GDB 70.0 Wrap Up: We’re not mad… we’re just… disappointed, Oilers lose 6-3 to New Jersey

Blown opportunity there, boys. Final Score: 6-3 Devils

Given that the New Jersey Devils played last night, are generally terrible, and were stuck in the middle of a seven-game losing streak, I couldn’t see any reason why the Oilers shouldn’t have won this hockey game. Add in the fact that the Oilers are playing some of their best hockey of the season right now, I was coming into tonight’s matchup with the expectation of two more big points in the bank and another step closer to that second Wild Card spot, and anything less than that would be unacceptable. What I’m telling you is that I felt confident that we’d be celebrating a win with this wrap up. So when the first period ended with both teams trading a pair of goals, I wasn’t exactly feeling encouraged but I wasn’t necessarily worried either. The boys were getting plenty of chances on net and had it not been for Cory Schneider, the Oilers would have been able to put more than two on the board.

As the game moved into the second period, the Oilers needed to find a way to stop the bleeding that started when Travis Zajac was able to score a late tally with only seconds left in the opening frame. Unfortunately, that is the complete opposite of what actually happened. Instead of hitting the ice like possessed lunatics, the boys took their foot off the gas, got pushed around, didn’t get the saves needed to cover up mistakes, and found themselves down by a pair of goals with 20 minutes left to play. What once was a lead was now gone. Heading into the third, the Oilers had no other option but to cheat for offence to try and claw their way back in the game, but despite their best intentions, they couldn’t stop the Devils from scoring it’s pretty damned tough to win in the NHL when you have to convert a touchdown to make that happen.

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From the crease outward, the Oilers were sloppy and outplayed by a team that they should beat every night of the week and that was extremely frustrating to watch given the importance of this hockey game.

The wrap.


  • Shortly after Agostino opened the scoring, Sam Gagner tied the game back up at one apiece after he made his way to the front of the net and had Matt Benning’s point shot deflect in off of him before slowly sneaking through Cory Schneider’s legs and into the back of the net.
  • Alex Chiasson gave the Oilers the lead after he parked himself right in front of the net and perfectly deflected Connor McDavid’s pass past Schneider for his 20th goal of the season.
  • Matt Benning pulled the Oilers back to within two goals at the end of the second after he unleashed a beautiful one-timer that Schneider had absolutely no chance of stopping. Up until this goal, the Devils were more or less running the show and all we could really do was hope that Benning’s late-period goal would have the same effect on the Oilers that Zajac’s did for NJ at the end of the first.
  • A massive shout out to Connor McDavid for hitting 100 points for the third straight season after he finished his night with another two assists on the pile. There are so many nights when he is one of the only reasons to watch Oilers games and I really pray that the new GM can change that horrible reality as we move forward.
  • I’m going to give Anthony Stolarz a shout out because he came into the game in a horrible situation. Unfortunately, he didn’t play enough minutes to count against the 10 appearances needed to maintain his RFA status. He finished his night with 15 saves and a .882 save%.
  • After sitting out the last couple games with an injury, Milan Lucic made his mark early tonight with a hell of a scrap against Kurtis Gabriel that seemed to last forever before the linesmen eventually stepped in. As always, you can check out the fight again on Lucic’s fight page over on HockeyFights.com.
  • Taylor Hall didn’t score against us! Sucker! Yes, I know he hasn’t played since December.


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  • Did you guys know that the Devils had lost seven in a row? Surprised? You aren’t, are you?
  • Kenny Agostino got the Devils on the board after firing the puck over a sliding Andrej Sekera that took a friendly bounce off of Koskinen’s blocker and into the back of the net. Tough goal against Koskinen to open the scoring.
  • Travis Zajac tied the game up at two apiece with only 19 seconds left in the first period on a goal that never should have happened in the first place. Zajac was left alone in front of the net and got a pass fired into him with plenty of time to make a nice little deke to his backhand that beat a sprawling Koskinen. The Oilers had a couple of chances to clear the zone on the play, which made the goal extra frustrating to see.
  • David Severson restored the Devils lead with the Devils’ second power play goal of the night after he fired a wrist shot through traffic that beat Koskinen on the blocker side. It looked like the puck deflected off of something on the way to the net, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Devils were able to manage two goals with the man advantage.
  • John Quenneville got the Devils’ fourth goal of the night and ended up being the one that got Koskinen pulled from the game. To make matters worse, Quenneville hadn’t scored in 100 years and the goal he did score came from an angle that should not have beaten an NHL goaltender so it wasn’t exactly surprising to see this be the one that ended the goalie’s night.
  • Kevin Rooney scored the fifth Devils goal of the night, and by the time this went in I was already in the kitchen trying to find the can opener. Sometimes a blogger knows when he’s beat.
  • Can I just say that Blake Coleman’s shorthanded goal was one of the most annoying things I’ve seen all season? The Oilers desperately needed a power play goal, but, instead, they allowed a shortie against and looked like dickheads in the process.
  • Mikko Koskinen was back between the pipes tonight and looking for his sixth straight win, but he was very shaky in the 34ish minutes he played. Of the four goals he allowed, there are easily a few that he would want to have back and it wasn’t at all surprising to see him get the hook. Koskinen finished the night with 14 saves and a .778 save%.
  • Not a great night for the defensive group as a whole, but Larsson specifically because of the roasting he took on a couple of goals against. To me, the Sekera/Benning pairing was easily the most consistent the Oilers had tonight and that’s not a great look when that’s your third pairing.
  • Would you guys mind if I say that the penalty kill was complete dogshit tonight? No? Cool. I knew you’d understand. New Jersey finished with two goals on four attempts tonight and those goals completely derailed the game for Edmonton.
  • Speaking of special teams, I would normally give the Oilers a shout out for the power play goal they scored but since the Devils got a shortie to even things out, I don’t think it’s merited.
  • Guys, I’m super cereal… Tobias Rieder may never score again.
  • Eating beets because of the Devils for the second time this year is very upsetting. As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast conversation over on my Twitter account.



