McDavid dominates NHLPA Player Polls again

It’s the seventh most exciting time of the year! The Oilers playoff chances are pretty much doomed, but the NHLPA just released their player polls and as you can imagine, Connor McDavid is at the top of a lot of categories and even made some improvements from last years polls.


Blues 7, Oilers 2: The towel has officially been thrown in

While it isn’t technically over, last night’s miserable showing against the St. Louis Blues was the unofficial end to the Oilers’ season. The Oilers got completely slammed over the course of 60 minutes by a good team driving in playoff mode. This team just isn’t good enough.


Three Takes From Bob Nicholson’s Season Seat Holder Meeting

Bob Nicholson recently addressed season ticket holders at an event and Redditt user “D722” posted a fantastic recap of the meeting and gave the “non-season seat holding” a glimpse into what was said and whatNicholson’ss plan looks like. There were plenty of topics discussed, but three areas, in particular, got my attention and show what…