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The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – Puljujarvi shut down for season, Khaira’s return still unknown

I’ve got some good news and bad news in this weeks injury report. We see no new additions to the IR which is great, however, an update on Jesse Puljujarvi from the past week leaves us disappointed.

Jujhar Khaira

Jujhar Khaira still remains sidelined with a lower-body injury he suffered a couple of weeks ago. The longer he remains out, the more I think that the rumors of Khaira having a hairline fracture could be true. As always, the team hasn’t released a ton of information on the injury, so we just have to sit back and be patient together. His timeline is listed as a 2-3 week return, which should count him back any day now. Since we’ve heard no update, I imagine it may be longer than that.

Jesse Puljujarvi

This time last week, we didn’t know too many details about Jesse Puljujarvi’s injury. We knew it was considered a lower body and that he was in need of a second opinion from a doctor provided by the NHL. Well, since then, a lot has unfolded. Jason Gregor broke the news this past week that Jesse Puljujarvi will require surgery on his hip, and that he will not be returning to the lineup this season.

This is bittersweet for a lot of reasons. It sounds like Puljujarvi has had this lingering injury for a while now, and that he claims it’s affected him while skating on the ice. I don’t want to use it as an excuse for Puljujarvi’s underwhelming season, but it’s interesting to know that this was bothering him for quite a while. I’m sure it’s a relief for Jesse to finally find out the problem and to know that it’s getting resolved.

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Ken Hitchcock says that Puljujarvi will have no issues coming back to training camp next Fall healthy and ready to play. I’m sure this news also buys Puljujarvi at least another year to show management what he can do.

Notables around the league

  • Ryan Getzlaf has missed five games with an upper-body injury for the Ducks
  • James Neal is considered week-to-week with a lower-body injury for the Flames.
  • Taylor Hall had successful knee surgery this past week, there is no timeline for a return.
  • Erik Karlsson is sidelined with a groin injury and is considered week-to-week.
  • Dustin Byfuglien is expected to return in the middle of March from his lower body injury.

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  • OilerForLife

    Puljujarvi should’ve been shut down a lot sooner. Not good for his confidence when he isn’t close to 100%. It will be a bridge unless they trade him, but they won’t give him away. He’ll start in Bakersfield if he doesn’t make the team better.

    • TKB2677

      I agree with you on JP. I think he should start the season in Bakersfield next year. His injury isn’t something that stops him from playing, it’s a discomfort thing. Even if he was healthy, he’s SOOO far way from being NHL ready, he needs more development time. The question I have is, will he accept going to the AHL and see it as a positive? The Oilers hasn’t developed JP properly so they shoulder a lot of the blame but it sure sounds like based on what has been reported, what has been said by the Oilers mouth piece Stauffer and what has come out of the JP camp, it doesn’t seem like JP sees playing in the AHL as a good thing for him.