07:34 New Jersey Kenny Agostino (5) ASST: Andy Greene (18), Kevin Rooney (3) 1-0
09:37 Edmonton Sam Gagner (5) ASST: Jujhar Khaira (14), Matt Benning (10) 1-1
14:22 Edmonton PPG – Alex Chiasson (20) ASST: Connor McDavid (65), Oscar Klefbom (15) 1-2
19:42 New Jersey PPG – Travis Zajac (17) ASST: Damon Severson (26) 2-2


06:23 New Jersey PPG – Damon Severson (11) ASST: Drew Stafford (7), Connor Carrick (7) 3-2
12:49 New Jersey John Quenneville (1) ASST: Kurtis Gabriel (2), Will Butcher (23) 4-2
16:32 New Jersey Kevin Rooney (5) ASST: Kenny Agostino (14), Kyle Palmieri (23) 5-2
19:19 Edmonton Matt Benning (4) ASST: Connor McDavid (66), Andrej Sekera (2) 5-3


12:06 New Jersey SHG – Blake Coleman (21) ASST: Andy Greene (19) 6-3


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 3/13/2019 – 10:15 pm MT

  • Kevwan

    Against NJ, LA, DET, and VAN we are a combined 4-7.

    If you can’t beat the bottom feeders you’re not a playoff team – you’re a bottom feeder yourself

    • nijames

      Exactly, why do we think that we are not a bottom feeder. We look at NJ as a game we will win because they are a bottom feeder well they are looking at the schedule saying oh man we can break this losing streak in Edmonton.

  • tkfisher

    At this point I’m not sure Chiarelli could get a job managing a grade 6 boys intramurals floor hockey team. Absolute laughing stock of the hockey world.

  • Todd the electron rod

    It’s worth repeating…

    “How long has it been for them? Three years? Five? Seven? Probably closer to nine. Well, it’s about time they got their act together. They’re ruining the whole league. They better stop running a Mickey Mouse organization and put somebody on the ice. I feel damn sorry for Ron Low and Chico Resch.”

    Closer to twelve years now Wayne! LOL

  • Randomfan

    Sooner this whole playoffs gongshow get over we can start focusing on next year. I hooe they can fire everyone in the head office and start all over again. This city and fanbase deserves better.

  • M22

    It’s kind of refreshing, just for one night, to not have to think about management or ownership. This game is 100% on the players. They are just not ready for Prime Time. There are still many hard lessons for this group to learn. Problem is, they don’t seem to want to remember lessons they’ve learned before. Heard these phrases from the post-game locker room: “took them lightly”, “we just weren’t ready”. Ugh.

    This was unforgivable, but the outcome is exactly what they deserve. Tonight, I am utterly disappointed in my team.

  • Datsyukian

    Just as I predicted. There was not a single positive factor for the Oilers leading into this game, except that the Devils actually played their starter goalie (I put it as a positive because, as we all know, the Oilers make back-ups looks like Vezina candidates). First, it was a second back-to-back game for the Devils. Second, they were badly beaten in the previous game. Third, they were an AHL-caliber team. And fourth, it was a must-win for the Oilers. Now tell me when was the last time these things actually worked in favour of the Oilers? Predictable result.

  • hagar

    I ended my boycott of going to a game only because it was box seats. Not sure how it looked on TV, but in person it looked like two teams playing a lazy practice game in person.

    • hagar

      Speed didn’t look like a problem in slow motion real life. Looked like a game of bumper pool with the players being to ball and bumpers. They spent all three periods just stumping around like everyone was half drunk… at least that was the view from a half drunk guy. Looked slow and awkward, not fast.

