, Hurricanes and Islanders will all but decide their playoff fate. Their chances are slim — some people would say they are none — so it is clear interim GM, Keith Gretzky, and the rest of the management team will have discussions on whom to trade away.

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Alex Chiasson is an obvious candidate. He is a pending UFA with only a $650,000 cap hit. Teams could acquire him and he’d barely impact their cap. He would fetch a second round pick I’m sure, but is trading him the best decision?

The Oilers have a clear lack of productive wingers. Chiasson has 17-10-27 in 46 games. He’s had an excellent season. Yes, he has slowed down recently, but he is still significantly more productive than any of the other full-time wingers on the roster.

Can the Oilers afford to trade him away for a draft pick, who likely won’t help this team for at least four years, probably five?

Prior to this season Chiasson averaged 12 goals and 26 points/year. Not eye-popping numbers, but he is a proven bottom-six NHL forward. Last I checked the Oilers aren’t blessed with an abundance of wingers who can guarantee to score 12 goals a year.

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I would strongly consider re-signing Chiasson. Of course they can’t overpay him, but if he’d sign a two-year deal in the range of $1.25million/year I’d strongly consider it. Chiasson can kill penalties, he can help on the PP and he isn’t a liability defensively. He is a sexy signing, but successful teams have veterans who give a consistent effort every game, who leave no questions as to what they bring. Chiasson does that and the Oilers don’t have enough depth forwards who do.

There is the theory you can trade him for a pick and then re-sign him in the summer. True, but he might love his new team, have some playoff success and decide it is better to stick with his new team. There is no guarantee he would come back to Edmonton. It depends how much you value having a consistent, proven bottom six winger.

Some will argue Jesse Puljujarvi or Kailer Yamamoto can play in the top-six next year. You sure about that? I’d argue the past few seasons have proven that if you go into the year “hoping” players can play in your top-six, you will most likely be disappointed.

Chiasson will be sought after. He won a Stanley Cup last year. He has playoff experience and GMs and head coaches love that. He also has decent hands. A complementary depth forward, with the potential to get hot and score 5-7 goals in the playoffs is very attractive. But shouldn’t the Oilers consider keeping him? Because if they ever want to make the playoffs consistently they need to find more consistent players. Chiasson isn’t a regular top-six forward, but he can fill in for a short time, and most importantly he is a proven, regular bottom six forward.

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Edmonton needs some of those next season, and when I look up and down the roster I don’t see many better options from within.


Nov 27, 2018; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Edmonton Oilers head coach Ken Hitchcock watches a game against the Dallas Stars from the bench at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

—Ken Hitchcock voiced his displeasure publicly after Saturday’s disappointing 5-2 loss to the Sharks. But make no mistake, Hitchcock has been challenging his players behind closed doors and on the bench for a month. Him going public illustrates to me his level of frustration. No doubt the Oilers weren’t sharp on Saturday. Their passing in the first period was atrocious, and their effort and decision making on some of the Sharks goals was far from good enough. Hitchcock has been telling them this for a month. He and many players have had verbal disagreements. Hitchcock doesn’t mind if a player yells back at him. He doesn’t hold it against them. He believes in challenging his players and being demanding, but for the past six weeks that approach hasn’t yielded great results. The reality is this roster isn’t good enough to compete most nights with the top teams. They can compete and defeat the average teams, but there simply isn’t enough talent on the Oilers for them to defeat the good teams regularly. And when they don’t work smart or work hard they have no chance against those teams. That’s what happened on Saturday.

No question the players deserved to be chastised for their play. Many of their mistakes weren’t from a lack of talent, but a lack of commitment. Hitchcock is trying to instill more commitment from the team, which makes sense, but I’m not sure his in-your-face and ultra-demanding style is working. It is a fine line. A coach has to be demanding, but he also has to build up and maintain their confidence. It is very difficult to do when the team is losing as often as Edmonton has the past six weeks. But saying the coaches care more will probably do more harm than good.

