GDB 80.0 Wrap Up: They teased us in the first period again, Oilers fall 6-2 in Colorado

At least the first period was fun? Final Score: 6-2 Avalanche

In last night’s wrap up, I wrote about how it was getting tough to be excited about game days and that point seemed amplified tonight. Even though we all kinda felt like the playoffs were nothing more than a pipe dream for a while now, the possibility of making it was mathematically intact (albeit on life support) and that gave us all hope for a miracle. Fully aware of the unlikelihood of sneaking in despite the horrible Western Conference, I was still enjoying the little window into fantasyland that math had been providing. Until the calculators told us that the dream was dead, there was room to be delusional. Now that that’s over… well… we’ve all been dished up a tough beet to swallow. I don’t know if a break between games would have made getting excited about the final three games a little bit easier, but I can tell you that sitting down to knock out 2000 words about what happened tonight wasn’t exactly at the top of my ‘for fun’ list. As a fan and a blogger, tonight was rough.

On the bright side, the Oilers came out flying in the first period and built themselves a two-goal lead, which actually did a pretty good job of turning my spirits around. Call me a sucker all you want, but at least I’m well aware of how vulnerable I am to the Oilers luring me back into their evil web at the first sign of success. I was sitting on my couch during the first intermission thinking that things had actually been going pretty well. The downside, of course, was when the boys dropped trou’ and left a turd on the ice in the middle frame, coughing up their lead by allowing four straight goals in a span of 7:48. I guess life comes at you fast, huh? To say that this game was an emotional rollercoaster after how it started to where it ended would be a massive understatement, but at the same time, it’s not overly surprising given how the Oilers often find ways to get us excited only to disappoint us and leave our hearts filled with sadness.

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As our parents used to all say, I’m not mad about tonight’s loss but I certainly am disappointed… again.

The wrap.

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  • The game is over now.
  • Milan Lucic opened the scoring for the Oilers after he parked himself in front of the net and got his stick on the Matt Benning point shot. The big man hadn’t scored in a while but he had some touch on the deflection that gave him six on the year.
  • Darnell Nurse increased the Oilers’ lead to two goals with a beautiful individual effort that saw him dangling through the offensive zone and beating Varlamov with a goal that he would certainly want back. With this goal, Darryl became the first Oilers defenceman to register 40 points in a season since Sheldon Souray and Tom Gilbert both did it back in 2008-09.
  • How about another two-point night for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins? With tonight’s assists, RNH set a new career-high for helpers and increased his season total to 67 points.
  • At least we didn’t get outshot? 🤷‍♂️(29/29)
  • Do you like when the Oilers win 52% of the faceoffs taken? Of course you do. I mean, it didn’t matter in the end but I’m really short on bright sides.
Breaking down the 'massively disappointed' Ken Holland's post-season press conference


