GDB 75.0 Wrap Up: The dinghy is sinking, Oilers fall to Ottawa 4-3 in overtime

At least the Senators are one of the league’s best, right? Final Score: 4-3 Senators in overtime

Looking at the Ottawa Senators’ roster, I had a really hard time believing that this is not a team that the Edmonton Oilers should beat on most nights. With the Sens trading basically everything they had at the deadline after losing Karlsson in the offseason, there aren’t many names you’d recognize on this team anymore and you’d think that would give our boys a nice head start. That said, the last time these two teams met did not start off well for our Oilers, and it took a hell of a comeback by the boys over the last 30 minutes or so to pull out the win, something I wanted to be spared from today. So when the Senators finished the first period up by a goal as a result of a pair of power play goals, I wasn’t exactly feeling inspired by the way things were going. That said, there was plenty of time to turn things around and I believed that the Oilers would find a way to make something happen.

As the game progressed, the Oilers’ biggest need that I was tightening up their puck choices in their own zone and, more importantly, staying out of the penalty box. In the second period, they did a much better job of keeping the bulk of Ottawa’s chances to the outside of the ice, and while they still allowed a sizeable number of shots against, most came from a distance and with a clear line of sight for the goalie. This steadiness allowed the Oilers to tie things up for a second time and keep themselves in the mix for the win. With the score tied heading into the final frame, it was still anyone’s game and the Oilers needed to put the hammer down to ensure they’d be walking away from the afternoon with two points. And while both teams traded goals early on, the third period would solve nothing and it was off to bonus hockey to determine a winner.

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Unfortunately, the Oilers couldn’t manage to generate a shot in the OT period despite having all kinds of possession time and that gave the Senators the window they needed to end things off. As I wrote in this morning’s GDB that, like the captain of the Titanic, I will ride this Oilers ship right to the bottom of the ocean if I have to and today’s loss to the Senators certainly pokes another hole in the dinghy.

The wrap.

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  • Alex Chiasson tied the game up at one apiece after Darnell Nurse found him with a beautiful lead pass that set him in alone on Andersson. From there, Chiasson pulled off a nice little backhanded deke, elevated the puck, and deposited his 21st goal of the season.
  • Connor McDavid tied the game up with his 38th goal of the season after he and Draisaitl executed a 2-on-1 in a way that only those two can. Between the two of them, they made a few quick passes back and forth before Connor smashed the puck past Anderson to finishing things off.
  • Only moments after the Sens took the lead for the third time, Colby Cave responded with an absolute snipe show that beat Craig Anderson high on the glove side. Joseph Gambardella made a nice assist out into the slot and Cave made no mistake of burying it. You’ve gotta like that response after allowing another tough goal against.
  • I want to give Darnell Nurse a shout out for the beautiful pass he made to set Alex Chiasson up with a break on his goal. Darryl hit him right on the tape in full flight, and I was a big fan. Nurse finished the night 22:46 TOI, an assist, one hit, two shots on goal, and three blocked shots.
  • Another shout out goes to Andrej Sekera who played in his 700th game today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, but Sekera has been a pleasure to watch since coming back from his Achilles injury. I certainly didn’t expect it, but I’m very much enjoying it. This guy is a smart hockey player.
  • At least Paajarvi didn’t score? He did get an assist though.
What to expect from Mike Smith this summer


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  • This is a game the Oilers had to win and the fact that they didn’t against what amounts to basically an AHL roster is very upsetting.
  • Brady Tkachuk got the Senators on the board first after he was able to bank the puck in off Adam Larsson’s skate from behind the net and get a lucky bounce that slipped past Mikko Koskinen. Tough luck goal to put the Oilers in an early hole. Tkachuk added the game winner in OT after he found a hole on Koskinen’s glove side and snuck a wrister through it.
  • Bobby Ryan restored the Senators lead with their second power play goal of the period after he parked himself in front of the net and Thomas Chabot found him for a tap in. Leon Draisaitl had a chance to clear the zone but tried to make a backhanded saucer pass that got intercepted and turned into a goal only seconds later.
  • Brian Gibbons scored early in the third period to give the Senators their third lead of the game after the Oilers blew their assignments on the backcheck which created the odd-man rush that caused the goal.
  • After getting a nice bounce back win against the Columbus Blue Jackets, it made sense for Mikko Koskinen to be back between the pipes this afternoon. The dude has been inconsistent over the course of his first season with the Edmonton Oilers, and I’m really hoping he can use these last eight games to keep working on his game. While I certainly wouldn’t blame Koskinen for this loss, I would suggest that he allowed another couple of goals that he’ll want to have back, including the OT winner to Tkachuk. Koskinen finished the night 31 saves and a .885 save%.
  • Getting outshot 35 to 29 by the Ottawa Senators is not a great look.
  • The PK was a disaster for the Oilers tonight as they allowed two goals on two chances with goals that were completely preventable.
  • We’re seriously going to make it through this whole season with a Rieder goal, huh?
  • This one hurts. The #BeetCast is coming up in a few minutes and you can join in the conversation over on my Twitter account.
Game 4 between Oilers and Blackhawks will be Friday at 4:45pm



