One Minute Men – Oilers vs Predators (February 25, 2019)

New Green Screen Technology at Nation HQ! This has nothing to do with predators or smashville, but here is the content! Watch the men read Gregor’s Gameday Notes in under a minute.

Let me tell you, unboxing and building things in Oilersnation HQ is always the most fun part of the day. I’m so happy we can include you all in the construction that took place when putting together our new green screen. This is an upgraded edition of our old green screen, so you can expect BETTER video content from us moving forward.
The Oilers play the Preds tonight and I’m scared as hell. We squeaked through a win against the Ducks on the weekend without McDavid, but tonight is a whole new animal. Here’s hoping the boys can rally together and put together another W in Nashville, and here’s hoping Wayne Simmonds doesn’t get there in time to play.
Watch the video below!

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