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  • Nathan MacKinnon got the Avs on the board and cut the Oilers’ lead to a single goal after he broke in alone on a power play breakaway and made no mistake of burying his chance past Koskinen. The Oilers got themselves into penalty trouble as Brad Malone took back to back minors and MacKinnon wouldn’t be denied on the second chance.
  • Moments after MacKinnon’s goal got the Avalanche on the board, Tyson Barrie tied things up at two with a wrister from the circle that Mikko Koskinen has to stop. Yeah, the shot went in just inside the corner but it wasn’t particularly hard and probably should have been knocked aside.
  • With their third straight goal of the period, Alex Kerfoot gave Colorado their first lead off the night after he found himself with some space in the slot and perfectly placed to knock in a rebound in the empty cage. Kerfoot added a second goal in the third period when he crashed the crease and found a loose puck that he was just barely able to sneak over the line. I don’t really understand how there was a challenge of a challenge and I kinda forget that that’s a thing that happens now.
  • Colin Wilson added a fourth second-period goal after he pulled off a spin-o-rama from the circle that beat Koskinen low to the stick side. As a warning, you’ll have to re-watch this goal in every highlight pack over the next day or so.
  • Sven Andrighetto scored the Avs’ sixth goal of the night, but if I’m being honest, I had stopped caring by this point.
  • It’s tough to win hockey games when you allowed five-straight goals without being able to respond in any way.
  • For some reason, Ken Hitchcock thought it was necessary to give Mikko Koskinen another start despite the back-to-back games and I just can’t figure out why? I know Koskinen is the starter for next year and that the team wants to see how he’ll handle a heavier workload, but the stats are pretty clear on whether or not it’s a good idea to play a guy in two straight games. At least to start, Koskinen was very sharp and made some huge saves that allowed the Oilers to build themselves a lead. The problem was what happened next. Over the course of the final 40 minutes, Koskinen got torched from some tough goals that cannot go in on your starter and it created another round of chatter about what the Oilers are going to do in net. How are they going to solve this? Koskinen finished his night with 23 saves and a .793 save%.
  • Oilers failed on both of their special teams as they got shutout in their lone power play attempted, and allowed a goal on one of three against.
  • I can’t help but think of Tobias Rieder and the fact that there’s a very good chance he’ll run through an entire season with the Oilers without scoring a goal. That’s shocking to me. As I said last night, I assume he’s going to sign somewhere at league minimum for next season and end up with 12 goals and all of us will be shocked but not at all surprised.
  • With tonight’s goal by Lucic, Cam took a commanding 4-1 lead in the Lucic Goal Draft which means he’ll be buying horrible shirseys for everyone on the ON Radio Podcast. I don’t know what he’s going to get for me but I already know I won’t be happy about it.
  • Beets again? Why not. As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast conversation over on my Twitter account.
GDB +4.0 Wrap Up: The Oilers didn't deserve to win, Blackhawks close out series with 3-2 victory



09:20 Edmonton Milan Lucic (6) ASST: Matt Benning (11), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (38) 1-0
13:01 Edmonton Darnell Nurse (9) ASST: Sam Gagner (7), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (39) 2-0


04:56 Colorado PPG – Nathan MacKinnon (40) ASST: Gabriel Landeskog (39), Tyson Barrie (45) 2-1
05:56 Colorado Tyson Barrie (13) ASST: Nikita Zadorov (6) 2-2
07:43 Colorado Alexander Kerfoot (14) ASST: Matt Nieto (19), Erik Johnson (17) 2-3
12:04 Colorado Colin Wilson (12) ASST: Matt Calvert (15), Ian Cole (13) 2-4


07:30 Colorado Alexander Kerfoot (15) ASST: Gabriel Landeskog (40), Tyson Barrie (46) 2-5
15:07 Colorado Sven Andrighetto (7) ASST: Tyson Jost (14), Gabriel Bourque (6) 2-6


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As you may have heard, the Draft Lottery has been scheduled as its own show this year instead of being aired during the intermission of some random game. This gives us a great opportunity for the fans to come together and do what we do best, win draft lotteries. Jack Hughes is up for grabs in the number one spot and how funny would it be if we won again? #StriveForFive, amirite?

  • Where? At the Northside Canadian Brewhouse (12711 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB)
  • When? Tuesday, April 9th at 6 p.m
  • How much? The event is FREE to enter!

Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 4/2/2019 – 9:45 pm MT

  • OilersBro

    I posted this late after a post on another Oilersnation thread but wanted to recycle here for visibility:

    “I know this is sketchy as hell but next year I’m streaming all my games on reddit instead of buying TV packages that include the Oilers. If I want new gear, i’ll buy it fake. For games i go to in rogers place, i’ll have my food and beers in the downtown core beforehand. I still want to support this team but I’ll be darned if Katz gets a dime from me if he continues to let incompetent people like Bobby Nick’s run this team. I’m cheering for the players, not the team at this point.”
    All I can hope is that Katz has a year in the red and realizes that he can’t take the fans for granted by having his buddies create one of the biggest jokes of a team in professional sports.

  • J.P Michaels

    The typical ending of a back to back game night, lost 2/2 not a surprise. Not even considered to take Kos out of the net and guve Stolarz a chance. Not a very good move imo. Only 2 more days of suffering and the nightmare is finally over. Great Lucic scored hope that raises his value into a level where they can get a bit more than a 6 round oick for him. Go Condors, go Oilkings!!!!!