04:37 Ottawa PPG – Brady Tkachuk (18) ASST: Christian Wolanin (6), Dylan DeMelo (17) 1-0
08:12 Edmonton Alex Chiasson (21) ASST: Darnell Nurse (29) 1-1
15:28 Ottawa PPG – Bobby Ryan (14) ASST: Thomas Chabot (37), Colin White (23) 2-1


02:54 Edmonton Connor McDavid (38) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (52), Zack Kassian (10) 2-2


07:37 Ottawa Brian Gibbons (6) ASST: Magnus Paajarvi (6), Oscar Lindberg (9) 3-2
08:33 Edmonton Colby Cave (3) ASST: Joseph Gambardella (2), Sam Gagner (6) 3-3


02:09 Ottawa Brady Tkachuk (19) 4-3


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 3/23/2019 – 4:45 pm MT

  • nijames

    The really sad thing about this gong show is the Oilers had by far the easiest schedule of all the turtle race competitors and they somehow managed to skewer that opportunity. Just a very very poorly built hockey team

  • D'oh-ilers

    The Oilers season ended when Klefbom got injured and Chiahead tried plugging the hole with packing peanuts. Actually, I take that back. Packing peanuts would have been more useful than Manning or Petrovic.

  • TruthHurts98

    Haha I predicted the Oilers to stink up Rogers and lose to their twin dumpster fire. Of course the delusional Oiler fans trashed it and thought there was no way that could happen. But it did. Bobby Burgers and OBC Koolaid for all the fans that think there still is a chance at the playoffs.

  • GK1980

    The dinghy is sinking? What! since the loss to Jersey they have been at the bottom of the ocean and probably will stay there for a few more years, probably another decade unless the fluke out and get into the playoffs one time.

  • Bleeds Oil

    What the hell … can’t even beat Ottawa!
    Koskinin is terribly unreliable. Is it just me or is he spending too much time on his knees.. just like talbot! Oilers need a real goalie coach not this hack!

    Chi you’re a piece of sh*t

  • kelvjn

    If Reider scores 2 goals in each of the remaining 7 games he would score 14 goals a year and the Oilers would be in the playoffs. They can still do it if they put Tobias on first PP and 28min/game instead of gifting the minutes to Conner and Leon.

  • Heschultzhescores

    Everybody go look at JP’stats in his draft year vs Tkachuk and tell me how in the world we picked JP ahead of him. Its inexcusably stupid on every level.

    • RexHolez

      Hey! He has a genetic hip issue or something. Everyone had him rated that high, just as burkie. It must just be 13 years of bad luck. It’s never the oilers fault

    • tkfisher

      Kind of outta the blue. Is anyone going to point out that neither of those players played tonight? I understand the comment, (and can’t disagree) but guy playing for Ottawa is the little brother of the guy you wish the Oilers drafted. Because that prick of a player has way more points than the guy who scored two on us today.

  • Oiler Al

    Leavins @ Cult of Hockey giving away players grades like it was Xmas morning! All that for a so-so game vs a bottom team. Time to call out this junk. Whos kidding who?

  • Oiler Al

    Leavins @ Cult of Hockey giving away players grades like it was Xmas morning! All that for a so-so game vs a bottom team. Time to call out this junk. Whos kidding who?

    • The Sultan

      Lol Oilers missing the playoffs for the 12th time in 13 years that’s gonna make some trouble.

      Lol Lucic making 6 million a year.

      Lol @ Oilers paying the guy who injured McDavid to sit in the pressbox or their AHL team.

      Lol @ Hall for Larsson.

      Lol @ Oilers taking Pulijarvi over Tkachuk.

      Lol @ Koskinen’s 4 million dollar contract.

      Should I go on?

      • Butters

        Lucic, we all knew the wheels would fall off before that contract ended, just not this soon. The rest you are 100% correct about, and yes, there is a lot more…. Given that the narrative is now Chiarelli acted alone, nothing will change except for a new GM and coaches, and it is anyone’s guess as to how much longer this franchise will remain in the sewer.

      • Butters

        And except for JP, he was consensus number 3 so the Oilers took him when available and according to Burke, the Flames might well have done the same in the same situation. Our loss, Flames gain. There were a lot of self inflicted wounds that have hurt this franchise but I wouldn’t count drafting JP as one of them.

        • Heschultzhescores

          Look at what Tkachuk did in his final year of juniors, and tell me how JP was even drafted first round. His stats were franchise player, and backed up by pedigree. I guess winning the memorial cup and leading all players in playoff scoring is not a huge indication of talent.

