WWYDW: Acquiring a former Oiler

Last weekend, Keith Gretzky pulled the trigger on a one-for-one deal to bring a familiar face back to town. He dealt the struggling Ryan Spooner to Vancouver for Sam Gagner, the 2007 sixth-overall pick who spent the first eight seasons of his career in Edmonton.

As Rob Tychkowski aptly pointed out, the Oilers basically gave up a player from their second rebuild to acquire a player from their first rebuild to help their third rebuild. If you take out the connection that they turned Eberle into Gagner in under two years, the Oilers managed to bring back a fan favourite who can hopefully provide some offence and dazzle fans with cool shootout moves.

It’s always fun to have old Oilers do a second tour of duty with the team. It’s great to see Gagner back in the mix. Mike Comrie made a comeback, Rem Murray returned to the Oilers for the 2006 playoff run, and guys like Denis Grebeshkov and Marty Reasoner couldn’t stop coming back. The best one, of course, was when Ryan Smyth returned to the organization for a victory lap at the end of his career.

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That brings us to this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday question. I think we’ve beaten the SHOULD THE TEAM BUY OR SELL?? at the deadline to death. Let’s talk about something more fun. If you could bring back a former Oiler who is currently playing in the NHL, who would it be?

Disclaimer: This isn’t a time travel game just to undo one of Peter Chiarelli’s trades. You can’t undo the old move the Oilers made just to bring the player back. You have to come up with a new deal to acquire that player, as the Oilers made with Spooner for Gagner. 

Hall and Eberle are swooned over by fans
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The Options…

Taylor Hall: Last year’s MVP winner, Hall was dealt in Chiarelli’s first infamous one-for-one deal for Adam Larsson. He’s a year-and-a-half from free agency and the Devils aren’t anywhere near contention. Would a reunion make sense?

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Jordan Eberle: Dealt in another infamous one-for-one, Eberle is having a down year on the Island. He’s set to become a UFA for the first time in his career this summer and the Oilers need a scorer. Could he be a deadline rental?

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Justin Schultz: The highly-coveted NCAA free agent, Schultz was in over his head in Edmonton. He was dealt to the Penguins for a third-round pick and has since reached his potential in Pittsburgh. He’s the skilled righty defenceman the Oilers need.

Jeff Petry: The Oilers believed in Schultz so much they let Jeff Petry go for a second and fourth-round pick. Granted, they used the fourth on Caleb Jones, so it doesn’t look that bad. Petry is another good, puck-moving defenceman the Oilers could use.

Andrew Cogliano: After four seasons in Edmonton, the Oilers moved Cogliano for a second-round pick. In Anaheim, he became a great two-way player and has also become one of the NHL’s best iron men. He was dealt earlier in the season to the Stars.

Devan Dubnyk: Dubnyk is another Oiler would figure it out elsewhere. The Oilers dealt him to Nashville and he eventually ended up in Minnesota where he became one of the league’s best goalies. Would he be good here with this blueline?

Erik Gustafsson: A fourth-round pick of the Oilers in 2012 Gustafsson never got a shot here. He would sign as a free agent with the Blackhawks in 2015 and has become a solid top-four defender since.

Jordan Oesterle: Oesterle was a great under-the-radar pickup for the Oilers, but the team let him walk as a free agent. He’s become a solid defenceman in the NHL since.

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Matt Hendricks: A character guy and fan favourite in Edmonton, the Oilers surprisingly let Hendricks walk after the team’s 2017 playoff run. Could the Oilers use his locker room presence again?

Other: I’m not going to list every former Oiler currently out there, but if there’s someone not on the list you’d want to bring back, I’m all ears. If you really think Pontus Aberg or Brad Hunt could have been that guy, fair enough!

What say you, Nation? What former Oiler do you want back in the mix? How would you go about acquiring them? 

  • Ass Eatn Szn 69

    Ok. So Russel and Manning out for a 2068 7th rounder. Sign Eberle 4 years 4.5.

    Some how ditch Benning and Lucic. And sign hall as a free agent 8.5 x 8. Might be low.

    Not sure what the others would cost. But it would start to undo all chias move.

  • Gravis82

    The time to trade for Eberle was 3 years ago. Will be too expensive now for what he produces, which will be ~20 goals and declining trend. Will still command 6 million.

  • Big Jacks Meat

    Can you imagine even 2 of the players listed below back in our colors ? Say Hall and Petry for example.

    wow , some moron needs to look at these mistakes

    • Gravis82

      then lets add the player they would have drafted had they not traded for reinhart. And then lets consider a team that actually did their research on the top 5 and decided to not draft JP. Holy moly, we would be tampa bay right now. Will never get that back. They should all be fired and Katz should sell the team to Suncor.

