At Random: Awkward

Awkward. That’s the first word that came to mind for me as the camera panned team representatives gathered at the NHL Draft Lottery Tuesday. In that group, looking like a bunch of guys waiting for the results of a paternity test on the Jerry Springer Show, sat Keith Gretzky, interim GM of the Edmonton Oilers….


Quick Hits: Playoffs, the Draft and Oilers Thoughts

For the third consecutive draft lottery, the Edmonton Oilers’ draft position dropped. In 2016 they dropped from second to 4th. In 2018 they dropped from ninth to 10th. And this year they fell from seventh to eighth. The lottery was put in place to eliminate perceived tanking and it does. It is all about luck.


WWYDW: Trade or pick

The Oilers didn’t have the lottery balls fall in their favour last night (as Taylor Hall continued his streak of dominance at the draft lottery) and will select eighth overall at this year’s entry draft. Now that we know where the Oilers are selecting, we can explore the two options ahead of the team at…


Looking back at my 5 things

On March 4th, with 17 games left in the season, I wrote a piece titled “5 Things to Watch”. The team was out of the playoff race and we had reached the point of the season where whether the Oilers won or lost was rather irrelevant and I wanted to have some reason to intently watch…