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Oilers place Brandon Manning on waivers for purpose of assignment

According to the Oilers’ Twitter account, the team has placed defenceman, Brandon Manning, on waivers for the purpose of assignment to the Bakersfield Condors. In the immortal words of Trooper, the man was here for a good time but not a long time. 

Isn’t Peter Chiarelli’s tenure as GM the gift that just keeps on giving? Less than two months after being acquired in the trade that sent Drake Caggiula to Chicago, Brandon Manning’s tenure with the Oilers is over after only 12 games played and a whole lot of time in the press box. Given his usage and general abilities, it wasn’t overly surprising to see the team announce that they’ve placed the 28-year-old defenceman on waivers with the intent of assigning him to the Bakersfield Condors, though, I can’t imagine that anyone would be all that broken up about it if he got claimed by someone else. That said, the chances of a claim happening are slim to none given Manning’s abilities and bloated contract that sees him being paid $2.5 million for this season and next.

At the time of the trade, there were media out of Chicago that couldn’t believe that the Blackhawks were able to move Manning’s contract and today’s waivers news is a pretty good reminder of why. Ignoring the obvious weirdness of spending a year trying to bring in the guy that broke your captain’s collarbone, the reality is that Brandon Manning was not near good enough and yet Peter Chiarelli thought it was a good idea to send out the team’s fifth leading goal scorer to acquire him. I don’t know who in the organization was scouting this deal but they should definitely be fired and embarrassed about how things played out. Now, less than 60 days later, the Oilers have even less depth on the wings than they started the year with and the only return they got in the Caggiula deal is on his way down to Bakersfield. You can’t make this stuff up.

I think the thing that’s even more confusing about this season is that the team allowed Chiarelli to do his thing for four months and then spend the rest of the season trying to erase those mistakes. Two days ago, Keith Gretzky managed to get rid of Ryan Spooner’s contract, replacing him with Sam Gagner, and I’d bet the farm that he’s been trying to do the same with Manning without finding any takers. Just the idea that the team allowed Chiarelli to make these deals only to have his replacement spend the first month on the job trying to undo almost everything is every shade of annoying that I can possibly think of. From wasted assets, to downgrades in skill, to general mismanagement of the salary cap, the Oilers keep finding new and creative ways to shoot themselves in the foot, creating a death spiral that can’t end soon enough.

In 12 games played with the Oilers, Brandon Manning has one goal, 10 shots on net, and 13 hits while averaging 13:25 worth of ice time. Now, I can’t help but wonder if Keith Gretzky consulted Connor for his blessing to punt Manning out of town the way Chiarelli reportedly asked if it was cool to bring him in?


Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2018-19 Chicago Blackhawks* NHL 27 1 2 3 21 -14
2018-19 Edmonton Oilers NHL 12 1 0 1 4 -1
NHL Totals 246 13 34 47 237

Source: Edmonton Oilers, Official Twitter Account, 2/18/2019 – 10:00 am MT

  • Total Points

    How Nick would not have stopped Chai in making the last deals, Strome, Chai, Manning, Spooner, etc is beyond me. Just goes to show he is not a very good POHO or what ever is title is

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      The thing that gets me is that Kassian, Benning Strome were all terrible last year and Chia signed them all to way more money and term, not just a qualifying offer bu more and term, like why???? No one was beating down the door for any of them…no one, but yet Chia signs them to more term and money..like WTH???

      • the dope $teez

        And then he nickels and dimes with Nurse’s contract. Honestly that whole thing didn’t sit well with me and I can’t imagine it sat well with Nurse and his camp either. Imagine fighting for weeks over $250,000, when Chia is burning through cash on useless players like it’s going out of style.

      • CityofWhat

        Yes he did the same with Russell. At the time no one was gonna give him 4×4 but Chia panicked and over paid. Chia was in a panic mode since the day he was hired and his moves were all prove of the point.
        Mr Bung is right when he says Chia is the worst GM, I would add EVER at the end of his statement.

      • Redbird62

        You might be mistaking the Caggiula signing with Kassian’s. Kassian’s current deal was signed in the summer of 17 after the playoffs where most people loved him particularly for 2 really good games against San Jose, not after last seasons so-so performance. Caggiula was the one signed as an RFA last off-season to a somewhat high value, like Benning and Strome. Zack seems to be playing better offensively of late with 10 points in his last 14 games, not that it has helped the Oilers. This after 4 points in his first 41 games.

    • CMG30

      I think BN has gone on record to state that he knows very little about hockey. His area of expertise is in the business side of the game. He hires people who ‘know’ about the game then gives them free reign to work…

      • winteriscoming

        It was easier for Bob Burger at the Olympics when he was the dumbest, I was going to say mother but that would be an insult to all mothers, in the room. With the Oilers he is the smartest one an look at the team he and Panic Pete put together.

  • rnj

    Manning, the overpaid, crap dman Chicago fans can’t believe was actually traded, outscored Tobias Rieder’s whole season in 12 games.

    Now he’s waived with no takers. Literally can’t give him away. Traded a young and improving player with the 5th most points on the team for him.
    This is new level low.

    Not the most impactful trade, but IMO overall the most embarrassing in Chiarellis stint here.

    Zero argument for it. Overpay. Within 12 games he’s waived. Gave away actual talent. Didn’t fill a need. Created a hole. Blatantly obvious even to trolls on a fan site. Come on..

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Couldn’t have come sooner, and this is one of the dumbest trades Chia made and on top of it added to the Oilers cap hit with it, not to mention the Oilers PR trying to spin the Connor was so okay with it,. Connor being a team guy went along, but I doubt he was happy about it

    • Odanada

      Chia is carrying all the blame but it is naive to think Chia had the only say in this trade. OEG is pinning everything on Chia because they are loathe to take responsibility for anything

  • Beut

    I give up. What the hell are they doing not sending down Jesse. The playoffs are done. They’re one point off 30th and they’re healthy scratching him. It’s like they’re trying to ruin him.

  • nijames

    Why is it that you don’t think KG and the rest of the OBC had a say in that trade. Don’t forget that KG was Chia’s right hand man. I really doubt he made moves without talking to his people. The OBC is just trying to cover up another gross mismanagement of a franchise. That is all that is happening and the Oilersnation is drinking the kool-aid