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Oilers trade Cam Talbot to the Philadelphia Flyers for Anthony Stolarz

Well, it has finally happened. After weeks of speculation, Cam Talbot has been dealt to the Philadelphia Flyers for goaltender, Anthony Stolarz. The trade is one for one. *shudders*

Anthony Stolarz is a 25-year-old goaltender standing at 6’6″ and weighing 210 lbs. He’s got a cap hit of $761K and will be an RFA next year. After 12 games with the Flyers this season, Stolarz has a 3.33 GAA and a .902 S%. He’s been described as big, athletic, and great in the room. With this move, the Oilers will be freeing up $3,405,417 in cap space and can easily activate Andrej Sekera from the LTIR next week.

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After the Oilers extended Koskinen’s contract a few weeks ago, it was telling that Cam Talbot would get traded by the deadline. A few days ago, Elliotte Friedman hinted that a potential fit could be the Flyers, as Cam Talbot and current hot-shot goalie, Carter Hart, share a history training together. Since then I’ve heard speculations that it could be Brian Elliott coming back, or it could be draft picks coming back, or it could even be Wayne Simmonds coming back. None of those happened, and the Oilers ended up acquiring Stolarz, who the Flyers chose to protect in the 2017 Las Vegas expansion draft.

My thoughts

Personally, I’m frustrated that we’re in this position to begin with. Due to Peter Chiarelli’s horrific signings the past few years, we’re forced to trade a solid goaltender to make salary cap space for an aging defenceman who’s only played 36 games in the past two seasons. Cam Talbot had his struggles the past couple seasons but I will never forget how he played in the 2016-17 season to take us to the playoffs. He and his family were icons in this city and some of the nicest people the team has ever seen.

On a business level, this is a move that unfortunately had to be done. The Koskinen extension was a risky signing, but Chiarelli laid our cards and we now have to suffer the consequences. Unloading almost $3.5 million in cap space is a breath of fresh air, and is only one small step forward to our post-Peter Chiarelli recovery era. Anthony Stolarz is an up-and-coming goalie who was thought highly of the Flyers who has a surplus of goaltending prospects. I understand the move for Keith Gretzky to target Stolarz instead of the veteran, Brian Elliot, and I truly hope it pays off for him. I will miss you, Cam. Good luck in Philidelphia!

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What are your thoughts on the trade? Let me know in the comments.

Anthony Stolarz Career Stats

Season Team Lge GP A PIM Min GA EN SO GAA W L T Svs Pct
2014-15 Lehigh Valley Phantoms AHL 31 1 2 1592 87 5 2 3.28 9 13 4 826 0.905
2015-16 Lehigh Valley Phantoms AHL 47 1 4 2726 118 2 0 2.60 21 18 7 1287 0.916
2016-17 Lehigh Valley Phantoms AHL 29 0 0 1645 80 3 1 2.92 18 9 0 821 0.911
2016-17 Philadelphia Flyers NHL 7 0 0 378 13 0 1 2.07 2 1 1 168 0.928
2017-18 Lehigh Valley Phantoms AHL 1 1 0 59 6 0 0 6.08 0 1 0 29 0.829
2017-18 Reading Royals ECHL 3 0 0 179 9 1 0 3.02 1 1 0 83 0.902
2018-19 Lehigh Valley Phantoms AHL 5 0 0 268 16 0 0 3.58 2 0 0 145 0.901
2018-19 Philadelphia Flyers NHL 12 0 0 630 35 0 1 3.33 4 3 3 323 0.902
NHL Totals 19 0 0 2 2.86 6 4 4 0.911

Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter Account, 2/15/2019 – 10:23 pm MT

  • Todd the electron rod

    I said I would pay for Tbot’s Uber to the airport. Trashed out of sight.
    I asked alex to provide data for first shot resulting in first goal sat. Cheered out of sight.
    I will help one of the worst goalies in the league leave town via Uber.
    So you don’t want me to pay for Dadbot’s Uber or you don’t want one of the worst goalies in the league giving up a goal on the first shot night after night.
    I have new respect for ON staff and their efforts.

    • Bills Bills

      The reason you were trashed for the Uber comment, is because it was rude. Like it or not, Cam was liked by the fans and the team. Weak play or not. If you can’t see that, you have way bigger issues than who trashes or likes your comments on an Oilers fan site.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    While we all knew Talbot was going to get dealt, I believe Schwartz is at fault for Talbot’s play, and if you need furthe proof of that look at Koskinen now, going down too early, staying down too long, making himself smaller in the net in his crouch. Schwartz should have hit the road last year, and he shouldnt even be here now, look for the back up to develop similar issues as Koskinen and Talbot.

