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Brandon Manning clears waivers

The clean-up of Peter Chiarelli’s mess continues. To the surprise of nobody, Brandon Manning has made his way through waivers unclaimed. He’ll now report to AHL Bakersfield.

The Oilers will save $1,025,000 on Manning’s cap hit with him buried in the AHL, meaning his cap number will now be $1,225,000. He’s signed for one more season beyond this one and that $1,225,000 figure will be his cap hit in 2019-20 if the Oilers can’t orchestrate a trade.

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Of course, the Oilers could also buy Manning out in the off-season. If they go that route, he’ll have a cap hit of $916,667 in 2019-20 and a cap hit of $666,667 in 2020-21. At this point, if the Oilers can’t find a deal like the one they did involving Ryan Spooner and Sam Gagner, it would be better just to eat the final year of Manning’s contract rather than stretching it out for another year.

There’s no doubt that this trade has been a disaster since moment one. When the Blackhawks managed to deal Manning without taking on any salary, media and fans in Chicago were shocked that Stan Bowman was able to get out from under his worst decision of the off-season.

Not only was the Manning acquisition puzzling because he’s a bad defenceman on a bad contract, but it was also met with ire from the fanbase because of his history with Connor McDavid. Chiarelli feeling it was a good idea to deal one of Edmonton’s few solid wingers for yet another bottom-pairing defenceman was just shockingly bad GMing, even by his standards.

Throwback Thursday: This week in 2019, Edmonton Oilers trade Milan Lucic to the Calgary Flames

Manning played 12 games with the Oilers, scoring one goal while averaging 13:25 minutes of ice time per game. Caggiula, on the other hand, has six points in 17 games with the Blackhawks. He still ranks in a tie for sixth on the Oilers in goals.

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  • Consultant

    If I ever see Chiarelli face to face…
    Hopefully Nicholson will audit the process that led to this trade and make sure something changes…
    What do you tell your fan base after this??

  • oil.99.97.11

    Nothing like wiping out a team’s rookie superstar for half a season and then having his team pay you millions just a couple years later when your career is all but over. #shrewdoilering

    • HockeyRooster

      Pretty smart GM’ing if you ask me. There is NO way Manning can break Connor’s clavicle (again) while playing in Bakersfield.
      I really try not to focus my negativity against one player but I really dislike this player and his acquisition was horrible.

  • Bills Bills

    Surprise surprise, to nobody that is. Except maybe PC. I hope he gets another GM job soon. Certainly he would be happy to take some of his favorite players off the Oilers hands.

  • CMG30

    The sad part is that no one who mattered in the organization was able to recognize that it was yet another, in a long string of bad moves. Yet somehow Katz has confidence in these same folks to find the next GM.

  • Heschultzhescores

    If you want to cry, look at the Oilers roster while using one finger to cover up McD, Drai and Nuge. Theres more on-name crap there than at Superstore. The kicker, that plug line-up is capped out. Chiarelli should be brought up for crimes against humanity. I’m gonna make a print of his face on my toilet paper roll…anyone want a roll? Its the only roll the POS team he destroyed will ever be on. Ya I’m pissed at him. He ruined us for years to come.

  • Just Sayin!

    Dont know much about the AHL team other than they have been doing great this season. Who does Manning replace on this team considering he will hopefully never return to the Oilers? Hopefully not the spot of a potential callup.

  • The Oilers are a sad team that needs to be ripped apart from the front office to most of the pathetic players on this roster. Hopefully McD will have the patients
    to wait for 4 or 5 years for the Oilers to become a serious contender.

  • Odanada

    If Chia acted alone on the Manning deal then Sponge Bob should be canned for a lack of oversight.
    If the Manning deal was a group decision, then it’s time to clean house, starting with Sponge Bob.
    Anyway you look at it, this trade was a stain on the organization and a slap in the face to Connor.
    These clowns couldn’t organize a drinkfest in a brewery.

  • rnj

    It would’ve been better to just give away Caggiula for nothing. Think about that. Chiarelli achieved less value in a trade than giving away a player for free

  • Heschultzhescores

    Oilers have become a bargain bin basement team of waiver clearers. Guys who I think would clear waivers. Benning, Reider, Malone, Gravel, Cave, Brodz, Currie, Rattie. Not counting Spooner and Manning who already did Do we have to wonder why we suck

    • Prairiechicken

      I suspect Lucic would also clear! Honestly … even miko. Maybe even Stolarz. Gagne … as I much love the guy, already cleared. Sekera with his injury would probably clear too.
      So there’s 5 more for your list.

