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Landing Spots for Chiasson

We don’t need to discuss the options open to the Oilers when it comes to Alex Chiasson. Tyler Yaremchuk did that earlier this week.

I’m going to take a look at who the Oilers might have to end up working with if they decide the trade route is the best way to go for Chiasson. I would have had Washington on this list but they recently sent a 3rd and conditional 6th to the Kings for Carl Hagelin. So who’s left?


TSN Insider Pierre LeBrun has already mentioned the Penguins are showing some interest in Chiasson and that the rumoured ask is a 2nd round pick or a good prospect.

Hagelin has two goals this season and the Kings were forced to retain salary in order to land a third rounder. Due to his low cap hit it’s not completely unreasonable to think the Oilers may be able to land a late 2nd for Chiasson but I’d say a third or a prospect is the more likely return.

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Here’s the issue for a deal with the Penguins, they don’t have a 2nd or a 3rd round pick in the 2019 draft. They also don’t have a 2nd rounder in 2020.

With no picks in the range the Oilers are looking for, the Penguins may have to part with a decent prospect. From what I’ve been told the Oilers spend quite a bit of time watching NCAA hockey out east. I wonder if Finnish prospect Kasper Bjorkqvist would get the job done. Bjorkqvist was drafted 61st overall in the 2016 draft and has now played three seasons with Providence. 

I’d also look at Sam Miletic. He’s an AHL rookie with 17 points in 26 games. He had 92 points last year with the London Knights and Niagara Ice Dogs.


I don’t think the Bruins are as nice as fit as the Penguins but I do believe they are a little inexperienced on the wings. After pulling the trigger on the Coyle trade Bruins GM Don Sweeney hinted that he was done dealing. I doubt it.

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Keith Gretzky would know the Bruins system well as he is responsible for drafting a number of the players currently in that pipeline. I wonder if the Bruins would be ready to part with former 1st round pick Zachary Senyshyn. Gretzky liked him enough to draft him 15th overall in 2015. He has 13 goals in the AHL so far this season and currently sits 8th in Providence Bruins scoring. They might be ready to give up on him.

I’d prefer a 3rd round pick at this point.


Maybe the Blues don’t want to mess with a winning formula but I think Chiasson could provide a little bump on the wing and more importantly fit into the cap space they have available.

The Blues prospect depth doesn’t drive me crazy but they do still have a 3rd in 2019. Samuel Blais would also be of interest to me if I were the Oilers. He has 18 points in 25 games in the AHL and has played 24 games with the big club scoring twice and adding an assist. He’s 6’2, 205 and has three years under his belt in the AHL. I’d be willing to add a late pick to Chiasson to bring in a warm body like Blais. It’s unlikely, but he does intrigue me.


I’m throwing the Stars into the mix simply because they may feel the need to do something just to hang on to a playoff spot at this point.

Like the Blues, the Stars don’t have a lot of cap space so adding a big name is out of the question. Prior to this season, Chiasson’s best year was his last one with Dallas after which he was one of the key pieces they had to move out to bring in Jason Spezza.

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A couple of prospects that may be worth bringing in. Adam Mascherin was a 2nd round pick of the Panthers in 2016 but didn’t sign and re-entered the draft in 2018 where he was selected in the 4th round by Dallas. He has 30 points in 52 games as an AHL rookie after putting up 81,100 and 86 points over his final three years of junior. Would be a nice return for Chiasson if they could make it happen.

Oskar Back was a 3rd round pick in 2018. He’s described as a project out of Sweden that will need significant time to develop. Back was on the World Junior squad for Sweden this past Christmas. The Stars also still have all of their picks in the 2019 draft.


To be honest I’m not even sure where Chiasson would fit into the Islanders current line up but I’m putting them on this list for one reason and one reason only; to ask this question. What would you be willing to add to Chiasson to get Josh Ho-Sang? Would you be willing to bring in Josh Ho-Sang? He has recently said he’s not opposed to being traded.

I have no idea what would have to be added to Chiasson to get a deal done. Would the Islanders be ready to move on from Ho-Sang if they can get a little help for the playoffs this year and a small piece for the future? It’s probably the best they can hope for. What would you offer up and would it be worth it? Fire away in the comments!

Previously by Dustin Nielson:

    • Slick Stick

      I have watched Chiasson lately and he does not play with the same passion he once had. He is almost non-existent as a checker in the offensive zone and almost always does a pass by instead of hitting an opposing player, along the boards. Chiasson is a big player and should be using his size on the forecheck. A 2nd round pick would be great but a 3rd is more probable.

      • Ko-D

        Listening to K Gretz’s take on this team makes me cringe. This team needs to be looking to build towards the future, the Oilers are not going to win the cup this year so they need to use their time and energy drastically improving/joining 2019 in scouting, team moral building, training and medical staff. They also need to cut cap space and fill tallent gaps within the roster. Start by seeing what you could get to Larson, Kassian, Chiasson or Russell at the deadline. Offer Lucic and Kassian for no returns or see what that would take. Maybe Kassian and Russell could get a young scoring winger being under utilized from a contender (Chai would accept so maybe another GM would). The deadline is a good time to get rid of older players filling cap with term, just ask for near nothing in return.

  • Darcy yaceyko

    I really hope they can get him back. To me he’s been a bright spot. Love having Sam back. He’s a great character and still has hands. Welcome back Gags!!

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      even if they doubled his slay he’d still be cheaper than anyone on this team with a 1/4 of the points. I would see if they could re-sign him, if he doesnt wok out you can always trade him next season. we need guys that can score, yes he has been cold, but 15 goals on this team is a lot to give up

    • Beer_League_Ringer

      I’m always up for a round of *new name – same troll*. I’m not sure Bung is/was quite as one-dimensional. I need more data, but that was a solid effort on your part. Hmmmmm….

  • JasonY

    They should keep him and try to resign him short term. 2 years or even better yet for 1 year. This repeated cycle of trading wingers cause they are UFAs has not worked for them. We need wingers or this whole debacle will continue!!!

  • Glencontrolurstik

    OK, someone tell me again why they want to get rid of Chaisson? It’s not to save money??? He’ll be a value contract, he wants to stay, he likes Edmonton. He’s won a cup and played in numerous post seasons. He’s a great depth player, plays with intensity & to fill the void left at his value would be hard. The way I see it, with the cap situation that we have, we need more Chaisson’s & Kassians for thet matter. Move out some larger dead weight. We should be talking about Reider & Benning more that the Chaisson’s & Kassian’s. What about moving out Brodziak? I like Chaisson & he likes it here, that is a player attitude we should frame for all to see, not trade away, for what, a third round pick? Just plain short-sighted… Whew… it’s Friday…