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The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – It’s not broken, hopefully

Wow, where do I even start? Here we are in Calgary on the #NationRoadTrip to watch the final Oilers game of the season. I’ve got my injury report all queued up to launch first thing Sunday morning with nothing much to talk about in it, then BAM! Connor McDavid falls into the post and leaves the game injured, and all of a sudden I have so much to talk about in my final injury report of the season.

Connor McDavid

As you may have heard, during last nights game against the Flames, Connor Mcdavid was driving to the net around Giordano in the second period. Gio took out Connor, and he slid into the goal post at an alarming speed, making initial contact with what appears to be his shin. This was a very hard replay to watch, and yet, I couldn’t stop watching it.

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McDavid was visibly injured on the play and didn’t move any of his limbs for several minutes. He remained surprisingly calm the entire time and eventually had his teammates and trainers guide him off the ice into the dressing room. The air was sucked out of the Saddledome at that moment, and all was looking horrible. We were 95% sure that McDavid broke his leg during the play, however after initial x-rays came back negative, the diagnosis is looking better and better for Connor. I’m no doctor, so maybe a bad sprain or something might be worse than a clean fracture? I’ll let the professionals work that out themselves.

Either way, it was a devastating way to end the season for Connor McDavid and the rest of the team. On a night where Leon Draisaitl scored his 50th goal, and the team got their final win of the season, everyone walked away with their spirits lower than what it should have been.

Milan Lucic

When the news was first released that Milan Lucic wouldn’t be playing in the final game of the season last night, I truly thought that he was going to be healthy scratched. I was shocked until I found out that Lucic was out of commission due to a lower-body injury. We don’t know any more details other than that, but with the Oilers not in the playoff race, there’s no harm in taking one final night off. Hopefully, none of these injuries are major, and the boys can continue into their offseason unscathed.

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Jujhar Khaira

Khaira’s been battling a nagging injury over the past month. I’m pretty sure if you look back at the last few of my articles, every second report I announce that Khaira has returned from his injury. He missed the final game in Rogers Place on Thursday night against the Sharks, and didn’t make the trip to Calgary as well last night. Initially, I assumed the injury was regarding his foot injury he suffered last month, however, Jim Matheson said last night that he was suffering a back injury. I haven’t heard much else about Khaira’s injury, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about it when management conducts their final press conference of the season.

Kyle Brodziak

Kyle Brodziak hasn’t played since March 30th with an undisclosed injury. Could it be an ankle thing? A wrist thing? A head thing? Maybe he’s got a blister issue? Jim Matheson claims it’s a back issue, so I look forward to hearing more about it after the final press release. It’s all speculation now, but I’m assuming Brodziak’s just banged up and needs a few rest days. Since the Oilers have been mathematically eliminated, I’m surprised MORE Oilers haven’t been day-to-day with undisclosed injuries.

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