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Do the Oilers need a POHO?

In an interview on my radio show three weeks ago Bob Nicholson said he was only looking for a GM at this time. He reiterated that at his end-of-season press conference this past Monday. Earlier today Southampton Football Club announced Ralph Krueger’s contract as Chairman of their club would not be extended, and many in Oilersnation wondered if Krueger would be a fit for the Oilers.

Krueger seems more set on being in management than behind a bench as a coach. In an interview with Pierre Lebrun, Krueger outlined what he feels are his strengths.

“You can never say never about coaching,” said Krueger. “But I really enjoy the growth of actually being in a role where you hire the best possible people, so that everybody you bring into an organization is actually better than you at what they do,’’ Krueger said. “That kind of became my goal here in Southampton. I think just the driving of a culture in a professional sports organization has become really my new passion and I could see bringing that back into North America someday. I really think that we do some things in the Premier League and in global football that are unique and different. And I think if you amalgamated and mixed the two together, it could be pretty powerful for an organization.’’

I don’t think Krueger has the hockey scouting background to be a GM, but he could qualify as a President of Hockey Operations.

The question is: do the Oilers need a POHO?

I think because the Oilers have endured so much losing many feel a POHO is a necessity. I don’t see it that way.

The vast majority of NHL teams don’t have one, and I’ve seen nothing that suggests having one will increase an organization’s chances of winning.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Columbus Blue Jackets are the only two teams with one in Brendan Shanahan and John Davidson.

The Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers have presidents in Cam Neely, Luc Robitaille and Glen Sather. Sather is stepping down and they are looking for a replacement.

The other 26 organizations don’t have someone in the role solely as a POHO or president, so I’m not sold it is necessary.

I’d rather the Edmonton Oilers hire a good GM and let him fill out his staff accordingly.

A POHO might not hurt, but will it really help? It depends whom they hire.


Right now I sense many don’t have faith that Bob Nicholson is the right guy to hire the GM. It is fair to question if he will make a better hire than his first one in Peter Chiarelli. No question the lack of a hiring process and the subsequent hiring of Chiarelli did not work out very well. The results back it up.

But that doesn’t mean Nicholson can’t learn from that mistake. The basis for any of us to improve in our job is how we learn from our mistakes.

In this case, it isn’t just Nicholson who needs to learn.

Owner Daryl Katz needs to look at how his hockey operations has been run and recognize their approach and strategy has failed.

This is non-negotiable. Anyone trying to say the Oilers did things well, on the hockey operations side, is fooling themselves. They haven’t.

Since Katz took ownership, in the summer of 2008, the Oilers have been the worst team in the NHL.

In those eleven seasons, the Oilers made the playoffs once, but they are far and away the worst on-ice team we’ve seen in a long time.

They have 787 points. The next closest teams are Colorado (876), Arizona (882), Florida (895) and Toronto (898). Every team but two has more than 100 points than the Oilers since 2009.

The top teams are:

Washington: 1,123 points
Pittsburgh: 1,108
Boston: 1,094
San Jose: 1,086
Chicago: 1,072
St.Louis: 1,057
Anaheim: 1,039
Nashville: 1,031
Tampa Bay 1,014
New York Rangers: 1,007

It is stunning how far from competitive the Oilers have been during Katz’ tenure as owner. The business side of the Oilers has done very well. The building has been sold out. Katz got a new arena built, and it was a needed start to making Edmonton’s downtown more populated. There is a long way to go in that regard, but the business side of the Oilers has been successful.

Katz has to be wondering how his team is so bad, even though he spends close to the salary cap every season. He kept his word he would make the Oilers financially competitive, but it hasn’t translated to on-ice competitiveness and that must change.

The approach, style and vision of the management group has not worked. They’ve had eight coaches and three general managers since Katz took over.

Changing people and voices hasn’t led to more success. Arguably, it has created more failure considering that even with two 100-point players this season the Oilers still couldn’t muster 80 points.

The core values and vision of hockey operations has not led to success. It must change.

And as far as Krueger goes, I’m not sure he has any more experience than Bob Nicholson. If they want to hire a POHO, I’d look for one with more experience. No doubt Krueger is a better orator than Nicholson, but that isn’t reason enough for me to hire him.

I don’t believe the Oilers need a POHO to change the vision and direction of the organization. Just do a thorough GM search, which by the sounds of it they are, and then hire the best candidate and give him the power to create his vision with his people. The right candidate will outline this in his interviews and make it clear where there will be changes. Nicholson, and more specifically Katz, must recognize significant change is needed. What they’ve been doing hasn’t worked.

A POHO might help, but I don’t see it being a necessity, and if I was Katz I’d put the money it would cost to pay a POHO and use it towards an innovative and competent analytics team and hiring more amateur and pro scouts.