          • Heschultzhescores

            Just this alone is all anyone needed to know…The gritty forward stood out in his rookie OHL season in 2015-16, finishing fifth with 107 points (30 goals, 77 assists) in 57 games. He helped London win the OHL championship, scoring 40 points (league-best 20 goals, 20 assists) in 18 playoff games. London went on to win the Memorial Cup, defeating Rouyn-Noranda 3-2 in overtime in the final.

          • Heschultzhescores

            And let’s compare that to this and tell me how drafting him ahead of Tkachuk was even a thought.
            In 2015–16, his first full season with Kärpät, Puljujärvi played in 50 Liiga games, scoring 28 points (13 goals and 15 assists), as well as in ten playoff games with four goals and five assists. He also competed in the Champions Hockey League (CHL) with the club, recording 2 assists in 13 games but remained goalless.

          • nbandito

            There is a little tournament called the World Juniors where Pulju kinda played well. Maybe you don’t pay attention to that kinda stuff. I don’t think choosing Pulju is something we need to beat ourselves up over.

          • Heschultzhescores

            Beating ourselves, not beating ourselves up. All of these are huge mistakes that leave us lacking talent today. You only get one shot at getting elite players. And this was an easy decision. Why take a chance on a draft puck instead of taking the guy who will 99% pan out?

          • Butters

            JP had a really good WJC. I think too much stock is placed on how players perform in that tournament and JP had really talented linemates. I thought Tkachuk was a Chiarelli type player if there ever was one.

          • nbandito

            I was a fan at the time of that draft and although I was excited to pick up Tkachuk, when Pulju fell I wasn’t upset about that pick either. I watched that world juniors tournament and Jesse looked like a bonafide stud. Hindsight is a gift we all possess and I think your arguments would be better laid out if you had proof you were this passionate on the matter at the time of the draft. I’m just as pissed off at management as anyone and don’t feel like defending them beyond this but there are far bigger missteps than this to focus on. Like that Reinhardt trade. Or the Eberle ‘salary dump’ (I still love you Gags). Here’s a good one, the Lucic contract! (You’re a sweet dude Looch, but goals matter.)

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    You what’s really embarassing? This Ottawa squad could probably lose to Bakersfield!

    This keeps on happening. Teams ice an AHL lineup at times and not only does Edmonton struggle, but they sometimes lose? Look at the jersey game last week! Oh heck, the first game Connor played against the Leafs, the Oilers struggled against an AHL lineup that the Leafs iced. Sure they won 5-2, but at times they had issues against Toronto.

    • Alfonso

      There’s no single hapless Oil fan that totally deserves all of the embarrassment your team can muster after all of your over-the-top, shameless, delirious, grandiose, bombastic, pompous, pretentious, egotistical, ostentatious meanderings about how good these Oilers actually are … you wear it well …

    • Butters

      Nicholson was right. But what he should have said was, “we brought in some players to provide us with secondary scoring and it didn’t happen.” The fans could fill in the blanks about whom he was talking about. Naming names is just bad form.

      Nicholson is probably not the right guy to be talking at these season ticket holder events. But that sums up the Oilers, the wrong people doing the wrong jobs.

      • camdog

        The Oilers Executive think goal scoring is the number 1 problem, reality is it isn’t. Penalty kill has given up more goals than any team in league.Thing is they don’t know how to fix it. Defensive zone coverages needs to be better. Scoring more goals does not equal playoffs. They still don’t get it.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      Look I can understand Bobby Nicks calling out players. This is a sport, it happens. But to pin the entire lack of success on him was wrong.

  • KootenayDan

    All this talk about the OBC or management when this teams failure for this season lands squarely on Chiarelli’s shoulders. This season is over making the playoffs would have done nothing for a team unable to compete. A seasoned POHO and a young insightful gm could right the ship.Bob needs to fade into the background after the next gm hiring.

  • Goaltender Interference

    To all you trolls out there – there really isn’t a need to troll us Oilers fans anymore… Our teams management does that well enough on their own in far more devastating ways than any of you can muster…


  • 72 Oilers

    Oh well, looking forward to a new start with new management, players and a new hope for the playoffs next year! Plan to enjoy watching Connor and Leon rack up the points in the last 7 games!

  • Stickhandler

    never mind the dinghy sinking, DIGNITY has evaporated for the greatest clown car clown show in pro sports. All aboard, says mcnotaleader, i can mclead to the best draft party in town. BEEP, BOOP, BEEP BOOP.

  • Stickhandler

    DRYSY will be lurch in 2 to 3 years. mccantlead is NOT the best player. circus clown show of epic status in the sports world. The entire world of sports laughs at the oil while they plan their p/offs, the ball drop.