—-Kevin Labanc is a great example of not needing to rush a player. He scored a hat-trick against the Oilers on Saturday, and now has 36 points in 56 games. He will finish his third NHL season around 50 points. He had 40 points last year. Labanc is a late birthday. He was drafted in the sixth round in 2014. The next year at 19 he produced 31-76-107 in 68 games with Barrie in the OHL. Despite producing 100 points, the San Jose Sharks didn’t rush him to the AHL, instead they returned him to junior for his 20-year-old season. Labanc scored 39-88-127 in 65 games that year. I often hear people say or write, “A player won’t learn anything with another year in junior. They need to be challenged.” I’m very skeptical of that line of thinking.

It completely overlooks the most important aspect of the game: confidence. Labanc lit up the OHL at 20, and when he turned pro the next season. He played 19 games in the AHL, scored 19 points, and was recalled by the Sharks. Would he have maintained the same confidence had he played in the AHL at 20? We won’t know for sure, but is it worth the risk? The Sharks have made it a trend to send 20 year olds back to junior for another season. They won’t all become Labanc, but considering the Sharks have the second most wins in the NHL since 2003 and are a perennial contender, if I was the Edmonton Oilers I might look at how the Sharks develop their players. They’ve done a very good job of developing later round picks.

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— Labanc was a sixth rounder in 2014, Joakim Ryan was a seventh rounder in 2012, Dylan Demelo a sixth rounder in 2011, Tommy Wingels and Jason Demers were sixth and seventh round pick respectively in 2008, Nick Bonino and Justin Braun were 6th and seventh rounders in 2007 and Joe Pavelski was a seventh rounder in 2003. All those picks came under the watch of GM Doug Wilson and then scouting director and now assistant GM, Tim Burke. When you have that many late round picks, and ones who have become very good to great NHL players it isn’t a fluke.

— The one ray of hope in another disappointing season for the Oilers, is the play of their AHL affiliate Bakersfield Condors. The Condors have on 12 consecutive games and sit in first place in the Pacific Division, one point ahead of San Jose, who has four games in hand. Tyler Benson, Cooper Marody, Kailer Yamamoto, Cameron Hebig, Caleb Jones, Ethan Bear, William Lagesson and Shane Starrett are the young players who could make an impact in Edmonton in the future. Benson will be an NHL player. I’m not sure how much of a scorer he will be, but he is a very smart player, hard worker and he and Jones would be my locks as to players who will play many games in the NHL. I’d say Benson is a lock to be a very good third line player with potential to play higher in the lineup. Jones is for sure a third pairing defender, who could emerge as a very good second liner. Starrett has had a breakout season in goal. He turns 25 in June and is entering the age where many goalies start to look more comfortable. We’ve seen an influx in younger goalies to the NHL this season, and Starrett could compete for a backup job next season. Yamamoto is very smart. He’ll be an NHLer, but the organization needs to be patient with him. He needs to gain strength, and right now he needs to rediscover his offensive mojo.

I spoke to head coach Jay Woodcroft last week about Yamamoto. “The big thing for Kailer is to find some offensive confidence. He’s been showing up in chances, but we want him to develop more of a killer instinct around the blue paint. He is an elite penalty killer down here and he gets lots of PP time as well,” he said. Yamamoto has 5-5-10 in 17 AHL games this season and 1-1-2 in 17 NHL games. The Oilers should not have him as a guarantee on their roster next year when they are making lineup charts over the summer. He needs to rip up the AHL and regain his offensive flair before he gets to the NHL, and if that means starting next season in the AHL then do it. Young offensive players will tell you when they’re ready, mainly by ripping up the AHL.

— Andrej Sekera played 20 and 21 minutes in back-to-back games on Friday and Saturday for Bakersfield. He moved much better than he did coming off his ACL injury last year. He isn’t wearing a knee brace and he told me that makes a huge difference. He has more range of motion and can skate much better. There was some rust in his game like handling the puck, which is understandable considering he’s only played 38 games since May of 2017. It was a solid weekend in the AHL for him.