    • Mr.Snrub

      The Oilers actually have 2 goalie coaches, they and the other dozen idiots making up hockey ops need to go by a 9:00 AM monday morning press conference or we’ll all be here next April after yet another failed campaign.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      I said long ago after the Oilers fired Chabot that Schwartz was the wrong man for the job, zero NHL experience, and after last season I said he should have been fired… I said this season Schwartz should have been fired…The guys does not have what it takes to fix the holes and he gets his goalies into bad habits. If the Oilers want to have any hope of getting Koskinen out of his bad habits they need to bring in a proven NHL goalie coach and they sure as hell better be looking for a 1a, because right now Koskinen has no confidence in his game and he doesnt look like he can do over 40 games and they didnt even give Stolartz the chance to see if he could play 10…so we are in deep doo on the goalie front. And if I am Mikko’s agent…I am giving Mikko a couple months to rest and then I am finding him a goalie coach to work with on tactics and tracking and get working on that before camp comes along.

      And what was Hicth thinking playing Koskinen, why? There was no reason to play him, play Stolartz and see if the kid can do anything….let Koskinen rest for the Calgary game and get his breath to keep him running like this isnt doing him any favoutrs nor the team. This is just another reason why I do not think Hitch is the man going forward.

  • JayTee

    “…Darryl became the first Oilers defenceman to register 40 points in a season since Sheldon Souray and Tom Gilbert both did it back in 2008-09.”

    Glad for our boy, but…
    Oh man, how sad is that? 10!! YEARS for a dman to get 40pts *facepalm*

  • Todd the electron rod

    I delete Oilernation bookmark in the offseason as it’s a loooooooong off season.
    I check back in about September.
    The staff earn their money during the lull.

  • percy

    Let’s start Stolarz next game guys, what do you say. The effort this team puts out is close to being the worst I have ever seen. Not to mention the hockey IQ of this whole organization. Thank God it’s almost over.

  • cityofchampions

    I was trying to give Kostalot the benefit of the doubt, but things sure aren’t looking good. This list of things we need is just unbelievable. A backup capable of taking over, a right shot top 4 PP dman, and a couple scoring wingers….and all without spending more money as we are up against the cap!!! And being in the playoff race until yesterday is fool’s gold, the west was historically weak this year….in a normal year we would have been eliminated in early March. We will need to improve by 20 points to have a chance at the wild card next year with so many holes to fill and no cap space. I can see us having a capable team in a couple years if everything breaks right and we find a couple diamonds in the rough, but playoffs next year is going to be tough.

  • camdog

    Starting the same goalie in past 24 of 25 games doesn’t seem like a coach that cares more about winning than the players. Looks like a coach playing for a lottery pick.

  • Oiler Al

    Six friggin unanswered goals and a .793 SV% has the makings of a rout .This is shameful!They seem to schitts their pants in the second period,after decent starts in the 1st.
    PS.send those AHL’ers backdown.[Cave-Currie-Malone] They get extra TOI and not one of them gets even one shot on net,team depth exploited. Larsson goes limp and the new NHL is way to speedy for the big Swede.

  • Himynameistaylor

    Oilers goalies, minimum 50 games played since 2005-06, ranked by save percentage:

    Talbot: 227 GP, .912
    Dubnyk: 171 GP, .910
    Roloson: 193GP, .909
    Garon: 62GP, .909
    Koskinen: 54GP, .905
    Khabibulin: 117GP, .903
    Deslauriers: 58GP, .901
    Scrivens: 78GP, .898
    Markkanen: 59GP, .882

      • cityofchampions

        Talbot had one good season which inflated his stats, his last two years were horrible and Oilers were right to let him go and not resign him. Unfortunately, we went and signed Koskinen instead for Talbot money so we didn’t gain anything. Oilers aren’t going to playoffs unless we find a starting goalie somewhere.

        • cityofchampions

          There is no point debating between Talbot and Koskinen..neither are good enough. To be honest if I had to choose I’d take Koskinen, but that’s simply picking your own poison. He had one great year here in Edmonton and I thank him for it, but sad as it is to see it looks like Talbot’s done. It is no accident though that the two best goaltending performances we’ve had in the last 18 years (Rollison in last half of 2005-06 and Talbot in 2016-17) are our only two playoff appearances. We won’t be in the playoffs again until we get NHL calibre goaltending…and that is a huge worry for next year.

