GDB 77.0 Wrap Up: The Corsi failed us, Oilers lose 3-2 in the shootout

Damn you, Khudobin! Damn you! Final Score: 3-2 Stars in the shootout

I was thinking about the Dallas Stars this morning and it made me flashback to the early 2000s when the Oilers always seemed to match up with them in the first round of the playoffs. Back in those days, our budget boys were a touch short on skill but more than made up for it with the way they got on the grind and kept battling until the final buzzer sounded. Honestly, we were just happy to make the dance and if the boys managed to win a round then it was all gravy. These days, and I know that this is a strange thing to admit given the cornerstone pieces on the current roster, I’m really starting to miss those scrappy teams that scratched and clawed for everything they got, and even when they were didn’t win you knew it wasn’t for lack of effort. I feel like there have been too many times this year where we haven’t been able to say that, ya know?

As for tonight’s game, the Oilers had another wonderful opportunity to keep themselves in the mix by winning a game against a tired Dallas team that played last night in Calgary. Much to our collective delight, the Oilers showed up ready to play and they came out flying in the first period, controlling the pace and manufacturing the chances needed to build themselves an early lead. As the game moved on, Dallas’ play improved slightly as they got settled in but they could only ever manage to respond to what the Oilers were doing rather than wrestle control away. That said, the Oilers ran into a red hot goaltender that kept his team in the game even though they probably didn’t deserve to be. Despite outshooting the Stars 42-22, the Oilers couldn’t get more than the two goals past Anton Khudobin and that gave Dallas the daylight they needed to get back into it.

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At the end of the day, the Oilers did basically everything they needed to do to win this hockey game but Anton Khudobin ruined those plans. As much as it sucks that we’re talking about one point instead of two, sometimes you just have to tip your cap to a goalie that stood on his head and that’s exactly what happened tonight.

The wrap.

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  • Leon Draisaitl opened the scoring for the Oilers tonight after he blasted home a cross-ice pass from, who else, Connor McDavid after the captain found him with space and set him up for the one-timer. The goal not only gave the Oilers the lead but his 47th of the season was also his 100th point. What a year for Draisaitl.
  • Connor McDavid scored the Oilers’ second goal of the night with a ridiculous between the legs move that not only fooled Khudobin but also the other 18,000 people in the building. Just a ridiculous goal by McDavid.
  • You ever wonder which version of Mikko Koskinen you’re going to get on any given evening? Me too. Fortunately, tonight’s start provided us all with another opportunity to strap in, flip a coin, and take bets on which giant Finn would be showing up to guard the cage. Would we get the guy that looks like he could stop bullets or the one that makes us all feel uncomfortable when anything gets thrown on net? Though I wouldn’t necessarily say he was to blame for the two goals he allowed in regulation, he wasn’t able to outduel his opponent at the other end of the ice. Koskinen finished his night with 20 saves and a .909 save%.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins got an assist on Leon Draisaitl’s first period goal which gives him 65 points on the year. Hell of a season for the Nuge and I feel like now is as good of a time as any to remind everyone that he’s only 25 years old and going to keep getting better. #KeepNugeForever
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  • Alex Radulov got the Stars on the board and cut the Oilers’ lead on the power play after he one-timed a cross ice pass from Seguin high over Koskinen’s glove hand. Yeah, I know we’re talking about another glove side goal again but I don’t know that Koskinen had much chance on this one.
  • Miro Heiskanen tied the game at two apiece after he took a pass in the high slot and absolutely ripped it past a heavily screened Koskinen who didn’t even move on the play.
  • Anton Khudobin was every shade of annoying tonight. Had it not been for him then this game wouldn’t have been close. Lame.
  • When you outshoot the other team by a 2:1 margin and lose then you know that something went wrong somewhere. The answer? Khudobin was a real problem.
  • Kris Russell left the game in the second period after blocking a shot and did not return until the start of the third. If Russell leaves the game with an injury you know the guy is hurt because he doesn’t normally seem to have a pain threshold.
  • Oilers won only 48% of the faceoffs tonight which is a sad sight for this bagged-blogger. I mean, it’s not the worst number to see but there’s definitely room for improvement.
  • Edmonton finished the night at 0/1 on the power play. Why did they only get one chance? That’s a good question, but one that we’ll never find the answer to.
  • Speaking of special teams, Dallas was able to score on one of their two power play chances and that goal kicked off their comeback.
  • Tobias Rieder’s stick is possessed by demons. It’s the only explanation.
  • I hate beets so much. As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast conversation over on my Twitter account.
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04:59 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (47) ASST: Connor McDavid (74), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (37) 0-1


