Inside The Nation: Calgary recovery, a presser review and L50N love

It’s Monday and that means it’s time to sit down with our very own Dustin Nielson and chat about the Oilers.

Today’s topic du jours include:

  • Dusty is impressed by the Nation trip starting at 11am Saturday into Sunday morning.
  • Our bus driver to Calgary
  • Debit machines don’t work at altitude
  • #L50N
  • Flames fans chirping McDavid while hurt?
  • The roller coaster of emotions that was the McDavid injury non-injury.
  • did Leon have 51 going into the net?
  • this morning’s presser with the current interm GM
  • the mics sucked
  • is Keith Gretzky the GM?
  • Hitchcock’s done
  • draft lottery look ahead
  • the Squire on Global

Watch this week’s episode below:

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Previous Episodes:

  • McDangles

    My initial reaction on the Nicholson/K.Gretzky presser was not one of awkwardness, but an uneasy feeling of “here we go again”. Nicholson slowly chips away at any optimism I can still muster up, every time he speaks. I’ve said this on a few different tweets and comment sections, but I’ll say it again. I do not doubt Keith’s time put in or work ethic. I am not opposed to him staying on at some capacity within the organization. But if this presser was their feeble attempt to gauge fans reaction to a decision that has already been made in naming Gretzky as the next GM, then the Oilers are probably too far gone to rescue. Add this to the not so subtle push that some of the media are pouring out daily in support of Gretzky, and its almost too much to digest.

    If Gretzky is the TOP candidate after an honest and impartial interview process, then I am more than happy to have him try and right the ship. If it is a choice made out of convenience, with the grain and to save existing staff members jobs, then the Oilers will remain destined to fail time and again.

    If choosing K. Gretzky is the path they’re going to take, they better have very good answers to;

    A) What made him stand out above other candidates other than his familiarity with the roster? Because I don’t know if Gretzky would be a top candidate for a GM position on any other team.

    B) How involved was Gretzky in the past 2-3 years of deals made, that bled out skill from an already challenged roster? Because the only two possible answers are that he was involved, or that he didn’t do his job and Nicholson and hockey ops were so disorganized and disfunctional, that they let Chia isolate himself from his staff to complete these crippling deals. Both answers do not reflect kindly on ANYONE involved.

    Like I said before, if he is the best candidate after due process, then congratulations and I hope for nothing but the best for him and the team. But the way Oilers management constantly contradict themselves, and make transparent attempts to pull the wool over the fans eyes, makes it EXTREMELY hard not to be pessimistic. I hope hope hope I’m proven wrong.

  • McDangles

    Congrats to Draisaitl on an amazing season. He took huge steps forward this year, and his season shouldn’t be overshadowed by McDavid’s injury or the GM search etc. The “German Gretzky” is going to be a great Oiler for a long time.