        • cityofchampions

          There is no point debating between Talbot and Koskinen..neither are good enough. To be honest if I had to choose I’d take Koskinen, but that’s simply picking your own poison. He had one great year here in Edmonton and I thank him for it, but sad as it is to see it looks like Talbot’s done. It is no accident though that the two best goaltending performances we’ve had in the last 18 years (Rollison in last half of 2005-06 and Talbot in 2016-17) are our only two playoff appearances. We won’t be in the playoffs again until we get NHL calibre goaltending…and that is a huge worry for next year.

        • Himynameistaylor

          W-was that the year he started the majority of the games then started the majority of the next factoring him into 156 games in two years o-or am I dreaming, wrong about him being overworked and wrong about talbot and koskinen being a good 1A1B tandem?

          By golly if you think koskinen should start next season I’d hate to see what you think the starter that will supplant him should earn Aav

          • cityofchampions

            Read my post again. I said if I had to choose between them I’d take Koskinen, but that neither of them are NHL calibre anymore. I liked and appreciated Talbot, but the wheels fell off. Signing Koskinen for that much money and term at the time we did was ridiculous. Koskinen would be a decent backup goalie, but we need a bona fide NHL starter…and neither Talbot (anymore) or Koskinen (ever) are NHL quality starters.

  • toprightcorner

    Hitch playing Koskinen was completely stupid. Koskinen has played 26 of the last 27 games. Cam Talbot never had that many starts in that number of games and it is most in the NHL this season. He has never played that much hockey in that time frame in his life. He is beat tired physically and mentally. When you know your defense is going to leave you our to dry at least 5 times a game and if you don’t play brilliantly, you will probably lose, that take a toll on your mental preparation and that is how you let in soft goals. Playing that much hockey, your shoulders and glove drop and you get scored up high. After a tough back to back, he should have gotten some rest and then put him in for the final game of the season.

    It is stubborn, stupid management decisions like the that MCDavid was talking about.

      • cityofchampions

        if we don’t make the playoffs again (and it isn’t looking that promising with no proven goalie, no proven scoring wingers, no proven RH PP dman, no money to get any of the aforementioned, and no Poho, GM, or coach in place), then I think there is a real chance that Connor could quietly instruct his agent to start pushing for a trade to get out of this tire fire. We need miracles to happen..we need to get competent management from Poho down (no old boys need apply), have one or two of bouchard, bear jones to legitimately make the team (as can’t afford proven external options), need Koskinen to solve his positioning or find a backup who raises his game to starter, need to find a couple reclamation projects who can pot 30+ playing with Conner/Drai…like the Oiler playoff chances were this year its all theoretically possible, but just not very likely.

        • OilersRheal

          Fully agreed & the mismanagement is unbecoming of the NHL. Connor might be key to a rise of the Oil; trade Connor to a team that can ship us their star goalie, a star LW for Leon, a star D-man & a star RW for RNH. This might have to be a 3 way deal, providing Katz gets kicked out of the decision making process and someone burns the barn down first.

  • OilersRheal

    Serious question—–> Anyone still look forward to game day, get upbeat all day, wear the jersey, cool beers in the fridge and. Never mind. Stupid question. I am ditching this horrible AHL team. Give them a trophy for Loser of the Decade franchise.

    • Garnett

      Zero excitement. I hate to bring it up, but I was in Calgary the other week. It was a game day and there were jerseys everywhere, hats flags. All of those fans are gearing up for something special. The playoffs haven’t even started and they are just jacked down there. Worst part was, you couldn’t even chirp them… That was supposed to be us. So painful to imagine that if this management wasn’t completely useless,. We’d be right up there with Calgary. Heading into the playoffs with an absolute fully fueled hate for the Flames… Just sad.

  • toprightcorner

    Huge offensive breakout for Nurse and it is time to trade him when his value is the highest and he will be asking for over $6.5 mill after next season. He wanted $5 mill long term scoring 25 points. That is way too rich and he has more value with one more year at a value contract. He could be traded as a #3 dman and on some teams a #2.
    a player of that caliber gets you a 25-30 goal winger at a lower cap for longer term. Athanasieo, Trochek, Ehlers, Gallager, Hoffman, Conner, Hertl, Meier, Schenn, Tyler Johnson. Maybe even a trade for Barrie as COL wants more physical dmen.