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  • TKB2677

    I 100% agree with Gregor on Chiasson and I have said it and debated it with our people in here and one other sites. Now if he wants stupid money, that’s a different story. But if he wants a reasonable contract, WHY get rid of him? The Oilers need more NHLers. Fans DAILY text, tweet, email, talk and post on websites about the Oilers lack of depth at the forward ranks. Here the Oilers have a solid NHLer who is having a career year. Awesome. Even when he goes back to normal totals, he’s still a 12 goal 25+ point player, pretty much EVERY season. That’s a decent bottom 6 guy. They don’t have enough of those guys. As Gregor said, you can get a pick for Chiasson. Maybe you could even get a second for him. That’s GREAT value for Chiasson. That pick is most likely 4 yrs away, maybe longer from being an NHLer. What good does that do for the team?

    If this team EVER wants to get better, it has to start playing REAL NHLer throughout their line up. The Oilers need more Chiasson. Guy who aren’t making a ton but are contributing.

    • JimmyV1965

      I would argue that we could trade a second round pick in the summer for a player much better than Chiasson. The problem with the Oilers is they fall in love or hate players. He’s an asset that can be easily replaced. The Oilers have a long history of signing players coming off one-year heaters and trading players with skill who have underperformed. If we can’t sign Chiasson next year, then move on to someone like Maroon, who will almost certainly be available for $1.5 mill over two years. There’s always another Chiasson available. Hell, sign Reider for $1.25 mill. He’s just as likely to score 12 next year as Chiasson.

      • btrain

        Agreed. Just because the Oilers get a 2nd round in return, doesn’t mean they would keep it. For teams that actually do well, they often need to let more proven players than Chiasson go and a 2nd round pick could be all it takes.
        Obviously if you can get Chiasson signed at a very reasonable price, than you do it, but I don’t see why Chiasson would be motivated to do this. Based on what he has done so far this year, I think 1.25 mill is pretty much the lowest he could expect on the open market regardless of how the season goes from here (unless injured or falls off Cliff Lucic). So why would he not open it up to the highest bidder when he may not ever have a more productive year and therefore opportunity to cash in?
        I think the opportunity to get traded to a playoff team, should further intrigue Chiasson as another hot streak in the playoffs could double his expected annual income. So for Chaison:
        option a) sign with Oilers today at a dollar amount I am likely to maintain regardless of how the season unfolds. b) go to playoff team, bet on myself as I did with my PTO, and try to increase my value before hitting the open market. I know what option I would go with.

  • Oilers_1978

    the oilers ownership and management need some serious spanking… if they speak about culture change it should start from the top…

    the owner the bs billionaire .. only cares about money in his pocket..he is successful in that regard…

    same old bs mcT, howeson, and lowe circling around the top management in various titles over the years…

    the new players are not stupid..they see that and eventually lose interest in playing..they get satisfied with the money part as well…

    they start playing when leaving the city…

    this will continue…so be patient oilers fans…or stay away from the games…give katz rude awakening.

  • Towers-of-dub

    I like that Sekera told you that not wearing a knee brace makes a huge difference. In your hard line questioning, did you happen to ask why the team is so horrifically awful? Did you ask why the players pull a no show more often than not, and why it seems like throwing money around at the bar until 3 a.m. is more of a priority than showing up to work at the start of the 1st period?

        • HockeyRooster

          Towers – if you’re such a good reporter and willing to ask the hard questions, why not get into the business yourself? Clearly you’ll be the best reporter covering the Oilers since you’ll be asking the hard questions no one else does.
          I’ll just throw it out there that it is much more difficult to look a human in the eyes and ask them “why throwing money around at the bar until 3 am is more of a priority” than it is to type same into your computer. You might not get that depending on your age, but I’d encourage you to think about it.

          • Towers-of-dub

            That would be the first thing I’d ask, or maybe I’d ask why there’s such a glaring lack of professionalism through the entire team. I ask questions like that in my current job when people aren’t performing to the standard that I expect. Maybe there’s a legitimate reason and we can fix it, or maybe they get paid regardless so it doesn’t matter. I have no problem calling out people who aren’t pulling their weight.

        • ed from edmonton

          That’s a good question. But most fans seem to have an interest in players giving canned answers to canned questions
          I don’t understand it why fans even listen or read that kind of drivel.

