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The Capilano Rehab Injury Report – A potential Milan Lucic injury and a Connor McDavid update

Remember when I said that last weeks injury report would be my last for the season? Well I lied. We received a few more updates on some injured players (Connor McDavid) over the week so I thought I’d give you all one last injury report to recap the week that was.

Annoyingly, we never really found out what all the nagging injuries to guys like Jujhar Khaira and Kyle Brodziak were in the locker room cleanout interviews. They must not have been too serious in that case so I’m not overly worried about them. The injuries that I AM worried about, are to Connor McDavid and Milan Lucic.

Milan Lucic

A photo came up a couple of days ago on the Internet of Milan Lucic walking through a parking lot with crutches and a cast on his foot. I’m not a big fan of creeper photos, so I’m going to leave it up to you to find it if you’re interested. Milan had what looked to be black cast over top of his entire right foot going up to his knee. Alternatively, it could be a black wrap? Tough to make out in the picture.

As you can imagine, the Internet doctors came out of the woodworks with rumours of what happened to Lucic. In reality, we have no idea, and this bugs me! Obviously, this is out in the public now, so I wish the Oilers would provide us with an update. Was this injury related to why he didn’t play the last game of the season? Are all of the Oilers harvesting parts of their leg to give to Connor McDavid? We’ll never know. OR maybe this photo is an old one and the whole situation is blown out of proportion.

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Either way, I really hope it’s nothing serious. It would absolutely suck for Milan to go into the summer with a cast on his leg, preventing him from enjoying himself. I’m sure he has some vacation plans on his mind that could be affected, and I can only guess that it’s not easy taking care of a family with a damaged leg. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious and the man can recover quickly in time for training camp.

Connor McDavid

When Bob Nicholson promised transparency with the fans in his year-end press conference, I expected a little bit more than this tweet below.

Are you kidding me right now? When the whole hockey world is waiting for an update on Connor’s status, the Oilers release the vaguest tweet possible, telling us absolutely nothing. Thankfully Jason Gregor, and many other reporters pull through for us moments later:

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How hard is that to say? It’s pretty easy! So it’s confirmed, McDavid has a PCL tear, and won’t require surgery. Woohoo! If you’d like a more in-depth read about what a PCL injury is all about, feel free to check out Baggedmilk’s update here. This is some of the information he researched regarding the injury:

The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is a ligament within the knee. Ligaments are tough bands of tissue that connect bones.

The PCL — similar to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) — connects the thigh bone (femur) to your shin bone (tibia). Although it is larger and stronger than the ACL, the PCL can be torn.

PCL tears make up less than 20% of injuries to knee ligaments. Injuries that tear the PCL often damage some of the other ligaments or cartilage in the knee, as well. In some cases, the ligament can also break loose a piece of underlying bone.

Causes of PCL Injuries

PCL injuries are often due to a blow to the knee while it’s bent or shin. Common causes include:

  • Striking the knee against the dashboard during an auto accident

  • Falling on the knee while it’s bent

So overall, it doesn’t look too awful. I’m sure Connor will absolutely crush his rehab and come out better than ever on the other side. I hope his summer plans aren’t thrown off too bad with the injury now, and he can take some time to relax for himself.

That’s a wrap for the injury report this season. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have a good summer and we will see you next season!

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  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    We all know team like to keep injuries a secret sometimes during the season, even more so near the end of the season with the playoffs on the horizon and of course in the playoffs, McDavid injury update was a little bizzare, because the Oilers not really saying what happened is just going to send media digging and fans digging to see what the scoop is, which could have easily be avoided by saying what it was, I mean the season is over so why hide the info?

    Luci the Oilers enever really said what was going on and we can speculate about it being a number of things, tell the Oilers and Lucic say what it is, the rumor mill will be in gear, again could be avoided by just saying what it is…The Oilers do some strange things when it comes to their media releases

    • OilerForLife

      If interested I found some information on PCL tears.

      There are four different grades of classification in which medical doctors classify a PCL injury:
      Grade I, the PCL has a slight tear.
      Grade II, the PCL ligament is minimally torn and becomes loose.
      Grade III, the PCL is torn completely and the knee can now be categorized as unstable.
      Grade IV, the ligament is damaged along with another ligament housed in the knee (i.e. ACL).

      With these grades of PCL injuries, there are different treatments available for such injuries.
      It is possible for the PCL to heal on its own without surgery when it is a Grade I or Grade II injury. PCL injuries that are diagnosed in these categories can have their recovery times reduced by performing certain rehabilitative exercises. Fernandez and Pugh(2012) found that following a PCL grade II diagnosis, a multimodal treatment that spanned the course of 8 weeks consisting of chiropractic lumbopelvic manipulation, physiotherapy, and implementing an exercise program that emphasized eccentric muscle contraction (lunges, 1-leg squats, and trunk stabilization proved to be an effective way to recover from the PCL injury.

      The good news is that without setbacks he he’ll be ready for next season. Just thought some people would be interested.

  • Dr.Drai29

    Dudes the Milan injury is real, he messed his ankle up real
    Bad in Calgary partying. Not even lying this Is a true story. Even more reason to hate on that monkey ass

    • Dr.Drai29

      You can trash this comment all you want lol. It’s true two of my friends were with him night with him. I have photos of them with him and the next morning before anything was released about him being injured I already was told he messed his ankle up real bad. Why do you think nothing is being said about it? And why would I make this up? That would be pointless lol

      • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

        Because this is the internet friend, and unless we provide proof, we can say whatever we want.

        For example I met with Katz 2 weeks ago, and told him I’d like to run the Oilers powerplay. He said, and I’m quoting him here, “Excellent idea.”