    Tradh him now, can’t afford him later, his value will never be higher.

    • cityofchampions

      We are in cap hell and you want to trade one of the few value contracts we have? You probably moaned about Drai getting $8.5 too. It would be a typical Oilers move though, run out of patience with a skilled player just before they break through and trade him for character. Character is great…but it won’t win you anything unless that character has skill to back it up.

    • Stallions #35

      Even if I had to trade a defenseman to upgrade my forwards, I would use Klefbom as trade bait before Nurse. Younger, healthier and more of a chip on his shoulder. I only highlight Nurse and Klef because they are probably the only ones anyone would want.

  • slats-west

    This teams lack character, resilience and fortitude in much of its roster and Management Team. From a previous post about who the Patriots look for in players (and Management):
    – players that have all been leaders or captains throughout their career
    – players that have faced continued adversity and how they dealt with it (not always won but made adjustments to be better)
    – how they viewed their teammates in private and public (are they consistent and fair do they try to make others better)
    – how do they play or perform when the cameras are not on them (first off the ice after practice? offseason starts in May or August?)
    – etc etc

    Character. We lack this in our players because we lack it in leadership. We let an idiot like Chia run free with no checks and balances. We replaced high performing grit players (Cagulia) with empty cheap shot artists that were going to be put on waivers (Manning).

    Katz ………Your water is making this team and this City sick!

  • Himynameistaylor

    I’m really curious as to why I get so much vitriol from you lot. I embodied the feelings you as a group had towards ghosts of Oilers goalies past, I supported the team when their supporting players were slumping.
    In September I predicted Pulju would have a 20 goal season- I was wrong.
    I said Chiasson wouldn’t be very good for the Oil- and while I wasn’t entirely wrong, I’m happy he’s potted 21 goals- albeit riding pretty favourable SH% and PDO.
    I tried being positive and believed in this team for t w e n t y years. I was 4 when I saw my first Oilers game, and I love this team as much as you do.

    Is it because I rattled some cages by saying a 2nd year goalie wasn’t going to be the answer to this teams problems and rode him as hard as the social landscape here dictated you are to do when a player slumps?

    I don’t know why you lot have so much hate for me, but keep at it, it only shows the types of people your parents raised. I’ve never once heard an intelligent argument for any point I’ve raised, so maybe instead of coming for my neck meet me in the colloquial middle and challenge what i have to say, because a lot of you are proving yourself to be truck nut driving cowboy hat wearing chew consuming neanderthals with a GPA of 2.0 that your “yee the haw” hick families celebrated.

    • Odanada

      The real answer is that you have a childish, schoolyard taunting streak in you. You not only enjoy riding Koskinen, but stuff your posts with far too many LOL emojis and harsh, bullying vitriol – like your a Flames fan trolling. You’re the kind of guy who delights in rubbing it in.
      Now tonight you write a calm piece claiming you’re the “victim.”
      I looked you up on twitter. You’re just a kid, which explains a lot. I doubt you’re a bad guy. We all did stupid things when we were kids – the key is to learn from them.

  • SailorD81

    What would the Oilers have to ad to sweeten the pot to get a cap floor team to take Lucic? Before everyone piles on to say that it’s untradeable there have been many bad contracts traded over the last few years that most would have said were impossible. Dion was traded twice, Dave Boland is another guy that comes to mind, Clarkson. Would Ethan Bear and a second do it? Would the Oilers pull the trigger on that to just get rid of Lucic?

    • blobbo

      Haven’t we shipped out enough quality talent already because of the Lucic contract? Work on getting rid of the other dead wood on the roster. Lucic is still an experienced, useable forward and protector, albeit a very expensive one. Maroon is gone. Who else is going to settle a score on the ice? Sam?