    • Jason Gregor

      You would ask Sekera, a player who hasn’t played a game all season, why the team is struggling to be consistent? This line of thinking is why I assume you post anonymously. I wouldn’t use my real name either. Be upset about the Oilers, and if being snarky makes you feel better knock your socks off, but if you think being a good reporter means asking a guy who hasn’t played a game all year why the team is bad then I think you are off base. Fact is the Oilers don’t have enough skill to compete. When they have an off night it is glaringly noticeable. They can’t compete with top teams. Chiarelli lost his job because of it, as he should, and the sad thing for Oilers fans is there is no quick fix. The organization needs a major change in philosophy.

      • Towers-of-dub

        Being a good reporters means getting people to answer difficult questions. I also haven’t played hockey at all for the edmonton oilers this year, but I can look at a game and see that there’s a complete lack of professionalism on that team. It’s not a lack of talent. It’s a lack of professionalism. I guess because Sekera doesn’t play hockey anymore he can’t say things like “we lose games more often than we win because we have guys like (whoever, generic overpaid no accountability) just don’t care. They’ve got a bar to go at 10:30 and work can’t get in the way of that” Maybe you’re right. Maybe his injury has made him totally clueless to what the problem with his employer is.

  • The Immortal

    If someone offers you a 2nd round pick or Chiasson you damn well better take it. Resign him in the summer if possible for cheap.
    Trade Kailer for whatever.

    This …and the next 3 seasons…are shot.

  • gordo

    other than the top 3 forwards there is, imo, absolutely nobody who has much trade value to any of the top teams. nicholson, lowe, and their sycophants, have set the team back a few more years.

    • TheJackal

      If available, he will get a signing offer from a number of teams in the summer. The gauge is value for contract. Make him an offer of $1.5 mill for 2 years now – if he rejects it, short-term trade him (ideally to a team that gives you a 2nd rounder and one that doesn’t look like it will go far in the playoffs), then re-visit in the summer.

  • Natejax97

    If Sekera can come back and play decent 15 minutes a night that would be great. Maybe he can have a good summer and get back into a 2nd pair form. Would be nice to have 3 legit dmen on the left side. Wonder how the Oilers make room for Jones next year if everyone is healthy. Kid is really good.

    I can get on the offload train as well as anyone. I would agree to keep Chiasson. It’s not often you find guys that really want to be here and want to be part of the solution.

    Spooner is the one that boggles me. Read somewhere he is too good for the AHL. All that he was really given in the NHL was 6 minutes a night. If the season is really over get this guy to the NHL, put him with McDavid and Draisaitl and either find out what we have or build a little bit of trade value. He has great wheels so put him in a place to use them. I dunno just ranting a bit but burying a guy you either want to move or find out if he can contribute seems foolish.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      I have always wondered what Scotty Upshall would have brought to the team? He was injured or something during training camp and didn’t return for his PTO. But I think I remember reading that he never got cut from a team he tried out for. Also Upshall had the reputation of being one of the most respected and liked players on the teams he played for. A great dressing room presence. I have always thought that Upshall & Chaisson were very similar throughout their careers. All this season I have wondered if he could have been another diamond in the rough, like Chaisson turned out to be? Certainly Kyle Brodziak has been a disappointment, considering his output in St. Louis last year, I am very disappointed with him.

    • ed from edmonton

      If Sekera can come all the way back to top 4 guy, that won’t really be known until about game 40 next year. But if so the Oil might be able to trade a lhd for some forward help. Upgrades to this team are in the 1 to 2 year event horizon.

  • DannyGallivan

    After RNH, McJ and Drai there is no offense e.g. McJ and Dria are in the top 10 in pts and they are 22nd in the league in team scoring. Essentially most of our offensive players are fillers. With no cap room they will likely not make the playoffs next year either. This is a 3 year rebuild. We have few “valuable” assets. Chais is one given his cap hit. A team needing more offense for the playoffs and near their cap will see value in him. Trade him and get what you can. I can’t imagine, as a UFA, he will willingly return to the tire fire that is the Oil next year.

    Reider, Rattie, Chais, Malone, Petrovic, Talbot and Gravel & Kassian, Brodziak, Cave and Manning will all be gone this and next year, respectively. Except for Chais, who among those players would make a competitive team? They would all get waived as no one will want them. That will provide cap room to make some trades next year to begin to set up for the following year. You can’t just nibble around the edges – we are that far behind. Think where we would be with good players in place of the top ones we have in RNH, McJ and Drai.

