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Avalanche 6, Oilers 2 post-game Oil Spills: The season goes on long after the thrill of playing is gone

The Oilers played a pretty solid, uhhh, 10-or-so minutes last night. Unfortunately, NHL games are *checks notes* 60 minutes long, so the Avalanche walked away with an easy win.

What happened?

Milan Lucic (more on him in a minute) got the scoring opened midway through the first period. Matt Benning, who has actually been playing quite well as of late, fired a clapper towards the net and the big man got a stick on it in front for the redirection.

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A few minutes later, Darnell Nurse rushed the puck into the zone and roofed a shot over Semyon Varlamov from a sharp angle to give the Oilers a 2-0 lead. Atta be, Darryl!!!

Aaaaaaand then the Oilers just kinda stopped playing. They carried that 2-0 lead into the second period but the Avs would go on to score six unanswered goals in the final 40 minutes. Here’s all of them in a nice, convenient, incredibly depressing two-minute video!

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By the numbers

As I said above, the Oilers played a pretty good first period and then just gave up in the second and third. Actually, that’s a little generous. After the Oilers went up 2-0, Colorado seemed to figure out that the Oilers would put up at least  a little bit of a fight, so they started playing hard and took control of the game. Even in the third period when the Avs were nursing a cozy two-goal lead, the Oilers couldn’t get anything going.

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  • Mikko Koskinen was a disaster last night. I feel bad for the guy because he really, really doesn’t need to be playing every single game down the stretch given we’ve known for quite some time this team isn’t making the playoffs. I don’t know what the strategy is here. Are the Oilers trying to injure Koskinen so they can hide him on the LTIR next year? Are they trying to gut his confidence so he rips up his contract and goes back to the KHL? Do they just hate Anthony Stolarz? Who knows! Thinking about why this organization does the things they do makes me dizzy.
  • One of the most entertaining parts of last night was Milan Lucic getting mad online and dunking on the Sportsnet Stats account. Sportsnet tweeted out that Lucic had scored his first goal in 17 road games. Lucic, about 20 minutes after the game ended, logged on and barked at them for not congratulating him for scoring his 500th point on Saturday. On one hand, this is a rude thing for Sportsnet to tweet and they’re clearly digging for LOL OILERS retweets and likes, so good on Lucic for dunking on them. On the other hand, is Lucic really pimping out recording point No. 500 in an embarrassing game in which the Oilers got spanked 5-1 at home against the worst offensive club in the league?
  • Congratulations to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins for recording another two assists last night, putting him at 67 points on the season. I hope he can break the 70-point plateau because maybe it means the Oilers can get Buffalo to toss in a third-round pick when they deal him for Rasmus Ristolainen this summer.

    • rnj

      Wilful failure. Everyone knows what has to be done they just refuse. If someone’s an idiot or incompetent I can be patient, but at this point they KNOW and are able to make changes but refuse. I’ve never seen anything like it in professional sports

  • Johnny Zylon

    Only 6 comments? Wow…., I guess the season really is over. Kinda mad at myself for not selling paper bags in front of Rogers this season…coulda made a small fortune. 🙁

    • Torgerson

      I’m more interested in studying the Oilers from a sports management perspective to see whether they can ever get it right, than I am interested in the on-ice play. Maybe it’s just a survival mechanism as an Oilers fan.

      • Gazoinks!

        I’m waiting for the Flames to exit whatever round, so the trolls can spring upon them like hyenas!
        which quite frankly is sad having lived in both cities and witnessed real BOA in the day.
        yes I’m at that age!
        I do feel bad for the Oiler fan base. but that OBC is a complete pimple on the province! let alone the entire league!!
        anyway as a Flames fan I’ve enjoyed our season, it’s too bad we can’t reacquaint real rivalries on the ice, where it belongs!
        cheers from Victoria go Flames!

  • Only a very strong GM with a lot of power would make the important changes this team needs as its going to involve upsetting some fans, players, former Oiler stars and the media. Does Nicholson have the courage to turn over the club to a respected hockey mind that can to do what is necessary to have a team that can challenge for the cup in a few years.This sad sack team needs a lot of changes.

  • GK1980

    It’s the way they lose that is worrisome. They don’t even give themselves a chance. Losing 3-2 or 4-3 is a heck of a lot better then 6-1,6-2,7-1…. Next season looks really bad right now. No reason to be optimistic right now.

  • Ra-bet

    Has anyone asked about changing goalie coaches, seeing how Schwartz has awful junior stats himself and has never even played in the NHL.. I’m no expert obviously, but seems like a position you would want to have someone with success to pull from!

  • KootenayDan

    I can’t be mad at any of the players, the OBC has to take responsibility along with Katz but did Chiarelli not have autonomy while he was gm? they have drafted well under him but the Hall and Reinhart trade really submarined us right from the start and a lithany of bad signings and trades will set us back for what seems forever. He will never get another job in the NHL except in Ottawa. If we still had Hall, Cagguila, Strome, Petry, Schultz, Dubnyk this team would have been better.