01:08 Edmonton Connor McDavid (40) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (54) 0-2
06:20 Dallas PPG – Alexander Radulov (26) ASST: Tyler Seguin (44), Roope Hintz (10) 1-2


07:47 Dallas Miro Heiskanen (12) ASST: Jason Dickinson (14), Roope Hintz (11) 2-2


No Scoring


Edmonton Goal – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Dallas Missed – Alexander Radulov
Edmonton Missed – Leon Draisaitl
Dallas Goal – Tyler Seguin
Edmonton Missed – Connor McDavid
Dallas Missed – Miro Heiskanen
Edmonton Missed – Sam Gagner
Dallas Missed – John Klingberg
Edmonton Missed – Alex Chiasson
Dallas Goal – Jamie Benn



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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 3/28/2019 – 9:45 pm MT

  • Heschultzhescores

    It’s not so much every goalie we face is like a cement wall in net, as it is the guys shooting on him have cement hands. Chia’s roster keeps giving and giving. UGH! I gotta say they tried, but the talent to score is just not there.

  • Abagofpucks

    Not having a full complement of d men all game didn’t help, not getting more goals on 42 shots tells it all. Oilers forwards can’t rely on Conner and Drai to do it all, somebody else has to score.

  • GK1980

    You know 20 years from now when Chia does his memoirs and McDavid retires (not in Edmonton), I wonder what facts come out of the way this org functions? What greasy stories aren’t being told right now that will be told 20 years from now? Curious….

  • DraiCup

    the team has played a lot better the last couple weeks. no Klefbom injury and less stinkers against bottom feeders and we are talking playoffs right now.
    I’m still in shock that Bob N. did throw Rieder under the bus while your third highest paid guy Lucic produces next to nothing. Terrible message

        • Derzie

          ‘most skilled player’? Yes. ‘best player’ Not yet. That has to be earned through team success. Difference between Sid & Ovi. Ovi is ‘most skilled’ at scoring. Sid is the best player at everything else, including leading a team to cups.

  • A-co

    Does Bill Ranford still have his goalie school in the summer? I have very little faith in the guy they committed to for the next 3 years as the starter…he plays small for a guy his size and his positioning is terrible for a pro goalie….the backup for Dallas had a great game tonight..

    • Boba The Fett

      How are you honestly complaining about koskinen tonight. Got scored on by a cross ice one timer by an elite shooter on a pk and then if you look at the replay of the 2nd Benn was directly in front of him with 2 oiler standing 3 feet to either side not clearing the front, he never saw the 2nd. If you want to rag on Koskinen when he lets in a soft one, fine, but tonight is not on him

      • A-co

        Have you watched more than 1 oiler game? The comment wasn’t just made about his start against Dallas it’s his play so far for the entire season…he’s too hot and cold..gets beat by low percentage shots…plays small for a big guy…flops around and is out of position..I don’t mind him as a backup BUT when you attach that contract to him and watch him play with that dollar figure in mind he better improve ALOT this off season to justify his contract…signed Bitter Oiler Fan

      • Boba The Fett

        Yes, Dallas’s forward depth is so strong that they used 2 dmen in their first 4 shooters ahead of Benn. On top of that Chiasson would be the 4th leading goal scorer on Dallas behind Benn, Seguin and Radulov. Hell Kassian would actually be tied for 4th on their team in goals with 15. Keep your dumb comments to yourself, Chiasson was the logical choice and just botched it.

        • Heschultzhescores

          Right, but they’re having career worst years while Chiasson has a career best year. Still doesn’t mean Chiasson can make a move on a penalty shot. He’s a mucker in front of the net kind of scorer. The attempt speaks for itself…almost went over the netting into the upper deck.

          • Boba The Fett

            And you are saying 2 defenseman are obviously great penalty shot takers? I mean were they shooting from the point? Your logic is like swiss cheese, full of holes

        • CityofWhat

          Dallas had given up 63 less goals than Oilers prior to this game, there is the difference. One team is committed to playing defence and it’s the Oilers.

  • Anton CP

    I’ll pick my personal whipping boy to blame then, Nuge.

    The entire OT that Nuge got caught for having over extended ice time and missed couple of chances for change. Stars did not score but Nuge was burned out and wasted too much time for the Oilers to get the offense setup afterward.

