GDB 60.0: Bringing A Butter Knife To A Gun Fight (7pm MT, SNW)

Connor McDavid will return to the lineup tonight. Unless you’ve just awoken from a coma and are unaware of the state of the Edmonton Oilers, it should be obvious how much McDavid means to the team. But when you glance at the current group of supporting forwards it becomes even more glaring how horrific of…


What to do with Alex Chiasson

Over the summer, I began tweeting #PTOEveryone. I did this half as a joke and half because the idea of inviting a bunch of determined veterans to training camp really doesn’t have a downside. The worst case scenario is that they don’t work out and at any point during the tryout, you simply release them….


GDB Game Notes: Islanders @ Oilers

The wildcard race in the Western Conference is at a level we’ve never seen in the shootout era. The Minnesota Wild made the playoffs with 87 points in 2016, the lowest point total for a wildcard/eighth seeded team since 2003 when the New York Islanders made the postseason with 83 points. There was no shootout…