Oilersnation Radio Episode 28 – Taking one in the pills

We’re back! The Oilers had themselves a nice little streak going that pulled them back into the playoff mix, but, in traditional Oilers fashion, a swift kick to the pills by the New Jersey Devils pushed the team back one large step. But we’re here enjoying the rollercoaster.

Why are we enjoying the rollercoaster? Because it’s about to get wild this weekend. We and a bunch of Nation fans are jumping on a Flair flight down to Las Vegas for a weekend we’ll never forget but we might not remember. The team has some must-win games in Vegas and we’re ready to help do our part by drinking a lot of, uh, waters and, you know, getting some good nights of sleep.

Other than the impending Vegas bash, we talked about The Answer discussion, whether or not the organization is wasting Connor McDavid, and how much goaltending can be blamed for the team’s struggles.

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Listen to the episode below to hear all the action!

Thanks to Jenesia for hooking us up with today’s music with their new song Mexico. 

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  • percy

    The fans have been taking it in the pills for years. When it comes to hiring a new GM,,,,,,,, I think we are getting it in the pills also. It wouldn’t surprise me the decission has already been made, (KG). Just putting on a show for the fans. IMO