Inside the Nation: #BlameToby for Everything

It’s Thursday and that means Dusty is live with the Nation on our not *checks to make sure* not blocked facebook page.

Tobias Rieder is going to dominate discussion so we will blame him for all the other topics too.

  • #BlameToby for missing the playoffs
  • #BlameToby for everything, Dusty reads some of his favourite hashtag tweets
  • #BlameToby for Darryl interrupting the live feed with a call
  • #BlameToby for the lineups tonight
  • #BlameToby for the Oilers being SpOilers
  • #BlameToby for whether we need a puck moving D man or a good winger group
  • #BlameToby for the @Oilersnation twitter account getting banned? (follow us right now @Oilersnationalt)
  • #BlameToby for no more book suggestion of the week, instead onto DVD reviews
  • #BlameToby for Connor not getting 100% scores in all the NHLPA rankings
  • #BlameToby for a T-shirt release from ON

Watch the full video below!

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  • percy

    Bobby Nics , you talk to much. Do your job and find us a GM that can fix this mess created by the last GM you hired. Stick to bottled water until you find one.

  • FanSince72

    I wound not say blame toby for everything. That is too far. But I just really hope it’s his last game. I played with a guy like that (very minor hockey BTW) and it was his trademark…. skate fast, head down, looks like he is going crazy with the puck, works his way into a corner, falls down and gives it away. Every time. With you standing alone in front of the net calling his name for a pass. That’s why I don’t like him. Vancouver had a player like that, Mason Raymond. All flash and dash and looked like he was skating 100 mph, and was fast, but hockey IQ -zero mph. ZERO. No team needs that. Time for TB to check out the german league.