      • Ass Eatn Szn 69

        research? 24 teams in the league would have taken him, calgary was trying to trade up. Hindsight is very easy. Drafting for the consensus list is not a mistake its how things turn out.

    • Spydyr

      What would be nice is to have a management group that made the right decisions instead of keeping lesser players and letting better players walk.

      Now that is what the team really needs.

  • toprightcorner

    The only one I would look to trade for is Cogliano. Cheap to get him and he would bring a great veteran presence to the 3rd line. The rest will cost too much to get and for the prices, you would pay, there are much better alternatives for younger players with many more prime years ahead.

    • btrain

      Haha, wouldn’t that be crazy to have Ganger and Cagliano on the third line next year? Sticking with the above rules, they could also bring back Magnus Paajarvi to join them! I don’t think Cagliano is cheap though at 3.25 mill. He and Gagner would then account for about 6.5 mill, which is a little steep for what they bring.

  • Fireball

    The oilers should trade for Hall so he can not play for the Oilers just like he is not playing for the Devils and just like he hasn’t played a full season for 8 of the 9 years he’s been in the NHL. Maybe they’d get lucky and he’d spend half his next contract on LTIR or retire early due to all The injuries.., Sammy was a excellent pick up.. Can’t believe Vancouver wouldn’t have him on their team for the final two years of the three year Contract he signed with them just a year ago., I really can’t believe they wouldn’t even use him on their own farm team., Geez he’s a super star., fits the oilers perfectly .. young core of 29 years old., don’t hit., don’t block shots ., don’t win faceoffs and small to boot., excellent pick up., That bum spooner had 6 points in 7 games in Bakersfield and is set the Start on Vans top line With Pettersson and Boesner., Weird

    • Fireball

      The fact anyone would even consider this crap just goes to show how delusional we all have become as oilers Fans.. we haven’t seen a real team in so long ( some never ) that they’d even think any of this was sane in anyway

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Please don’t get your hopes up on Gagne. My daughter, being a Nucks fan has had every Canuck game on TV for the last 10 years. Being an Oiler fan, I have zeroed in on Gagne’s play & let me tell you it has turned into AHL at best.
      He has lost a step and gets caught constantly. I think he’ll fit right in with the current roster. He definitely won’t be a saviour & I think before the end of the season, most of ON will want his head on a platter…. He’s not the same. But, to K Gretzky’s credit, he should be a step up from Spooner.

  • ed from edmonton

    Apparently Friedman has been musing about Hall having a desire to return the Edmonton. Friedman thinks that Hall has matured a lot since he left Edmonton and he may want a second chance here. At this point it seems unlikely the Oil could afford Hall. Having said that, with Hall currently on IR and stalled at 37 points, next year will be incredibly important going into UFA. In his career Hall’s point totals have been 42, 53, 50 (in 45 games due to lock out), 80, 38, 65,53, 93 and 37 and counting. He has only cracked the 60 point mark 3 times in 10 years. If next year id closer to his average production than his MVP year it will cost him a lot of money.

    • Rufio Barcoli

      How many of those were charity points?
      Friedman just makes stories up for click bait.
      Elliott thinks Hall matured: based on what? Friedman’s imagination?
      Most of these so called “insiders” just make stuff up and throw it on the wall, to see what sticks.
      Their stories and “inside information” is about 2% accurate, yet people eat of their plate like there is nothing else. Oh wait, there is nothing else, TSN and SportsNet have the market cornered when it comes to gypsy gossip.

      • ChillyPepper

        Weren’t you the guy who, just yesterday, had insider info about the Oilers claiming Smith-Pelly off waivers? Clearly you ate it off the plate since you posted it.

    • Gravis82

      Every player matures as they age. The real question is have the oilers management matured enough to hire a competent GM to give a competent coach competent players?

  • slats-west

    If they have not improved their hockey IQ then the answer is NO. That eliminates Hall and Ebs, immediately. Neither makes other players around them better. Please move on.

    Cogliano is a beauty and should be pursued heavily. Petry as a 5-6 spot at right price. Schultz is getting injured with greater frequency but believe he’s improved greatly got 2 cups but needs the perfect coach to use him properly. Others i would pass.

  • Big Nuggets

    I forgot, Pitlick was becoming one of my favourites before he wasn’t re-signed. I like a good bottom 6 forward that shoots the puck a lot. Good attitude as well.