    • Wesley41

      He already stated that he wants to stay(Chaisson) and remember he has bounced around the league,I don’t see another team where he will or can get top 6 mins with a Mcdavid or Nuge,and or Draisaitl type of player,but is that more a reflection of the Oilers lack of skill or has Chaisson finally figured out his game?

    • Vanhellian

      I think Gravel’s been pretty good, and I like Rattie. I think most teams would see talbot, reider and petrovic as serviceable and worth a pick. Good luck with manning, kass and brodziak

  • KootenayDan

    This team needs NHL players pretty simple actaully. No depth and the leaders are kids who never got any leadership or direction from veterans themselves. We need more Chaissons not draft picks we been down that road before and this team does not draft well traditionally. 200 foot players please.

  • JimmyV1965

    No offence JG, but I don’t get your love in with Chiasson. If someone is willing to part ways with a second round pick, you do it yesterday. We got lucky with Chiasson this year, but he will never replicate his numbers. It’s his career year. If we can’t resign him next year at a reasonable number, move on to the next guy. I’m sure Maroon will be available next year. Sign him for $1.25 mill.

    • Rock11

      Could not agree more. This team has bled assets for years under PC. We now may have an opportunity to go the other way. Turning a PTO into a second round pick is gold. Lets be real, Chiasson is a 3rd or 4th line guy who went on a heater beside 97 for a month. Trading him for second is what this organization needs to be doing more of, turning nothing into something. That second can then be used on a young skilled winger at the draft or used as part of a deal for an established vet. Sign him for term and you end up with Kassian 2.0.

  • bwar

    I think that you try to sign Chiasson for next season at $2M or under, if that doesn’t get it done then he should be traded for prospects. I feel the Oiler’s need about 3 years of clearing cap space so my goal would be acquiring asset who will be able to contribute in the 3-4 year range down the road. I don’t think slapping bandaids on the roster is a wise decision and really think the Oilers need to be thinking more than one move into the future.

  • rnj

    I’m not going to say next season will be the one. I’m tired of the disappointment.

    What I want as a fan for next season:
    -A thorough search for a solid GM
    -A modern head coach
    -Yamamoto in the AHL
    -Clearing out one or two bad contracts
    -Less overpay in future signings
    -Bouchard stays down
    -Picks ACTUALLY being developed. I’m tired of hearing this said and not followed
    -Consistent effort from the team
    -Average goaltending, at least .900 on a regular basis

    I don’t care about playoffs next year. I’m sick of bad decisions and shortcuts setting the team back years.

    If the organization starts making solid decisions and there’s some consistency I’ll feel optimistic knowing playoffs are coming.

    Do this retool PROPERLY.

  • CMG30

    The trouble with keeping Chassion is that we’re not sure his hot start is his new normal level of play or if it’s an outlier. The fact that he’s already cooling off is not a great sign. It’s a gamble either way. If you believe he will keep up his level of play and you can get him signed cheap then do it. OTOH, everyone looks good playing with McDavid. Washington moved in from him for a reason and his value is at peak right now… I suspect that the Oilers keep him if they are in the wildcard spot come deadline day and move himbif not.

  • Alberta Ice

    Just saw the 2nd goal by Kane and his going by Draisaitl. That play may summarize the season and work ethic for this year’s version of some of the Oilers.

  • RexHolez

    I still say trade Chiasson for a second. It’s a career year for him and doubt he’ll duplicate it next year and he’s gonna get paid now. You don’t have to use the pick you can flip it and other assets for a better player if you can find a partner.

    • Uncle Iroh

      Bingo. He is having a great year and will be looking to cash in. The Oilers can’t afford him for what he will be asking, and quite frankly they should be glad they can’t (he is shooting at double his career average SH%)

    • macinmillwoods

      Or that pick could be used as a sweetener instead of retaining salary when shedding a contract. Unfortunately I don’t think a 2nd rounder is in the cards. Teams that are heading to the playoffs who would be looking for a player like Chiasson mostly have class competent gm’s. Maybe a 3rd rounder but more likely a 4th coming back.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    I’m not even sure the last time a soon-to-be-UFA re-signed in Edmonton, in-season, before testing the market on July 1. If Chiasson can be that guy, great, but does anyone think that they won’t have to over-pay him?