The Oilers need more people doing more work at the ground level and in the trenches, rather than pay one man a huge salary to oversee everything.


One name I keep hearing regarding the GM job is Mark Hunter. He has scouted for years, he was an assistant GM for the Maple Leafs for a few seasons and then for a short three-month period in 2015 he and Kyle Dubas were co-interim GM for the Leafs until they hired Lou Lamoriello.

I won’t be surprised if he is on the short-list of men who get a second interview.

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  • Randaman

    Yes they do but he has to have the inner strength to tell the OBC to BUTT OUT!! If he gets fired for that, then we really have all of our suspicions verified no matter what JG thinks.

  • Derian Hatcher

    This organization is too stupid, insecure, entitled, arrogant and satisfied to hire someone who may tell them outright that they are the problem. They already had Kruger here and The smartest guy in the room let him go for the other smartest guy in the room- incompetence at its best.

    Move along, nothing to see here. #A$$clowns

  • Jon123

    1. If Nicholson is someone who is adept to learn from his mistakes, wouldn’t have he have moved on from Chiarelli faster? Many including yourself, Jason, were calling for this well before Nicholson finally acted.

    2. Doesn’t Krueger have the equivalent of POHO experience in soccer? Combined with his hockey background, seems like that would fit the experience requirement?

  • Frustrated Fan in Calgary

    Bring Ralph in. He would be a bright light in a management group that has been striking out for way too long. Let Ralph figure out who should stay. I think he would be an outstanding hire. Nicholson stays as business head – no problem.

  • Garnett

    If the Oilers hire Kruger and let the OBC hit the road, mark my words. The Oilers will have success not only sooner but it will last. Ralph has gotten where he is in life by taking the long way around. Never stepping on people’s heads to elevate himself. He’s the kind of person that leaves a wake of people who want to see him have success. The questions here are, does Katz have the humility and does Ralph have in in him to let the past be the past?

  • Axe

    I disagree with Gregor on this one… If there was ever an organization that needs a POHO it’s this one.. They should get rid of all the upper management and hire a POHO who can weigh in on hiring a great GM.. I am not a fan of the maple leafs by any means but I can’t deny that what they did with Shanahan and in bringing in multiple people is what needs to be done here (which is why I am also a fan of Mark Hunter.. He has been in a similar situation before). For three simple reasons:

    1. Hiring a PoHO and a GM would give fans and players more confidence in the direction of this organization.
    2.Might be hard for a GM to stand to OBC influence on his own
    3. It would be a safe/fail and help make sure a GM doesn’t really bad decisions ala Chiarelli.
    And before everyone rushes in with but the maple leafs haven’t won anything, I ask you a fair and honest question. Would u rather be making the playoffs easily and convincingly every year or be out of it by March at best and your team be the laughing stock of the league? I would happily trade places with leafs fan right now (mcdavid aside).

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        I would like to see Hunter or McCrimmon as GM , if the Oilers hired someone else as GM I would strongly advocate as huner as asst GM or POHO I think the guy would be an asset, McCrimmon could get the Seattle GM or stay where he is for now, I think he has options out there

  • Oilers70

    Gregor it took you 15 years to get off the Oilers bandwagon and how smart the management is…..

    It’s time for a change and bring in some professional management, so keep writing. Just be relentless, not puppets like Jones and Matheson.

    • rnj

      Remember when fans went as far as getting a billboard and we were all told over and over by basically everyone that the OBC wasn’t the problem?

      Don’t think any other fan base has ever been so frustrated. Don’t think any other management group has been so clueless that fans have a better idea than they do to the point of putting up their own money for advertising of this fact. Pathetic

  • hagar

    Would a poho even have the power to fire klowe and such?
    Klowe create that position on the Oilers when everyone was screaming for him to be fired as gm.
    I seriously doubt a new poho would have the power to clear out the old group.

    • Oscar

      What up with the secrecy around McD’s injury … what’s the exact injury … is this all part of the improved communication that Bobby Burger promised as recently as his last presser a mere few days ago … ?

      When nothing changes with this hapless organization, nothing changes, hey …

    • Man is it frustrating watching Eberle right now. Engaged and flying around, An offensive threat. You know the east media is going to “why did Edmonton let him go “ if they go a round or two. I think we let him go at the wrong time. His value was at a crazy low level. A trend that has us where we are.

      The Journal writes an article that the win in Calgary cost us in lottery draft?? That’s is about as bad as the “what was Conner doing going to the net so hard” from Calgary fans?”.

  • What the

    Ebs in the blue paint for his third point in the NYI vs Pit series. Then roughs it up after the goal. Good to see him taking advantage of only his second chance in the post season.