Nation Donair Tour – YEG Burger

We’re back! After a few weeks on hiatus as we’re all trying to get back in shape from slamming Donairs every week all winter, we took the trip to YEG Burger to see what the fuss around this Donair Burger was all about. We brought Donair connoisseur and local Hot Sports Takes guy Dusty Nielson from TSN1260 along with us too.

None of us had ever tried a Donair Burger before so this is completely uncharted territory. I don’t want to give too much away, but damn, it was a good experience. One thing we’ve all complained about in the past is the inconsistency of the bites you take of some donairs. With the Donair Burger, you have all the goodness of a donair (the meat, the sweet sauce, and so on) but you also have the consistency of a burger. The burger patty served as an excellent backbone for what was a truly excellent donair experience.

Check out the video below! Also, don’t forget to DIVE IN the comments section and let us know where we should go next! 

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