    Jason’s right – he’s a nice fit for this team. Decent secondary scorer who plays a wing and seems to understand the responsibilities and expectations required of a pro. In this lineup, that’s a rare commodity.

    But I’m sorry, I just don’t see this re-signing happening. It would take a minor miracle, or an over-pay that all of the usual suspects on this website and on Twitter will complain about next year and the year after.

    NHL players pay their agents to do one thing – maximize their earning potential. No way that Chiasson’s agent tells him to sign an offer from Edmonton right now. His advice will be for Chiasson to thank Edmonton for its offer, say all the right things (“I’d love to be back here, love to play with McDavid and Co., nice to have found a role here, etc.”) but otherwise advise that he’ll get back to GM (INSERT NAME HERE) with a firm response – yea or nay – sometime around noon on July 1.

    Pending UFAs do not give up the chance to test the market on July 1. Full stop.

  • KennyG

    Who would have guessed Mcd and Dria would get one playoff appearance during there contracts with the Oil…. Its really hard to swallow but I’m afraid its the truth.. What a #@$%@king mess.

  • Heschultzhescores

    This team is not as destitute as people say. We have McD, Drai two top 10 NHL’ers who are still getting better. We have arguably the best two way centre in the game with Nuge. Nurse, Klef, Larsson, and Russell are all good young Dmen who are also getting better. Kassian is tough, fast and can chip in offensively. Bouchard will be our offensive Dman as well as Jones. We need a few wingers. Hopefully KY or JP actually pan out at some point soon. Goaltending seems bad, but much of that would go away if the team was playing better in front of them. It’s not all doom and gloom. We have great pieces, we just need a master puzzle maker to assemble it now.

    • ed from edmonton

      This is a glass half full guy for sure. A glass half empty guy could say
      Goaltending for next year is riding on a guy with 30 NHL games;
      Salary cap problems due to significant in the AHL , poor players Lucic, buyouts ;
      After top 3 towards all others are marginal NHL players;
      D is dependant on often injured Klefbom and how Sekera rebounds;
      Will the Oil have enough cap space to resign Nurse in 2021?

      • Heschultzhescores

        All of what I said is true, add a little confidence to the mix and good things could happen, and should happen. That confidence things seems elusive, but that is the biggest missing igredient imo. Yes, we have cap problems because Chia was an idiot. I still think we can come out of this with the right moves. Those first moves should be to clean the house that Katz built. It has no foundation and is based on friendship and not ability. Case in point…see the last 12 years. That answers any of the competence questions.

    • Mike Modano's Dog

      While I like your optimism I disagree with a couple things you said:

      Kris Russell is neither young, good (unless you mean as a #5/6 d-man), nor improving. He is 31 years old and on a very poor contract that I would argue hurts the Oilers more than it helps them. On a no-move contract, to boot!

      And Nuge being the best two-way centre in the game? I love me some Nuge but Bergeron and others would have a lot to say about that.

      I love your optimism though…

  • Rama Lama

    I could not disagree more on Chiasson signing long term. He is a good bottom six player, but we have enough of those. I doubt he score another 5 goals for the balance of the season. His 15 minutes are about to expire.

    Signing guys who have had most of their success playing with McDavid is playing a fools game.

    • Jason Gregor

      You realize he has 2-4-6 this season at 5×5 with McDavid. If he only scores 5 goals in 27 games that would be excellent. It means he is a 15-goal guy all season. Which bottom six players do the Oilers have who are better? They don’t have enough who score. That is the point. Too often people underestimate the importance of the non-sexy player. Many felt the same way about Caggiula. Well now he is playing 16 minutes a night in Chicago and they have won 7 in a row. Solid complementary depth players are important to the team and right now Edmonton has very few.

  • Uncle Iroh

    “I would strongly consider re-signing Chiasson. Of course they can’t overpay him, but if he’d sign a two-year deal in the range of $1.25million/year I’d strongly consider it.”

    0% chance. He is a 28 year old having a career year. Chaisson will be looking for, at the very least, $3.5M/year on a 3 or 4 year deal. Oilers should cut bait and get what they can.