    I dont care what Goalie you have if you team can not defend in its own end, you goaltenders will be fishing the puck out of the net like no tomorrow, The Oilers just cant play defence in their own end, their system is terrible in their own end and I dont know why the Oilers coaching staff wont change it, but they went from being aggressive on the puck carries and pressuring the opposing players in our end to this stick your stick out defence and hope it stops the puck and lets play 5 feet close to one another defensive system when they are skating in over the blueline. All the mental lapses in our end and guys not knowing what to do or who is doing what is maddening like it is the same thing over and over and over. Like go back to the basics.

    I will say I am glad the Oilers didnt take Elliot in trade, that would have been another contract with too much money and term. This one is cheap and if he doesnt work out he can go at the end of the season, at least Chia wont be here to sign him to a 3 5 mil a year deal for 4 years with a NMC

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        If you read up on Hart, there is a large component of people working with Hart, Schwartz helps out because he is local and Hart lives in Shewood park, more a matter of continence, but there are others that have control of how Hart develops So dont pat Schwartz on the back too much

  • JasonY

    Everyone knew this day would come. The gift that keeps on giving. Chia had set up this whole organization to trade from a position of weakness. Adding salary above the cap for garbage assets while knowing Sekera was coming back is such a retarded move. If every other team in the NHL didn’t take notice of that, he resigns koskinen to a long term deal for his inconsistent play tipping everyone what the next move would be. I am surprised we got a player back. I was thinking mid pick given the pressure to trade off cap space is real. What concerns me most was koskinen resigning seemed like a group decision according to Nicholson. That tells me the stench continues to linger there.

    PS. Koskinen reminds me a lot of Tommy Salo, the bad version. Play decent and then let in a horrendous goal. I don’t think koskinen was the answer. He let’s in too many weak goals that this team psyche cannot handle. We are gonna be looking at least 2 seasons from now to be in the playoff picture. This offseason like last offseason we’re gonna be hand cuffed with the cap to make any sizable roster move. What a garbage organization this is! Bob stauffer can say all he want, but until mactavishes and howsons are our this team will continue their epic mediocre business.

    • Beer_League_Ringer

      OK Eyeore… BTW, Spooner is gone and the player we got back is a 1mil savings. I’d say the new GM is doing alright so far. 7.2 mil out. approx 3mil in. That’s a win. 2 guys who weren’t helping here are gone AND we saved money. If Spooner could be traded, I bet KG has the chops to find a buyer for Lucic.

  • Bills Bills

    The trade I am fine with. We have another option under control as a back up. As long as they don’t offer him a 3 year $2 million dollar contract extension…… Hear me OBC?????

    Now can we do something about our goaltender coach? He needs to go. Show me one tender who’s numbers have improved the longer he stays an Oiler under Schwartz?

  • blobbo

    Sure, Talbot’s a nice guy but this is hockey, not the Sisters of Charity. We have done a lot worse to clear cap space (Hall).

    Bottom line is that Talbot was as good as gone and he has proven nothing this season or last. He also isn’t getting any younger. Maybe the new guy works, maybe he doesn’t. I can tell you one thing: He will need nerves of steel to avoid becoming the next Dubnyk or Brossoit. The Oilers have been terrible at managing back ups.

  • Dark Knight Returns

    So…. Talbot starts games that he shouldn’t have as to be showcased.
    Management didn’t care about winning or losing those games although the Oilers were “in the hunt” for a playoff spot.
    Why do we cheer for this team again?
    Seriously, why?

  • biased observer

    For me, the trade of Talbot was to make room for Manning and Petrovic, and not to bring in Sekara. Sekara is better than both those guys on 1 and a half legs. Oilers have missed Sekara, even the aging 3rd line version.

    • ed from edmonton

      Suggest that you read reviews of Sekera’s fit to play stint in Bakersfield. Still serious doubts of he can skate well enough to play at the NHL level. With the Oil well and truly out of the running I guess there is no down side to brining Sekera up now for a trial spin. I just hope the result a clear result. Yes top 4 defender or no can’t skate well enough to play in the NHL. If he is a border line NHLer, he becomes another boat anchor contract.

  • Goaltender Interference

    The Goalie coache in the Flyers system will probably identIfy one or two minor things in Talbots play to work on. Then he’s going to go win a cup with someone – be it Philly or some other team…

    It was tough to see him struggle the past couple years but I’ll always respect him for the inhuman weight he carried on his back during the 2016-17 season. He was robbed by the zebras, as we all were, during that series with the Ducks.

    Good on ya Cam.

  • CMG30

    The sad fact is that this team needs a goalie to stand on his head day in and day out. Talbot had the bad habit of letting in those 1or 2 bad goals a game that other teams have the depth to overcome. Talbot will do fine on a better team.