One Minute Men – Oilers vs Penguins (February 13, 2019)

We are hungry for a win and hungry for lunch. To satisfy one of those until the game tonight, we headed to The Canadian Brewhouse to grab some drinks, lunch and to read Gregor’s Game Day Notes. See if the men can get through everything in under 1 minute!
If you haven’t read Jason Gregor’s game day notes yet, you can find them in full here. Cooom and I try our best to deliver them to you, verbally, as fast as we can in under sixty seconds. Today we hit up our new bar partner, The Canadian Brewhouse, for lunch to read the notes to you!

Along with a few beverages, we enjoyed some heart-shaped burgers from the Brewhouse for lunch. For all of February, the Brewhouse is donating $1 from every heart-shaped burger to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I can say from experience that these burgers are worth a visit, and they added some extra fuel for the One Minute Men episode.
Watch the full video below!