        • Prairiechicken

          It truly is.
          I did the math and 97, 93, and 29 are on pace for 40 more goals this year than the playoff year.
          Can you imagine back then if someone had said that in 2 years, those three would take a big step forward and collectively contribute 0.5 more goals per game (in addition to their amazing contributions the playoff year)? I’d have been planning the parade route. But yet … here we are.

  • Rama Lama

    Honestly why he was allowed to continue as GM after trading Hall for lesser value, should be a central question.

    Most teams were unaware that Hall was even on the block! He should have been fired over this, but no he was allowed to continue making more bad trades………where was Bob?

  • GriffCity

    If I ever see Chiarelli in Mexico or on a beach somewhere (cuz that’s no doubt where he will be spending his Oilers millions) I will walk straight up to him and tell him that Steve Tambellini was a better GM. I’ll tell him he makes Mike Milbury look like a good GM by comparison. I will thank him for ruining out franchise. Then i’ll spit and walk away.

    • Derian Hatcher

      You may be able able to catch him at one of those markets trying to buy a sombrero, or other similar Mexican trinket. He will be negotiating to pay more than the local is asking. The local will have a look of bewilderment on his face as in all the years he has been selling ponchos and sombreros, he has never had someone negotiate to pay MORE. And away walks Peter in his crocs sporting a brand new sombrero with a big smile “and I still haven’t lost my touch”

  • Spydyr

    For me trading Caggiula was not the issue. I let it be know here that I thought they overpaid for him in the summer. The issue here is that Chiarelli already had the team up against the cap and then trades for a contract as bad as Manning’s.

    Just when you think the Oilers cannot do something even dumber they tell you to hold my beer.

  • vetinari

    I can’t lie (especially because you can search the old articles on ON and hold someone to account with their own words), but when Chiarelli first arrived, I was happy we had a cup winning outsider not part of the OBC with GM’ing experience. Sure, he had cap management issues in Boston but he must have learned his lesson with a new clean slate?

    I was unhappy with the Hall trade but we added Larson and Lucic to the mix (who should have replaced at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the goals lost on the Hall trade but should have also added 3x the toughness) and we made it to the playoffs so Chiarelli must have had a plan, right? He overspent every free agency and gave almost every UFA a NMC like it was candy. He downgraded every position with every trade and offseason (except when he brought Big Rig in) and now it shows on our roster.

    If forced to, I must say that our AHL team is finally clicking and may spin us some talent in future years but our NHL roster is in cap hell with literally maybe 7-8 solid players and the rest completely overpaid and expendable (“ladies and gentlemen, please welcome for your Edmonton Expendables”).

    A new GM will need at least 2-3 years to wait out the existing buyouts on our books (Pouliott and frickin’ Gryba), the non-producing UFAs with NMCs (Lucic), and the deadweight contracts (Manning). It also does not factor into consideration that the organization must make some big calls on certain players in the near future (Pulujarvi and Koskinen).

  • Clayton

    Cleared waivers? That is shocking! Lol.
    Interesting note in the scoring race. Only 3 players in the top 25 of scoring have an overall +/- in the negatives. Any guesses who? Yup…McDavid, Drai, and Kessel. Time for Drai and McD to learn some D!

  • Goaltender Interference

    In other news, water is wet…

    The Manning trade was mind-boggingly bad. In any respectable organization if a GM made a move like that one he would’ve been asked for his resignation the next day.

    The fact that this trade is only within the top 5 bad moves ChiaPete made – and some might argue not even in the top 3 – is a shocking statement about the quality of management oversight going on with this team.

    • Spydyr

      There were long line-ups. The problem is with the people running the team . Oiler players are revered in Edmonton. Even though outside of a handful they need to be replaced.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    shocked was no one. Honestly who wants him other than Chia? This is a contract that will cost the Oilers more than it is worth to either keep him buried in the minors or they waste a buyout, or eat a lot of money to get rid of him, any way you slice it, this trade will keep on hitting the Oilers in the cap