      • A-co

        @blobbo then don’t play him over 5 minutes a game..he’s terrible out there…his role should be go out grab someone and beat them down if anything happens to one of his teammates…he can’t play a regular shift…another gift from pistol Pete that keeps giving…maybe they can convince Seattle to take him with a sweetner…there are a lot of d prospects in the system..but the sooner they can get rid of him the better

        • OilerForLife

          Lucic can’t be traded unless they pay a huge chunk of his wage, then we are paying him to play for another team which is the same thing as playing for us. No GM is going to take him unless they win the trade. They can’t buy him out because his contract is bullet proof, because we have to pay him for not playing at all. In all cases there is a no win situation. Chiarelli’s career in hockey is finished and he took the Oilers down for another 3-4 years. I’ll never not cheer for the Oilers but under the circumstances there is no chance of fielding a competitive team for quite a while. The Oilers must keep drafting well and trade players for at least equal value and pay it forward until. I no longer care what the fans of other teams think. We’ll have a chance of winning the lottery again and this time, by the time the bridge deals expire the money will be there to sign them.

      • SailorD81

        My wife (she’s an Isles fan) talked about who we would rather have, Lucic or Martin on Martins 2 mill a year deal which is an overpay to start with. And I could not make an argument for Lucic no matter how I tried.

      • OilerForLife

        Also he’s not used to playing as many games as he has played. That’s enough for this year. Stolarz should play the remaining games to see what we have.

    • regw

      My deperate hopes are that SOMEHOW we can get the expansion team in Seattle to take the Lucic contract off our hands. The new franchise will have the cap-room, and needs the leadership. The “sweetner” to make something like this happen, would be high, but the Lucic contract is like crippling creditcard debt, that isn’t going away anytime soon.

  • 50 Flex

    Why does Katz even own this team? Sure, he makes a ton of profit, but owning a pro sports team isn’t the best way to maximize his money. He could make more investing in other things. All owners know this. But they still do it because they are passionate about the sport and want to be involved in the league. Katz’s actions, or lack thereof, over the past 10 years don’t indicate that he really cares about the Oilers, so it begs the question why he is even involved in the first place.

  • Odanada

    The decision to play Koskinen a lot to build up his confidence is really working, isn’t it? Isn’t that on Hitch?
    Someone should stick a mic in BN’s face and ask him about Koskinen, so we can hear what the plan is moving forward.
    This is like a tire fire with an oil refinery on one side and a lumber mill on the other.
    The future is so bright, we better wear shades.

    • camdog

      Oilers made that same statement with Talbot. There was a stretch of a few years where he lead the league in games. Thing is with travel time in Edmonton is high and it takes something out of you. If you are out west and playing more games/minutes than anybody else in the league it actually has a greater impact than on a team in the east coast. Nobody in Oilerville understands that though.

  • Alfonso

    This is coming down perfectly … my preferred first round opponent for the Western Conference Regular Season Champions is the Colorado Av’s as the Flames match up very well with them … anyway, Yote’s lose & the Av’s win as the Oil did their part … Av’s now 4 up on the Yote’s for the eighth seed …

    Can always count on the Oil, lolo …

  • Flint

    I’m going to go apply for a job in upper management. They seem to be happy with overpaying incompetence. I’m good with both those job conditions. In fact, you pay me alot and I’ll even try and make it look like I know what I’m doing.

  • FanSince72

    How sad for the players in front of what is easily the worst goaltender in the league. Backhand shots from 30 feet go in, and McD just deflates. You can see it in his face. Why is that guy still in the net? He can’t catch, he can’t stand up, he can’t move his pads. He’s a goalie with a lower save percentage than Chris Russell. Remember those first years of hockey? Goalies would just lie down because at 6 years old no kid could raise the puck… thats Koskinen. Just lie down and hope it hits you. If he is back next year that would be a statement to all fans. Not a good one either.

  • That's My Point

    Goaltending is the KEY position.
    Talbot was 2nd or 3rd in wins when they made the playoffs the one year of the last 13.
    Until they get a GOOD one no playoffs.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      Talbot was tied for 1st with 42 that year. He was first in games played, toi, shots faced, saves made, and starts. Even HE got burnt out that season. Remember when he got pulled in a back2back vs Anaheim and Colorado? We played Brossoit on the Saturday vs Colorado (a 4-1 W) and Talbot finished the season strong.