Thank you, Nation

After closing out the season last night in Calgary, I wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you to everyone that came with us on the bus trip down to the Saddledome to close out the season.

If there’s one thing that these trips always show us, it’s just how passionate the community is to travel and watch the Oilers regardless of what’s going on in the standings. Even with the boys missing the playoffs for the 12th time in 13 years, we were able to pack a bus full of rowdy Nation citizens that wanted to come with us to Calgary and finish the year with a party in their hearts and a drink in their hands. The fact that we can pull these kinds of things off despite the team being a gong show is nothing short of amazing, and I felt like it was worth a few hundred words to express our gratitude.

Every time we do an event like this, I’m always blown away by your willingness to join us and contribute to the shenanigans that happen when we take our show behind enemy lines. Even with the team being out of the playoffs and generally disappointing to anyone that cheers for them, Nation citizens always come through to sign up for these trips and help us create a weekend that no one will soon forget. To me, and admittedly I’m biased, Oilers fans are the best in the NHL and there’s no better confirmation of that fact than the way people are willing to travel to watch the boys regardless of whether or not the season is over.

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With another season wrapped up and several successful trips in the books, I can’t begin to thank you guys enough for helping us have fun even when things are going poorly. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to do trips to Calgary or Vegas or wherever it is that we end up, and I wanted to let everyone know how grateful we are for the community that’s been built around this website over the last 11 years. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to execute on any of the ridiculous ideas we have and we can’t wait to get started on planning things for next season.

Thank you, Nation.

  • juno

    Thanks BM. You have done a great job this year.
    I have appreciated that Oilersnation was not afraid to be critical of Fans, Oilers Management, the Owner and the Players equally.
    It is not easy critically thinking as it demands you look at all sides without prejudice and emotion, and I believe that you have done that successfully.
    The reason that this is my only site about the Oilers I read is because it is the most honest and balanced. My greatest wish is one day the Oilers Organization will choose to be this honest and balanced. Maybe then we will return to having a team the fans will respect and have pride in.

  • Ol_OneNut

    Hey can you do us all a favor and boot alfonso again. He’s the same clown you’ve kicked off of here multiple times already.
    Go take a look at the mess he’s made in the comments section in Ryan Pikes story

    • FISTO Siltanen

      Exactly. I don’t read ON as much as before for a variety of reasons but the biggest to me is the troll invasion that occurs so frequently. I’ll literally scan the comments until it gets hijacked and then walk away. And it’s frustrating because the same BS seems unacceptable at another Nation site down in Calgary but up here anarchy reigns.