  • MrBung

    Done. Need to get this team out of cap hell and the poor goaltending arrangement. Couple seasons away. Anyone that thinks different is living in fantasyland and they know it.

    • TruthHurts98

      Problem is most fans are in fantasyland. Look at how many suckers still go to the games. They’re at least 2 seasons away ONLY if they hire competent people. But don’t hold your breath with Bobby Nick running this Titanic. He signed off on all PC’s idiotic moves.

  • Todd the electron rod

    Good news is I think I just cemented that $20 from that fellow that was betting the oil would make the playoffs. I hope he shows up again soon…

  • Ratt McNuge

    Well, this team doesn’t deserve to make the playoffs anyway. It’s really too bad. McDavey and Drai are having such great seasons. No good wingers. Half a good defence. A backup goalie is our #1.

    • hagar

      Don’t pile in kosk for this. If you don’t see his abilities you are just being petty. He just gave the team its chance only possible with solid goaltending, and has a crap game.

      • Ratt McNuge

        And I’m not saying Talbot was any better. Goaltending has been a problem for the Oilers. That and only half a decent D-corps. And no pure scoring wingers or guys able to help out in the bottom 6 consistently. This is definitely not all Kosk’s fault, but he definitely shares the blame.

        • hagar

          I get it. Just hard to blame the most important position on the ice when the feel Is controlled by the players in front. Lots of Talbot could be explained the same for many of the performances, but kosk is clearly the better goalie, and a large percentage of our points came from his performances.

      • Ratt McNuge

        So many problems with this team. The ONLY reason there was even whispers of playoffs is because Drai and McDavey are so damn good. It’s such a shame that a great team couldn’t be built around them. What a waste. What pity.

        • hagar

          The main problem is culture. The word is played out, but it is hard to think of a better word. Fix the backbone of the team first, that will truly be the beginning of the rebuild

          • hagar

            I think kosk will be part of the solution going forward. Call it a hunch, but he moves crazy well for a big guy, and has that extra little movement only good goalies get. There hasn’t been a goalie in like 15 years on this team that became the best they could be. The Talbot run was the exception, but it didn’t last. Of all the goalies cast off that became successful, I personally see the most potential of all of them while still playing here.

          • hagar

            No doubt kosk was weak sauce tonight, but the entire team stunk like they all shared the day old shrimp. I swear klowe or someone walks through the room before these performances. They just shut down as a team sometimes.

  • Slapshot

    Katz should clean house at the end of the season, get rid of Nicholson, Klowe, MAC T, Howson, K Gretzky , the pro scouts. He should do that, but he won’t , if there was a award for the worst owner in professional sports Katz would’ve won it 12 years in a row.

  • Joy S. Lee

    This certainly doesn’t apply to all, and I get the whole long-term tire fire mentality – everyone feeling a bit lost and out in the cold with this team – but the mood and banter border on hilariously pathetic, minus the hilarious. It’s like seeing a flock of wah-wah’s.

  • Odanada

    Unrelated to the Devils game – last night I took my 10 year old son to the London knights game and we met Evan Bouchard. He signed an autograph and posed for a picture and my son was over the moon. Evan was very nice and we thank him for taking the time to meet us before the game.

  • Anton CP

    Playoffs were always just a liquor talk since Feb, I was only looking for if Leon can score 50 and also getting 100 points. It would be nice to have 2 players over 100 points on the same team. When was the last time that the Oilers have 2 players over 100 points in a season?

  • Abagofpucks

    Well kosko is some crazy enigma, our big guns can’t score(how many posts?).Lucic is a better help when he isn’t on the ice. The site of those butt ugly jerseys say it all(orange should be banned in alberta).I know it’s not really true but, this team doesn’t seem to have any pride in themselves.
    I could go on and on but what for they lost, i can’t defend them and the team can’t seem to win a game when they should. Bottom line is …. the supporting cast on this team just isn’t good enough.

  • Ted

    Klefbooms testies were not up to it tonight … But can’t explain the no show of Larsson. As Kbooms testies go so does Larsson??? … Can anyone also explain to me for every PP we get and they give us the opportunity to start in the oppositions end that we constantly lose the face off and have to retreat to our end! … Should have another Oiler rule ” we wave our rights to be given an advantage we would like to start in our own end” …. Maybe even concede a SHG while we’re at it! … Team was a no show even more so Larsson can’t be that useless … the whole defense core was AWEFUL! Yes all you Nurse lovers he was a no show too.

    • Derian Hatcher

      I may be in the minority but to my eyes Nurse makes too many poor plays and misreads to be considered a “stud” His lack of hockey IQ is demonstrated nearly every game. He is part of a defense core that is beyond frustrating to watch.