I was wrong about Andrej Sekera

This summer, when news came out that Andrej Sekera had sustained a second serious leg injury, I was not only skeptical about the chances that he would return to the Oilers this season, I thought there was a chance we would never see him play another NHL game.


GDB 70.0: Dance with the Devils (7:30 pm MT, SN1)

The NHL can be extremely ruthless. While players and management respect each other they won’t hesitate to pile on when you hit a rough patch. That is the reality of the league, and right now the New Jersey Devils are decimated by injuries. Reigning Hart Trophy winner, Taylor Hall, is out with a knee injury,…


Happy Anniversary to the Edmonton Investors Group

On this day 21 years ago, a group of 38 local investors banded together to purchase the Edmonton Oilers and stop them from potentially moving to Houston. Happy Anniversary to the EIG! If not for you stepping up, the Oilers very likely wouldn’t exist right now.


Game Notes Devils @ Oilers: An Unseen Force

It is invisible, but you can feel it pulling at you. Slowly. You try to fight it. You dig your feet in, lean back and try not to get sucked in deeper, but because you can’t see it you don’t know when it will try to lure you back. Some of you go willingly, not…