    • Natejax97

      If that is the ask from him and his agent the Oilers will cut ties for sure. I like Chaisson just fine. His work has been good at the start of the year but nothing since December. I hope he gets all he is after but no way would I spend 3.5 there. We need a top 6 forward or 2 in a big way.

    • camdog

      Maybe if he’s got Maroon’s Old agent – the guy he fired because he was looking for that magical deal. No other agent is going to even try and get him over 2.5 per season.

    • Jason Gregor

      Maroon scored 27 goals in 2017 then last year had a career-high 43 points. He only signed a one year deal in St.Louis. I don’t see why Chiasson will be getting 3 mill this summer. Chiasson needs 16 points in his final 27 games to reach 43 points. Yes he is having a career year, but I don’t think it translates to $3m contract. Remember he went unsigned last summer.

  • slats-west

    @Jason Gregor Interesting take on Chiasson and I would suggest this is completely wrong take “on what is value”. He was essentially waived by the league and needed a PTO. Since Jan 8th he is goaless and is -5 (I think that’s about the time he moved off the McDavid line). So a year older he is and cant score unless he’s with McD does NOT equal 100% increase in salary. I get it these aren’t huge $ (as the # is more like $800-$900k) but its the thought process that is wrong “with the water” in Edmonton. He’s not scoring 20 without McDavid – he just won’t. We consistently overvalue talent. This needs to stop.

    • Jason Gregor

      He only has 2 goals with McDavid at 5×5. He has nine 5×5 goals away from McDavid. He actually scores more away from McDavid. I’d argue that makes him more valuable. A guy who can play in bottom six who has averaged 12 goals a year for the previous five years. This year he will likely score 20. Just pay him based on averaging 12 goals for five years. No other bottom six guy on roster has averaged 12 goals over multiple years. I said pay him $1.2 million. There was zero mention of 20 goals. I’m not expecting that which is why is contract is low.

  • BingBong

    For once we have a chance to sell high on a player. Do it.
    I like Chiasson just fine – his hockey IQ is higher than any of the other depth Oilers – but he’s having a career year, and is a 4th liner on any other team.
    We all know he won’t score at this rate again, and there might be a playoff-bound team out there willing to give up a 2nd or 3rd rounder for him at the deadline because of his playoff experience. It’s a no-brainer.
    If he really does like playing in Edmonton, then we can sign him in the offseason. Why sign him now when we can get a valuable asset for him?

  • Canoe Ride 27

    Meh. We’ve got way bigger problems than Chiasson. Doesn’t matter much until you deal with cap hell and maybe find a competent GM. Embrace the suck.

  • Soccer Steve

    Signing an obvious flash-in-the-pan like Chiasson to a multi-year extension is such an Oiler move. Trade him yesterday if you can get a 2nd rounder, my goodness. His return will be underwhelming, as it should be. He’s not very good, honestly. Other GMs will drive down his value by saying ‘well, he scored all those goals with McDavid…” etc. He went white hot and is coming back down again. Asset Management 101 would tell you that you probably should’ve traded the guy a month ago but the mirage of this playoff “race” blinded everyone.

    Whatever they decide, I’m just excited to catch a glimpse of MacTavish, Howson, et al all together at the table on draft day to see what kind of magic they can work! Because as any good organization knows; the incompetent people who wrecked it can definitely fix it!

    • Hockeytalkguy

      @ Soccer Steve….you forgot to mention the Katz kid at the draft table as well. That in itself speaks volumes of the lack of professionalism with this organization.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    I would trade Chiasson, but only if I could get a 2nd for him. Why? I fear he would want too much to re-sign him now. I bet he’d be looking for 2.5 or more to re-sign with the Oilers now. Therefore I trade him, and try to re-sign him in the summer.

    That said, if you could get him for 1.25/year as Jason suggests then I definitely re-sign him now. I hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see that happening during the year! Just look at a couple of our signings before UFA seasons. Koskinen and Russell, both MASSIVE overpays for what they were/are worth – all to keep them from going to UFA status. For God sakes Oilers, keep your powder dry on those overpays, please. The salary cap isn’t an allowance you can plead your parents for more of in the candy store!