McDavid’s post-game interview was tough to watch

After last night’s loss to Vegas, Connor McDavid was doing his captainly duties and answering the media’s question about what went wrong when it was brought to his attention that the Oilers had officially been eliminated from the playoffs. As the title of this article expresses, his reaction to the news was tough to watch.

If there’s one thing we know about Connor McDavid after four years of watching his wizardry, it’s that he is a player that desperately wants to win and anything less than that is unacceptable. Considering the year McDavid has had, along with career highs set by Leon Draisaitl and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, you’d think that the Oilers would have had enough juice to make some noise in the Western Conference but, instead, the only stir they’ve caused it due to shock at how this team is still so bad despite having the best player on the planet on its roster. And if I’m being honest, it’s fair to wonder how the hell that happens. So when Connor was asked for his thoughts on the Oilers missing the playoffs again, you could see the annoyance all over his face.

To get the full effect of just how disappointed Connor was, I encourage all of you to watch the interview that I put in at the end of this article, but I wanted to pull out a few quotes that really hit me. When asked about the year, Connor described the situation aptly.

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“It’s been an insane season. Coaching change. GM change. Good times and bad times. It’s been a roller coaster. It’s been emotionally challenging. It’s been hard mentally to keep on going, but we were always kind of right there. We were close and then we drifted away. That’s the way it goes.”

I think back to nights against Ottawa and New Jersey that the Oilers should have won and can’t help but start to add up the wasted points that McDavid is talking about. I think back to the run of three or four games in December when the team had leads going into the third period but couldn’t manage to get anything out of it. The list goes on and on.

“We don’t even have a GM, so I don’t think we’re in any position to comment on next season. We have a lot of crap to figure out. I hope we can put the right man in the spot and we can put together a good team.”

I honestly felt horrible watching the interview and seeing the disappointment draped across Connor’s face and it was obvious that he wasn’t in the mood for hiding it. Think the guy is frustrated? Well, he was asked about it.

“It’s really high. It’s really, really high. It’s frustrating. We want to play in the playoffs as a team. I personally want to play in the playoffs. I’m not happy about it. It’s going to be a long summer.”

A long summer indeed.

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Watch the video here:

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I honestly don’t know what to say other than to apologize to Connor for the fact that this franchise has disrespected the first part of what will be a Hall of Fame career. To put it another way, the Oilers had better get their shit together because they’re toying with disaster if they think that a player of McDavid’s calibre is going to stick around forever while they try and figure out how to pull their heads out of their own rear ends. Think I’m wrong? Look at the guy’s face.

  • Schmenge

    I’m pretty sure the majority of the nation would want to see McDavid succeed….in another uniform. “Sigh”…I’m sure the odds are high he’ll want out if nothing improves with the organization. Give it a year and he’s gone.

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      I really can’t see McDavid quitting until his Salary is up, if things keep going as they are. I can see him being a lot more “vocal” with management and ownership, but just don’t see him demanding a trade. He’s not that type.

    • ellebee

      Get this guy some management support! We have built our city core around the dream of the success of this player but the team owner can’t see his way clear to do whatever is necessary to give him the full support of the organization. Bring Connor into the decision making process, ask him what kind of support he needs from management, let him know we respect and value him. If this is a social club for Mr Katz & the OBC are his hero’s from a gone by era, then do them a favor & show some tough love & let them salvage what’s left of their reputations and let them move on to other careers where they can excel. If Nicholson has become his best friend, friends don’t let friends flail incompetently, let him follow his heart back to what he was good at. If this is just a business to Katz then Connor is his biggest asset and should be his priority. Show Connor, the fans, the city, the media, the water, the league & your critics that you are up to the task and do the right thing!

    • Glencontrolurstik

      I would think a guy of his stature in the game would want to be part of the solution rather than walk away at this point? At this point, it’s all the more imperative to get the right people in to help to make a team again.
      I have to believe though that Connor wishes to be part of the solution. That will go much further on his resumé than walking away… Not to say he won’t if things don’t change, but this is the tipping point.

    • hagar

      Hopefully Katz puts some thought into that interview, if he even sees it.
      He has to know soon if not already that a new gm picked by his buddies isnt going to solve this. Hopefully he thinks connor is more important than his friends, but that might not be the case sadly.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        Any competent GM would love to be part of the solution and build a team around a couple of the best players in the league. Any guy worth his salt would jump at the chance. It’s a parallel situation to the lowly Leafs (at the time) looking for a new head coach, Mike Babcock jumped at the chance to be the guy that made the Leafs respectable again. Only an utter-crappy situation seems to bring out the best candidates… Chicago hadn’t won a cup in years, enter Scotty Bowman.. Yserman in Tampa,… That is something positive, this dire situation the team is in, has provided… “Only capable GM’s need apply”

  • camdog

    Ryan Strome a friend of Connor’s just had a career year for goals scored. He’s scoring at same clip as Eberle this season at half the cost. Last year somebody in Oilers management leaked to Kyperios and the Hockey Night in Canada panel that “Strome wasn’t the player they thought they were trading for”. Todd had no use for him.

    Dam right there’s something wrong in the water, because the Oilers organization seems to give up on good players awfully quick and this didn’t just start with PC.