    • Bobnett

      Nuge ( and the other 3 ) got hemmed in. This is how 3 on 3 works. It is a pure puck possession game. Once hemmed in your end if you try and gamble on a change you will be the goat every time. If you noticed the bench is in the offensive end so you can cycle out the possession players as long as you don’t drop back further than the red line. This is why 3 on 3 is so exciting!

  • Stallions #35

    McDavid 7 pts behind Kucherov 5 games left for both…Drai 2 goals behind Ovechkin but Drai has 1 more game than Ovi… Lets go Art Ross and Maurice Richard!!!!

  • Billsbills

    I would be on the side of resigning Rieder. Offer one year at league minimum.

    Honestly. This is beyond the worst season he has ever had. He is German and likely going to be the most motivated he has ever been in his life to redeem himself. Sign him to a league minimum contract and let him earn his spot.

    Tell him flat out, you have a choice, redeem yourself and be the 15 goal scorer you have been, or ride the bus in the minors.

      • TKB2677

        While I completely agree with Bills that this is the worst season ever for Rieder and it probably won’t be this bad ever again. I also agree that if he were to be signed, it would be for very cheap and their is a good chance that he rebounds and it ends up being a good deal. Given he is still relatively young, is fast, decent defensively and has a reasonable body of work other than this year, I think a team takes a shot at him on a 1 yr. I agree with you that the Oilers should move on from Rieder. Let another team roll the dice on Rieder. Rieder was brought in to bring a little scoring depth to the Oilers. It didn’t happen. He was brought in to help the PK, they are near the bottom of the league again. And for a guy who at this point should be desperate to at least get 1 goal, where is the desperation in his game? You haven’t scored all year so you’d think he’d be trying anything even if it’s not part of “his game”. You’d think he would be driving to the net, going to the blue paint and looking to bang in a crap goal. Maybe you get lucky and a cross ice pass hits your skate and goes in. Not Rieder. Still skating up and down the wing and firing off 1 or 2 long range, low percentage shots a game. And surprise surprise, they still don’t go in. They need to get rid of guys who are just there and when the going gets tough, rather than pull up their socks, dig in and battle out of it, they just keep doing the same thing that doesn’t work.

        • Billsbills

          It’s still a very low percentage gamble. If he responds, it is the type of contract the Oilers can afford and quite frankly need. If he doesn’t, you bury him or he gets waiver claimed. Big deal.

          • Spydyr

            A forward not scoring a goal all season is a big deal to me. Maybe it is not to you. There should be waaaayyyyyyyy better options this summer.

            Why do Oiler fans have this strange loyalty to under performing players. He just did not do his job. Smell you later.

  • Oiler Al

    What a blackeye for this team….two 100 point players and they cant make the playoffs!!How much more can two guys do? Yet again getting beat by a backup tender and a team on a B/B game,How many of those have we lost.? Lost the lead and scitts creek their pants ,yet again in the 2 nd period.
    Did I mention a $6 player wasting away on the 4 th line!
    PS; This defense is nothing to write home about.The only thing Koskinen can steal is the paycheck.

    • Spydyr

      They are afraid to stand in front of the net. There have been hundreds of point shots this season with no net front presence.

      They are always trying to score the pretty goal. Hockey is not hard shoot ,screen the goalie and try for deflections and rebounds.

  • TKB2677

    I know that Koskinen got “out dueled” in the shoot out but part of it was multiple Oilers shooters missed the freaking net. The soon to be 50 goal man Leon missed the net with his shot. Chiasson I am not sure what he was trying as it went straight up.

    What I don’t get when a team does a shoot out is why do they deke so much? You watch Nuge’s goal, comes down with speed, backs the goalie up and he rips it from 15 ft out. The odd time a goalie might make an incredible save. If he does, hat tip. But what Nuge did was a fairly easy, high percentage goal. Unless he fans on the shot or loses the handle on the puck, an NHL player on his forehand with time, space standing in the middle of the ice with no one around him to bother him, probably scores most of the time. Why do you need to go post and in like it looked like Leon was trying? Why do you need to go bar down like Chiasson I think was trying. McDavid tried to deke out the goalie and I think slip it through the 5 hole rather than just rip it. Gagner tried to show off stick handling then tries to go backhand shelf in a tight space. If it goes in, an amazing goal but a very low percentage goal. Seguin’s goal was boring. Comes down the ice, very little deking, moves enough so Koskinen has to open his legs to move, rips it in. Benn SAME thing. Either of those 2 goals the Stars scored or the Nuge goal will EVER make a top 10 best goals list of 2018-2019 but they work almost every time.