Oilersnation News Desk – Election updates, the Flames playoff hopes, and more

We’re back with another daily episode of the Oilersnation news desk! Bringing you daily (not daily) news updates at noon (late afternoon) about everything that’s happening around the Nation.

In today’s episode, we’ve got some golf chat, some NHL playoff chat, and some world news chat. As always, Evan the Intern joins us as our reporter on the street, giving us updates on what’s going on at the polling stations as today is election day. If you’re a fan of Evan’s updates, feel free to give us some suggestions as to where we should send him next. He’s always looking to go on a new adventure.

Other news topics we discuss include an update on what the Nation HQ podcast studio construction is looking like AND a glimpse into the 3rd annual Oilersnation Open coming up this summer. Stay tuned!

Watch the video below!

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